February is the Hardest Month to Spell

If February was a person she would probably wear pink (on Wednesdays) and have glitter painted fingernails. Her favorite quote would be a lyric from a John Mayer song. She would have pink frosted cupcakes from every occasion, and say things like "Oh I'm just waiting for Mr. Right, not Mr. Right now". Her pinterest boards would look like she works for David Tutera or wants to kidnap Randy from Say Yes to the Dress. If February was a person she would instagram how the Baristas at Starbucks miss spell her name on her 7 word drink. February is a hard month to spell.

If February was a person she would be so over January's running-at-5-am-eating-nuts-and-berries-pretending-she-isn't-hoarding-girl-scout-cookies ways. She would be looking forward to the things that I, Meg, love about February....

1. Mardi-Gras: Reese and I are taking a little weekend getaway to the great city of New Orleans next week to do our due diligence as 20-somethings and experience Mardi Gras the way it should be-- in your 20's with some crazy fun friends. 

2. I met Reese in February,February 21st to be exact, although that isn't our anniversary (you can read about that here). The first thing Reese ever said to me was followed closely by placing a margarita in my hand... we celebrate each year by raising our lime and slit rimmed glasses for a cheers to another year! 

3. Pink and Red: 11/12 months of the year I think this combination is absolutely horrid, but magically on February 1st at 12:01 I must be visited by the Valentines fairy because for 28 days I don't want to violently hurl into a bucket when I see pink and red swirled together. It probably dosen't hurt that usually glitter in involved some where. 

4. SPEAKING OF GLITTER... in the month of February it is completely acceptable to wear glitter nail polish ALL MONTH LONG... guess what I am going to be be doing??? 

5. and the best is for last... Valentines day at a middle school... it is like watching animals in a zoo... most of the day I am in complete awe at the ridiculousness that ensues. This year my school is selling carnations... who wants to be I will have at least 4 crying girls in my room at some point because of these suckers. 

Here to February Yall! 
If Februaury were writing this she would have signed in glitter gell pen... dotting her "I's" with hearts.


Teacher Tales: Notes... The Juicy Kind.

I save everything.
(my mom says I am a hoarder in training, I say I am nostalgic. Tomato, Tomato)
but today that saving paid off.
 I hit the middle school jackpot… or rather a jackpot from middle school.
I was cleaning out my closet and found this…

this is no ordinary jar, you see this jar contains juicy secrets from 2000-2003

Our worlds revolved around these sheets of loose leaf paper. Our crushes, our drama, our sacred bonds of friendship were all contained neatly in-between the light blue lines. If it were up to middle school girls all the worlds problems could be solved with colored pens and loose leaf paper.

Some of them funny…er scratch that DOWN RIGHT HILARIOUS, and some of them serious but all of them from a place of teenage angst that you
cant help but look back and remember fondly.

Lets just discuss the awesomeness:

The anatomy of a double friend note! How special!

I'm not really sure how we passed middle school with the amount of note writing we did!

I think this one is my favorite… I'm sure glad I saved it… ya know for those "no-one-loves-me" days. I can always pull this out and remind my self that a 13 old boy DID at one point like me… A LOT apparently… I did not reciprocate in case you were wondering :)

The goofy nick-names that I have NO CLUE how we got :)

and the BEST FIND EVER… an AIM conversation…ahh 2002 sometimes I miss you!
(ps can we please discuss not only my screen name but the UpPerCaSe/LoWeRcAse awesomeness, geez I was SO cool!)

To the senders of theses notes. 8+ years later, ups and downs alike I am still eternally grateful that you came in my life. You made middle school bearable. Watching my 8th graders go through the middle school termoil it made truly thankful for the silly nick names, the stupid fights, the late night talks about boys and the friendship you provided over the "most socially influential years in a young persons life" to the counselor in a meeting yesterday.



Houston Blogger Meet Up Quotes

This weekend I got to meet up with some of my favorite people in Houston! 
I know I have said it before, but the blogger community here in Houston is unmatched. 

We got together at the new fabulous home of Darby for a little crafty-time, and well see there were many conversations had, many jokes shared, but really we all know that a picture-- well a picture tells the real story. 

(disclaimer most of these quotes are made up in good fun, some...well some are real... and came out of my mouth)

 "Ok-- When you read my blog please read it while envisioning my epic hand gestures"-- Bre @ Bre Writes 

 "Why are all these people telling me I'm all cute in my bow tie... I already know this... my mom has her PhD, I'm smart"-- Rooney @ Life With the Hawleys  with a little help from
 Lura @ Domesticability

" Yall, I don't know what this rash is... I just work with a lot of musicians..." Whitney @ The Observant Turtle 

 "and this is my 'you did such a great job...but not really' theater teacher face"- Meg @ O is Me 

 "As if" (Hairflip)- Lura @ Domesticability
"OMG she's so cool" Michelle @ Texas Tanners 
"Yall listen to the teacher"- Meg, Kristen, Rochelle  

 "Hi. I'm Bree and I am all super crafty and art journal-y and awesome. I made yall these super duper cute little kits!"- Bree @ The Thing about Joy.

