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High Five for Friday No. 32

WHEW its been quite a little vacation week.
By the time you read this I will have been in 4 different states by 10:30 am. 
Well on to my favorite little link up High Five for Friday with the snow bunny Lauren @ From My Grey Desk! 

1. I MET MY BLOGGER BFF Jess. Yall, it was the best/weirdest thing ever. We met it seriously felt like we had known each other for YEARS. SO MUCH FUN. 

2. The blogger meet up fun continued with sweet Kathleen! She works at Disney and seriously saved our trip with her Disney magic! I am so lucky to have such sweet blog friends!! 

3. I just really loved spending time with my family! Sometimes its hard living so far away from them, but sweet trips like this make it better! 

4. YALL I WENT TO THE COOLEST MUSEUM EVER. I cant wait to share with you all the details of the Andre Leon Tally Little Black Dress Collection, seriously yall are going to DIE. 

5. A trip to Disney isn't complete with out a  cameo from Cinderella. 
and NO in case you were wondering I DID NOT stand in line with 7 year olds to take this picture 
(lies... oops) 

Happy FRIDAY! 



Pizza Hut: Christmas Eve Tradition

Last year I wrote about my family's quirky Christmas tradition, but like I said on Sunday no one was reading my blog last year soooooo were gonna talk about it, k? 

It was 31 years ago. 
I didn't exist, my brother didn't exist.
It was 1981 and my mom and dad were newly weds and couldn't go home to Virginia for Christmas.
My dad wanted to be sweet, so he decided to take my mom out for a nice Christmas Eve dinner.
There was a problem a teeny-tiny problem. They lived in a teeny-tiny town. 
The only restaurant open was Pizza Hut.
And right there in that tiny Missouri town my family's greatest tradition was born; Pizza Hut for Christmas Eve dinner.

Pizza Hut: Orlando, FL (same hut we ate at when we lived here in 1999)

EVERY YEAR, literally EVERY year we have gone to Pizza Hut for Christmas Eve Dinner. 
No matter what state. 
No matter who was sick, 1997 was tough. 
No matter the weather; rain, sleet, snow.
No matter what time we have to eat…

My dress is Gap... and on Sale!

I love our quirky tradition, I love that our tradition doesn't center around sugar cookies or opening JUST ONE present on christmas eve (blasphemy in my book :) ), but around greasy, cheesy pizza and F-A-M-I-L-Y. 

My precious parents at their 31st Christmas Eve Pizza Hut Dinner! 



Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! 

I am off to enjoy Disney, my family and of course our annual Christmas Eve Pizza Hut trip!
Have an excellent holiday celebrating with your family's and friends! 

and ALWAYS remember the reason for this season

For unto us a Child is born,
Unto us a Son is given;
And the government will be upon His shoulder.
And His name will be called
Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty God,
Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.
Isaiah 9:6-7

These guys say Merry Christmas too!! 



One Year Later

Ok, I lie. 
It hasn't been 365 days of blogging, its technically been three years of blogging.

'10: 8 posts. LAME 
'11: 15 posts. Better
'12: 172 post. Now THATS the stuff. 

After much thought, ok a little thought, I decided that my blogs birthday will be December 23. 
There are 3 reasons. 

1. It was my SECOND High Five for Friday post. Aka I actually followed through with something on this here blog. 
2. It was the first day that Jessica commented and our Blogger Bestieship was born.
(Coincidentally I am actually meeting her TODAY in PERSON)

3. Because it's my blog and I can cry decided its birthday if I want to 

One year later I have

83,754 page views
377 Friends 

Now this brings me to some other news. 
I am changing my blog name. 
 I know, I know. weird. 

Starting sometime in January my blog will now be called 

Meg Everyday. 

I will be writing more about this when all the changes come about, but I hope you will continue along for the ride!

In the mean time, lets talk about the last year... On Thursday night Reese and I went out to celebrate one year of blogging... Well really we just went out to dinner and I decided half way though the dinner  it was celebratory, handed him the phone and made him take a picture.

I feel like this picture does an EXCELLENT job of showing exactly what blogging has done for me in the past year...

1. Work Out Clothes: Blogging has really inspired me to focus on my health. If I am going to have to take all these selfies to post on the internet I HAVE TO BE LOOKIN GOOOOOOD. I mean why else would I need to work out? 

2. Trendy Hair Style: If the rise of the SOCK BUN is any indication blogging has a signifiant impact on hairstyles across the board. My hair, as shown here, always is in the best trendy (HA NOT), but I will say I know at least know where to go to figure out what to do with this mop on top of my head (Thanks KATE!)

3. Healthy Food: Despite pintrest trying to lul me into their sugar coma inducing traps I HAVE prevailed and continued to started to eat significantly healthier! Much like looking all trim for my selfies I have started to eat a whole lot better because my food has to look good while instagraming it... I mean there is no way to make a Big Mac look good... even with the amaro filter :)

4.  Brunch:Obviously if one is going to blog one must brunch. Hubble and Hudson, it normally is our brunch spot but it seemed appropriate for a celebration as well! As for the two forks I don't really have an explanation or a connection to blogging... lame. 

