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High Five for Friday No. 32

WHEW its been quite a little vacation week.
By the time you read this I will have been in 4 different states by 10:30 am. 
Well on to my favorite little link up High Five for Friday with the snow bunny Lauren @ From My Grey Desk! 

1. I MET MY BLOGGER BFF Jess. Yall, it was the best/weirdest thing ever. We met it seriously felt like we had known each other for YEARS. SO MUCH FUN. 

2. The blogger meet up fun continued with sweet Kathleen! She works at Disney and seriously saved our trip with her Disney magic! I am so lucky to have such sweet blog friends!! 

3. I just really loved spending time with my family! Sometimes its hard living so far away from them, but sweet trips like this make it better! 

4. YALL I WENT TO THE COOLEST MUSEUM EVER. I cant wait to share with you all the details of the Andre Leon Tally Little Black Dress Collection, seriously yall are going to DIE. 

5. A trip to Disney isn't complete with out a  cameo from Cinderella. 
and NO in case you were wondering I DID NOT stand in line with 7 year olds to take this picture 
(lies... oops) 

Happy FRIDAY! 



Kathleen said...

YAY! I'm so glad I got to be included in your Christmas trip to Florida!! When come to Houston we'll def have to make a repeat of this! : )

PS. You are the sweetest!

Unknown said...

I love love love Disney too! I went last Feb- so great! Glad you had fun :)


Brianna Tucker said...

Woohooo. I can't wait to visit disney again.

Anonymous said...

I was in Disney in October and I, too, didn't stand in the lines with 7 year olds to get pictures with the princesses! ;)

Looks like you had an awesome vacation!

Kasey said...

love these pics :):) looks like you had a great time :D

have a great weekend girl!!

Lindsay @ Trial By Sapphire said...

What a fun vacation week! And TWO blogger friends?! What?! And at the same place? It's true that we bloggers really do become so well connected. Crazy!

Ashlyn said...

When I went to Disney in November I was a child haha. I seriously was so excited to see the characters. Because I definitely saw the real life Belle...not some college girl who is probably my age wearing a wig ;)

Jess said...

Standing next to each real life.
Not a big deal...:) EXCEPT IT IS.

So glad y'all had fun at Disney!
And hello I can't wait to hear about that museum!


Courtney said...

I may be slightly jealous that you got to meet Jess irl!! I need to meet some blogger friends!