"Ready, Set, pick your color" (Watch 15 grown women "fight" over embroidery thread and rhinestones)

"Wait I didn't follow the directions... I only give directions"-- Cait @ A Day in the Life
(oh crap... I, as in meg actually did say that one)

"Wait... I only have stuff for one bracelet... I thought everything comes is twos now."- Michelle @ Texas Tanners    

 "Circle, Circle, dot, dot, Delta Zeta's Rock"-- Whitney @ The Observant Turtle 

"I may look like I am crafting, but really I am just plotting to take over Meg's blog and dedicate the whole thing to wooden spoons"- Katie @The Nerdy Katie

 "Hey, yall... my phone cover has my blog logo on it... you can all just go home now... I win"--Gabrielle @ Hunger for More
"Wait, Yall I still don't understand why there isn't a picture of a cute baby on this thing?"- Michelle @Texas Tanners 

"On my honor I will try..." -Meg @ O is Me 

"Should we get some wine to go with this cheese?"-- Darby @Life with The Hawleys  

 "NORTH HOUSTON BLOGGER PIC"-- (that was actually said... by all of us)

"SOUTH HOUSTON BLOGGER PIC"--( That was again, actually said in response to the photo above)

"Hey Meg forgot to take the timer off her camera so were going to take a cheesey, unfocused thumbs up pic K?"-- Whitney and Cait 

"Were only going to take two group pictures?"--said multiple people. 

 "Step and repeat..step and repeat... we think were fancy huh"-- Me 

 "Smile people... this is my hizouse"- Darby @Life With the Hawleys
(Who also listens to Nicky Minaj and isn't dead)



High Five for Friday No. 35

1. The only reason I even considered getting out of bed this morning is because on fridays we wear jeans. (please read that as if you were watching Mean Girls) 
2. It is Friday so I am linking up with the one and only Lauren @ From My Grey Desk.

1. I went estate sale-ing when I was in Louisiana and came home with this little gem to add to my collection. I'm in love. 
2. Normally I have to have a REALLY good reason to get Starbucks on my way to school, but this week I decided to throw caution to the wind and celebrate Tuesday with a grande skinny cinnamon dolce late! ole! 
3. I am in the middle of reading HUNDREDS of essays. So many #teacherproblems going on this week. 
4. The last part of my week has been spent fighting off a really fun head cold. I am getting better slowly  but if I pull out the tea I mean BUSINESS. 
5. The only reason I am functioning right now is because of a little secret I ( I mean pinterest) calls a detox bath. Yall, I am obsessed, really really really obsessed, I used this post from Your Southern Peach. I am 98.2% sure it is the only reason I am functioning right now. 

Happy "Meg is going to be drowning herself in tea today" Friday!



Disposable Diaries The Post

Jess and I had this idea to walk around with a disposable camera for a week-ish to capture life around us the "old fashion" way--flim, well a disposable camera to be more exact. Well let me tell you it was WAY harder than I thought it was going to be... let me explain

1. I only had 27 shots, I take 27 shots in a minute and a half with my DSLR. 
2. I had to remember the dang thing. In an age where I ALWAYS have a camera at the tap of my finger it was hard to remember. Jess even joked about having to tie hers around her neck! 
3. It KILLED me that I couldn't see the shot right after it was taken, the little yellow box was holding it captive and I was NOT ok with it. Especially if the flash did or didn't go off.
4. When I got them developed I was in love with the imperfections of some, but hated the imperfections of others. It was a mixed bag.

Now on to the pictures 
(I will have to confess I had some scanning issues and should have just paid the guy the extra $2 to put them on a disk for me. Then I remembered that this is my--and jess' link up and I can do what I want to... so you get a picture of a picture, but personally I like the juxtaposition of the old and new) 

My drive to work every morning.

My window.

My neighborhood. I live in a part of Houston that is categorized by its tall pine trees,-- it is where East Texas meets South Texas.
A student wanted to use the "old" camera-- one day I feel like I will be very glad I have this picture!

Where I sit everyday pumping coffee in and spewing knowledge out!

My trees at sunset

I wish this picture would have turned out better, but the more I look at it the more I love the imperfection. I have three girls that wait in my door way at the end of the day waiting for their "boyfriends" to walk by-- just to get that one last hug of the day. Somedays I yell, somedays I think it is sweet  :)

"Listen to me play trumpet"-- The LAST thing a middle school teacher wants to hear... trust me. 

and these... these are my favorite part of "real" pictures. Holding a negative up to the light and watching an image apear will always be something I love. 

What did you capture?!