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99 Problems but a Bag Ain't One {Part 1}

I am crazy picky when it comes to, well everything, but bags imparticulary. 
I blame my mother, she has very specific requirements when shopping for a bag so much so that I think she may have passed on the "picky bag shopper" genetically. 

I needed a new school bag in a BADDDD way

Proof--Old Faithful: 

Old faithful was a RULLLL good bag, might I say a great bag, but alas she was on her last leg! 

Old faithful got me through late night "study" sessions, student teaching, my first year of real teaching and many a trip home! I don't even know what brand old faithful was, I bought her at Marshalls and loved the stuffing right out of her. 

I will miss her 60 million pockets! Oh the $5 bills I found tucked in those surprise pockets! 

In San Antonio, it is a High School right of passage to get a John Hart Bag (the company is based in San Antonio). I had always wanted one, but my picky bag gene always stopped me because I just didn't know which one I wanted and in what color.

bag found here

TWO great side pockets! 
These pockets make it better to leave old faithful and her 60 million pockets!

I am obsessed with the "feet" on the bottom of the bag! Key selling feature for me! 

When my mom moved to South Carolina her office got her a going away gift, a bag, surprisingly she didn't go into shock (oh that might have been because she picked it out, see that pesky picky bag gene). 

Anyway, my mom now swears by this bag, and wanted to get me one. Surprise I couldn't decided on a color (Lets say it together: picky bag gene, thanks mom). When old faithful was on its last leg a few weeks ago my mom was in town for my birthday and insisted we go order my John Heart bag. 

I walked into the precious Zulees and saw it... Kelly Green, a new color to the repituor of John Heart. 

It truly is the perfect bag.

Well see... I got a new school bag so obviously I needed a (or three) new everything else bags! Be on the look out for "99 Problems but a Bag Ain't One part 2,3 AND 4!! 


John Heart didn't endorse this post, I just really really needed to finally live out my High School bag dreams...and share them with you! 


Anonymous said...

Love that tote!!!!!!

Jess said...

OOOHHHH such a gorgeous bag!
And a monogram?! EVEN BETTER.

Can't wait to see your other bag postssss!


Kalie said...

Love that color. I am cracking up about being picky towards your bags - I am too. The handles on my work bag are fraying right now too. Might be time for me to go shopping too, so I'll have to check out these bags!

Ashlyn said...

I LOVE your bag! And now you have me perusing their bags. All of those pockets are just perfect.

Katie said...

i love it! I get a new teacher bag/tote each year to make going back to school easier!

Lindsay @ Trial By Sapphire said...

I love this bag, Meg! Like, seriously! I have a thing for big bags. I also blame that on my mom... and my college/NYC life.

This is a good one! It's pricey for me, but it's totally worth it, it seems!

Can't wait to see your other THREE new bags!

Darby Hawley said...

Cute bag!!!! Now you're ready for school extra stylish :-)

Amanda* said...

I am so picky about my bags, too! I like to have a lot of them!! Love the green color of your new bag!

Whitney said...

I love Jon Hart products, and I'm not even from here! haha. I won a large makeup bag from Faison right after I started blogging and I LOVE it. :) I love this green color!