Thanks friends for sticking with my ramblings, I appreciate and LOVE all of you.
Here's to the next year and bigger and better things for this little blog! 



High Five for Friday No. 32

Photoshop hates me, I'll just blame the Mayans, so I cant make a snazzy high five graphic... so this is whatcha get for my weekly link up with the lavish Lauren (I totes just googled "L adjectives") 

Before we start I want to make a few comments...
1. THANK GOD FOR CHRISTMAS BREAK-- Sincerely burnt out teacher 
2. If I have to have one more conversation about the end of the Mayan calendar with 14 year olds I am going to scream. --Sincerely Teacher who finally just quoted the Bible. (I'm sure ill hear from parents)

OK now on the the main event. 

Looking all fancy schmancy for Reese's company Christmas Party! 

two: my partner in crime Megan knows me too well! A talking mustache pen. 

My cousin is home from college and decided to have a walk down memory lane. We spent most of our morning exchanging gems like this via text. I love technology! 

Yall, big deal. This is the first time in FOR-EVER that I have worn matching socks. 

Here I am FaceTiming with my sweet nephew Holden... clearly he was not impressed. 

Six: Tomorrow I leave for Florida to...
A. Celebrate and see my family! 
and last but not lease
(I left her a VM last night in which I told her I felt like I was calling a boy I had a crush on in middle school... I was that nervous to call her on the phone)  



2012 Cosmo VoxBox

A few week ago I had the opportunity to receive my first Influester VoxBox.
(I also feel like I am obsessed with using the word obsessed...weird cycle of obsession) 

I was in DESPERATE need of a new razor. So I just decided to join the boys in no shave November. 
When this little baby showed up I had to abandon ship, and I can say I AM SO HAPPY I DID. I tried both the regular razor head and the Olay head. I loved the regular 5 blade head but I AM IN LOVE with the Olay head. It made my legs BEYOND silky, which in my opinion is kinda like winning an oscar for my legs. 

PRO: Any Venus razor head fits any body! (YAY mixing and matching!) 
CON: If you don't have the shower hanger it is hard to keep the soap off of the tub.

  I have a confession to make... ready... I don't really like sweets... whew ok now thats off my chest. 
Now, because I really don't like sweets I wasn't expecting to LOVE this. WRONG, I was wrong. 
I loved that the nuts were in small pieces, I love that there was a hint of salt rather than a full on salt lick, and obviously I loved the quality of the milk chocolate!

PRO: Very balanced flavors

My love affair with Bath and Body started long before... well even the internet. I was a card carrying member of the Art Stuff Club (please tell me I am not alone!), so I can attest to the range of products that this company offers. This scent has been one of, if not my favorite, scent since cucumber melon (I mean its pretty darn classic). The other night Reese and I headed out on a dinner date and he actually made a comment about how good I smelled, MY BOY NOTICED, people if that fact alone won't convince you to go get yourself some of this liquid love potion I dob't know what will! 

PRO: Lower price point for an eu de toilet 
CON: All the boys will be coming to your yard, except not my boy, he'll be hangin around sniffin me. 

Pilot Frixion Pen
Now, to the piece de resistance of the 2012 Cosmo Vox Box... drum rollllllll please... the Pilot Frixion pen. Yall, I am a doodler, and not the best doodler at that. One time in the 6th grade I got SCREAMED at for doodling over my notes so bad that they were illegible .. then I got an A on the test... TAKE THAT Mr. Baker ( sorry clearly I am still working though that). Anyway, all that to say that I know a good pen when I see, or write with, one. This pen, this ERASABLE, smooth flow, gel pen is THE BEST pen I own. 2 days after I received my VoxBox and realized the awesomeness that is this pen I MAY have stolen one from one of my students... SHHH! 

PRO: Erasable, and not the crappy "erasable" pen we had in middle school where last weeks crush wasn't COMPLETELY gone. I mean legit erasable so no one can figure out last weeks flavor of the week!

CON: I can't find these pens at any store I have gone to... not even the holy grail of Target! My search will continue, because I actually think that my life will not be complete with out a full set of these pens... PRONTO! 

PS. If you would like an invite to influenster PLEASE let me know, I have 5 invites left!


Teacher Tales: 'Merican

I mentioned on Friday that I am SLIGHTLY obsessed with the new Taylor Swift song

On Thursday I decided to play the "cool teacher" card and start class off with a little dub step..uhhh I mean Taylor Swift concert. 

First period, all my lovlies, filed in and started their normal daily rumblings. 
I let the Taylor Swift wash over them and attempt to change their moods. 

While we were rocking out all of a sudden I heard something that wasn't T-swift.

"I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America ...."


I quickly turned down the sound just as "and justice for all" flowed out of the speakers.

Student 1: "Hey, I mean Taylor Swift is 'merican"

Student 2: "Yeah at least it wasn't Gangnam Style, thats reall not 'merican"

All about perpective people, all about perspective! 


