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2012 Cosmo VoxBox

A few week ago I had the opportunity to receive my first Influester VoxBox.
(I also feel like I am obsessed with using the word obsessed...weird cycle of obsession) 

I was in DESPERATE need of a new razor. So I just decided to join the boys in no shave November. 
When this little baby showed up I had to abandon ship, and I can say I AM SO HAPPY I DID. I tried both the regular razor head and the Olay head. I loved the regular 5 blade head but I AM IN LOVE with the Olay head. It made my legs BEYOND silky, which in my opinion is kinda like winning an oscar for my legs. 

PRO: Any Venus razor head fits any body! (YAY mixing and matching!) 
CON: If you don't have the shower hanger it is hard to keep the soap off of the tub.

  I have a confession to make... ready... I don't really like sweets... whew ok now thats off my chest. 
Now, because I really don't like sweets I wasn't expecting to LOVE this. WRONG, I was wrong. 
I loved that the nuts were in small pieces, I love that there was a hint of salt rather than a full on salt lick, and obviously I loved the quality of the milk chocolate!

PRO: Very balanced flavors

My love affair with Bath and Body started long before... well even the internet. I was a card carrying member of the Art Stuff Club (please tell me I am not alone!), so I can attest to the range of products that this company offers. This scent has been one of, if not my favorite, scent since cucumber melon (I mean its pretty darn classic). The other night Reese and I headed out on a dinner date and he actually made a comment about how good I smelled, MY BOY NOTICED, people if that fact alone won't convince you to go get yourself some of this liquid love potion I dob't know what will! 

PRO: Lower price point for an eu de toilet 
CON: All the boys will be coming to your yard, except not my boy, he'll be hangin around sniffin me. 

Pilot Frixion Pen
Now, to the piece de resistance of the 2012 Cosmo Vox Box... drum rollllllll please... the Pilot Frixion pen. Yall, I am a doodler, and not the best doodler at that. One time in the 6th grade I got SCREAMED at for doodling over my notes so bad that they were illegible .. then I got an A on the test... TAKE THAT Mr. Baker ( sorry clearly I am still working though that). Anyway, all that to say that I know a good pen when I see, or write with, one. This pen, this ERASABLE, smooth flow, gel pen is THE BEST pen I own. 2 days after I received my VoxBox and realized the awesomeness that is this pen I MAY have stolen one from one of my students... SHHH! 

PRO: Erasable, and not the crappy "erasable" pen we had in middle school where last weeks crush wasn't COMPLETELY gone. I mean legit erasable so no one can figure out last weeks flavor of the week!

CON: I can't find these pens at any store I have gone to... not even the holy grail of Target! My search will continue, because I actually think that my life will not be complete with out a full set of these pens... PRONTO! 

PS. If you would like an invite to influenster PLEASE let me know, I have 5 invites left!


Samantha said...

I just found out I'm getting an Influenster Voxbox soon. Now I'm even more excited!

Meg O. said...

I have a few of those pens and I can't remember where I got them! Darn it!

Kathleen said...

I'm not a big fan of sweets either. But I do have a weakness for chocolate and almonds. So I may need have those in my life at some point soon.

See ya soon! :)

Ashlee @ said...

Wow girl! That box had some awesome stuff in it! The razor would probably be my most favorite! If you have any invites left, I'd love one :) You are the bomb diggity!

Emily H. said...

i need a new razor. i may have to try that venus and olay one. also, i'm a pen snob, so i may have to give these pens a try if i can find them. this box looks awesome. how do you manage to get one?

Lindsay @ Trial By Sapphire said...

Fun, fun, fun! This was a good box and stuff that I would like. And girrrrl, I've been using a Venus razor since... high school. Love.

Oh, wait. But I love you more.

Anonymous said...

Aww this looks like a good box of stuff! If you still have any invites, I would love one. I'm just getting started blogging and I know that would be some great motivation to keep blogging

Megan said...

I hope my pens are in my box!! I am impatiently waiting it's arrival! Thanks for sharing your goodies!!

Anonymous said...

Meg, this is awesome! I need one of these boxes for myself! How does this work? If you have any invites left, I would absolutely LOVE one :)