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High Five For Friday No. 30

Oh what a week!

1. This is still my favorite picture. I'm just so glad I get to see this crazy almost everyday now! Normal relationship for the WIN!
2. MY BEST FRIEND IS A MAMA!!!!! More on this little man later, but I seriously can't wait to get this chunk in my hands!!
3. Halloween is SO MUCH more fun with 4 year olds. I promise she had fun... despite how it looks in this picture!!
4. Thursday was a rough day... my remedy ... CLASS OUTSIDE! (I used to LOVE when my teachers did this!)


5. I get to help Reese upack his new house!!
I'll let you decide if that is ment to be sarcastic or not!

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Meg O. said...

Happy Friday! My kids looooove it when we go outside!

Lindsay @ Trial By Sapphire said...

Happy Friday! What a great week for you (and your best friend)! BABIES! :)

Have fun unpacking... ;) Just remind Reese how awesome you are every hour. Haha. I'm sure he'd just loooove that.

Katie said...

i hear ya! so glad it is friday!!!!

Whitney H said...

Yay babies!! I tried to convince Nick that we should name our hypothetical daughter Reese and he was not a fan. LAME-O.

Jess said...

That little Ariel is TOO CUTE! I died when I saw that on Instagram! And I still am obsessed with that picture of you & Reese :)

Even though you'll be unpacking...

Ashlyn said...

I think that last one was definitely sarcasm :)

Darby Hawley said...

Class outside! That is a good idea! I've got to try that!
Happy weekend my love!

henning love said...

oh yah class outside was always the best!! we would beg our teachers to let us go outside. and that 4 year old is so precious! and congrats to your best friend on having her baby cant wait to hear more!

Unknown said...

Thanks Jenny To share my comment as well. Really nice one.