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The 24th Year

Today is my 24th birthday. 
I still remember my 12th birthday 
(All attendance were instructed to wear an Old Navy Tech Vest) 

A lot has changed in those 12 years, today I was looking for a puffer and/or a fur vest, see A LOT. 
Heck, a lot has changed in the last year! 

Because I am a fan of reflection I am going to kick off my 24th year of life looking back at what 23 threw my way!

I started my 23rd year Reese's sweet family and our even more awesome friends in Shreveport! 

 My parents moved to South Carolina! 

 I started teaching 6th grade English in a town of 1000 people! 

I upset the tire gods some how... 4 flats in 1 year!

I went on my first vacation with this boy!

 Met my first blog friend!! (Shout out Lindsay, shout out Jessica you're next !)

Celebrated TWO wonderful years with this kid! 

Moved to Shreveport for the summer!

Nannied for two silly, precious goobers! 

Bought my first "REAL" camera... Meg Cady Photography started to take off! 

Said goodbye to my first big girl apartment! 

Tire Gods gave me a send off I will never forget

Broke in apartment #2 the right way! 

Started taking blogging a little more seriously! 

Signed up for death... I mean Crossfit... still currently surviving... barely 

My bestie had my first nephew!! I love him with my whole heart plus some! 

Celebrated MANY good friends weddings! 

I loved everything about my 23rd year, especially getting to experience it with by best friend by my side! I cant wait to see what my 24th year holds 

P.S thank you instagram for letting me document my life and not having to pull out in external hardrive last night at 11 pm!



Kati - Incorporating Color said...

Happy birthday, girl! I hope you have an amazing day!

Jess said...


HOLLLAAA :) Can't wait for December! It's gonna be magical!

Looks like 23 was a fabulous year (okay minus the tire situations)! I bet 24 will be even better! Just sayin!

I'll be texting you lataaa!

Lindsay @ Trial By Sapphire said...

Happy birthday, beautiful woman! I am SO glad we met on that fateful day back in March when those pipes broke at a little school in a little town. ;) I love you! Enjoy today!

Dear Tire Gods,
Leave Meg alone.

Ashlyn said...

Happy Birthday girl! 23 looked like a great year...well, with the exception of all those flat tires :) I hope you have a wonderful day!

Michelle said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MEG!!! I hope you're having an AWESOME day despite the fact that your birthday falls on a Monday ;) You had quite the eventful 23rd year, and I hope your 24th is 10x better!

Love you!

Courtney said...

Happy Birthday!! Have a fantastic day!

Unknown said...

Happy, happy birthday!

Darby Hawley said...

Wow!!! What a great year!!! Wishing this year to be a million times better for you!!!!!

aubrey kinch said...

You're such a good blogger, look at all those pics and moments you've captured! ;)

Enjoy your day & this year to come! God is blessing you & you're such a beautiful lady-- LOVE YOU!


~Katie said...

Happy Birthday Girl!! Hope 23 is a fantastic year!

Lauren said...

happy birthday, pretty girl! hope it's the best year yet!

Holly said...

Happy birthday, doll face! I hope 24 is just as eventful as 23 :)

Whitney said...

You're already 24?! BAH! You're almost a whole year older than me! #lame

Happy birthday anyway! =P