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Pizza Hut: Christmas Eve Tradition

Last year I wrote about my family's quirky Christmas tradition, but like I said on Sunday no one was reading my blog last year soooooo were gonna talk about it, k? 

It was 31 years ago. 
I didn't exist, my brother didn't exist.
It was 1981 and my mom and dad were newly weds and couldn't go home to Virginia for Christmas.
My dad wanted to be sweet, so he decided to take my mom out for a nice Christmas Eve dinner.
There was a problem a teeny-tiny problem. They lived in a teeny-tiny town. 
The only restaurant open was Pizza Hut.
And right there in that tiny Missouri town my family's greatest tradition was born; Pizza Hut for Christmas Eve dinner.

Pizza Hut: Orlando, FL (same hut we ate at when we lived here in 1999)

EVERY YEAR, literally EVERY year we have gone to Pizza Hut for Christmas Eve Dinner. 
No matter what state. 
No matter who was sick, 1997 was tough. 
No matter the weather; rain, sleet, snow.
No matter what time we have to eat…

My dress is Gap... and on Sale!

I love our quirky tradition, I love that our tradition doesn't center around sugar cookies or opening JUST ONE present on christmas eve (blasphemy in my book :) ), but around greasy, cheesy pizza and F-A-M-I-L-Y. 

My precious parents at their 31st Christmas Eve Pizza Hut Dinner! 



Unknown said...

Talk about a sweet tradition! Congratulations to your parents, on a whopping 31 years and for creating life long memories for their children. :) I love this tradition (& Pizza Hut!), haha!

Glad you had a merry Christmas, Meg!

Unknown said...

That is great! I love this- it's different than most, but it's special and meaningful- I love it.

Kathleen said...

Love that backstory! :) PS. You're parents are so nice! I'm so glad I got to meet them when I met you!

Glad yall had a great Christmas!

Jess said...

UM can we talk about how dang cute this tradition is?! I love how it's not like everyone else's...I'm definitely gonna have one like this when I start my own family!

And can we also talk about how you are ROCKING that cheetah?! OOOOKAY!!!! :)


Courtney said...

Such a fun tradition! I can't wait to start my own family traditions =)

Kerrie Williams said...

thats so sweet :)

Jessica said...

This is a sweet tradition! I love it. :)

Darby Hawley said...

That is such a special and personal Christmas Eve tradition! Love that y'all are still carrying on that special Christmas Eve from 1981

Rachel said...

I really love quirky holiday traditions...I cannot wait to make my own with my little family one day!!

Lindsay @ Trial By Sapphire said...

So precious! What a fun family tradition that I'm sure VERY few share, if any!

Jamie said...

awww...that's a cute family tradition!


Emily H. said...

so sweet. family traditions like that are great ones to have.

Brianna Tucker said...

We go out to pizza and a movie every Christmas eve. This year since my mom has a 5 month old we went out to pizza and rented a movie since Ava wouldn't make it through.

Unknown said...

found your blog. new follower here, love it. this is so cute. traditions like that are just amazing... blessings to you and your family.

xo lori

Kristin said...

that is such a sweet story!! i love how they have continued the tradition since. :)

Unknown said...

That is so adorable! I love it :)

Michelle said...

This is the SWEETEST story. I love it!! And you're adorable.