High Five for Friday No. 31

Ah back to basics over here today! 
Today I am linking up with Lauren, in what seems like forever, for High Five for Friday! 

1. This week my roommate and I decorated the little tree for our apartment! Despite being 85 degrees I trying to make it "look a lot like christmas"!
2. Ah it feels so good to get some pretty pictures out to some happy people!
3. Text messages with my best friend are seriously the highlight of my week!!
4. A little Thursday treat is just what I needed!
5. This is the first weekend in FOR-EVERRRR (Sandlot, anyone?) that I have NOTHING to do!! 

Here's the the freaking weekend!!

Also bonus High Five: 
6. I am OBSESSED with this song. Taylor sucked me into her web of "country"/pop/dubstep/Ke$ha songs.  

I MAY have started each class off yesterday with this song... 



Canton 2012

Last year I wrote about Canton... but last year no one read my blog sooooo I am writing about it again. 

Last year Reese's cousin Bethany, whom I consisidently share a brain with, came with me for our first "real" trip to Canton. Canton in a nutshell is a craft fair/flea market/antique show on steroids. Basically it is a 100 acres of blogger paradise aka shopping, crafting, and food. 

Beth and I had so much fun that we decided to make it an annual tradition!

This year her mom. and sisters joined us for a fun weekend of shoppin' till we were almost droppin'. 

I always end up with one really great haggle item, and this year the winner is this globe! Originally it was $40 (ridciuloussss), with out any prompting the seller cam down to $20... I picked up and and noticed some damage so I got him down to $12... yes, please. 

These are my favorite finds of the day! I just love the colors and graphics! Really I just love old things. 

This is actually a combination of all of the cameras I have collected over the times I have been to canton, but grouped together they pack more of a punch!  

This, this fram is the Pièce de résistance of my trip! $20 for this gorgeous frame! People were trying to buy it off of me all day! One, who claimed to be an artist, told me it was actually worth $200, D-E-A-L if I do say so myself! 

I also bought the oil cloth that is behind it for a REAL FUN craft project for over Christmas break!! So excited to share it! 

I can't wait until Canton next year! 



Teacher Tales: Puka Shells

There is a downside to being a young teacher I get all kinds of crazy questions/ comments Personal questions. Sometimes they make me laugh...sometimes they don't.
As a new feature here on SC I will be sharing some of the more comical stories straight from the mouths of my well meaning teenagers.

Bold: Real actual student comments
Italics: Commentary

"Miss... are these your friends?" (pointing to several pictures on my desk)
"Yes they are!"
"Oh I thought they would be cuter than that"

Ummmm okkkkkkkk... This one stung a bit, because well I think my friends are rather "cute"
I texted my bestie and told her what they had said... she replied with this...

"Remember what we thought was "cute" in the 8th grade."

I responded with:
"I think my definition involved puka shells"
(for the record I have no idea who this school pic is of...#creepy)

Excuse me now while I go burn every picture of me wearing puka shells... because unfortunately there are many!



99 Problems but a Bag Ain't One {Part 1}

I am crazy picky when it comes to, well everything, but bags imparticulary. 
I blame my mother, she has very specific requirements when shopping for a bag so much so that I think she may have passed on the "picky bag shopper" genetically. 

I needed a new school bag in a BADDDD way

Proof--Old Faithful: 

Old faithful was a RULLLL good bag, might I say a great bag, but alas she was on her last leg! 

Old faithful got me through late night "study" sessions, student teaching, my first year of real teaching and many a trip home! I don't even know what brand old faithful was, I bought her at Marshalls and loved the stuffing right out of her. 

I will miss her 60 million pockets! Oh the $5 bills I found tucked in those surprise pockets! 

In San Antonio, it is a High School right of passage to get a John Hart Bag (the company is based in San Antonio). I had always wanted one, but my picky bag gene always stopped me because I just didn't know which one I wanted and in what color.

bag found here

TWO great side pockets! 
These pockets make it better to leave old faithful and her 60 million pockets!

I am obsessed with the "feet" on the bottom of the bag! Key selling feature for me! 

When my mom moved to South Carolina her office got her a going away gift, a bag, surprisingly she didn't go into shock (oh that might have been because she picked it out, see that pesky picky bag gene). 

Anyway, my mom now swears by this bag, and wanted to get me one. Surprise I couldn't decided on a color (Lets say it together: picky bag gene, thanks mom). When old faithful was on its last leg a few weeks ago my mom was in town for my birthday and insisted we go order my John Heart bag. 

I walked into the precious Zulees and saw it... Kelly Green, a new color to the repituor of John Heart. 

It truly is the perfect bag.

Well see... I got a new school bag so obviously I needed a (or three) new everything else bags! Be on the look out for "99 Problems but a Bag Ain't One part 2,3 AND 4!! 


John Heart didn't endorse this post, I just really really needed to finally live out my High School bag dreams...and share them with you!