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A little Christmas (Card) Treat!

I have the ENTIRE week off school! 

Really this means it is 8:52 and I haven't gotten out of bed... GLORIOUS! 

So I'm hangin out today... I also think you should hang with me today... just not here, but HERE with the cutest 4 year old, her COOL mom and some Christmas cookies! 

Trust me between the sass and the christmas-y of it all you wont be disappointed! 

Happy Monday! 
I'm gonna go to Target... in the MIDDLE OF THE DAY. #WILD



Brianna Tucker said...

so cute! I love christmas cards!

Lindsay @ Trial By Sapphire said...

What a cutie patootie!

Katie said...

that picture is adorable!! yeah for a week off! i'd go to target too! :)

Victoria said...

Enjoy your week off! Can I just say that thisis one of my favorite holiday pics ever? These two are so cute and you got a great shot of their JOY! It's 8:33 and I'm still in bed too....Heading over to check out your other post. THEN, I'll consider getting on with my day. ;)

Amanda said...

You take gorgeous pictures!!! Loved looking through them :) have an awesome week off of work :) :) I've been to target 4 times in the last 3 days.. Oops :)

Jordan Smith said...

Haha, when I worked at a child care center I LOVED holiday's off to relax & yes, go to Target in the middle of the day!! It's the best! Going to check out Meg Cady photography now--gorgeous girls in that picture!!

Jodie said...

Oh my! So Presh!
I love reading your blog, it always makes me smile!
You and Reece should move to Ohio and be our neighbor! ....

Leanne said...

This is probably the cutest Christmas card I've ever seen. Major props to you, friend!

Happy Thanksgiving! :)