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Disposable Diaries The Post

Jess and I had this idea to walk around with a disposable camera for a week-ish to capture life around us the "old fashion" way--flim, well a disposable camera to be more exact. Well let me tell you it was WAY harder than I thought it was going to be... let me explain

1. I only had 27 shots, I take 27 shots in a minute and a half with my DSLR. 
2. I had to remember the dang thing. In an age where I ALWAYS have a camera at the tap of my finger it was hard to remember. Jess even joked about having to tie hers around her neck! 
3. It KILLED me that I couldn't see the shot right after it was taken, the little yellow box was holding it captive and I was NOT ok with it. Especially if the flash did or didn't go off.
4. When I got them developed I was in love with the imperfections of some, but hated the imperfections of others. It was a mixed bag.

Now on to the pictures 
(I will have to confess I had some scanning issues and should have just paid the guy the extra $2 to put them on a disk for me. Then I remembered that this is my--and jess' link up and I can do what I want to... so you get a picture of a picture, but personally I like the juxtaposition of the old and new) 

My drive to work every morning.

My window.

My neighborhood. I live in a part of Houston that is categorized by its tall pine trees,-- it is where East Texas meets South Texas.
A student wanted to use the "old" camera-- one day I feel like I will be very glad I have this picture!

Where I sit everyday pumping coffee in and spewing knowledge out!

My trees at sunset

I wish this picture would have turned out better, but the more I look at it the more I love the imperfection. I have three girls that wait in my door way at the end of the day waiting for their "boyfriends" to walk by-- just to get that one last hug of the day. Somedays I yell, somedays I think it is sweet  :)

"Listen to me play trumpet"-- The LAST thing a middle school teacher wants to hear... trust me. 

and these... these are my favorite part of "real" pictures. Holding a negative up to the light and watching an image apear will always be something I love. 

What did you capture?!



Jess said...

Which is why we are the ultimate blog BFFs.

I am dying over the trumpet picture...I think I would've chucked my disposable camera at the guy's head after taking the picture.

My favorite is the one of you in your teacher zone! Especially because it was taken with the "old" camera....ha!


Kathleen said...

HAha! YES! I love these! I got the dates confused on the link up so my post is coming later today! :)

My best friend here made fun of me on Instagram (which I totally plan on sharing as well) as I was taking pictures around EPCOT!

This idea was such a good one! :) Y'all are brilliant!

Whitney Ellen said...

Megggggg. I can't believe I missed this, I'm slightly feeling dramatically devastated about it. This is brilliant. Pleaseeeee leave this linkup up for a little longer. I'm going to buy myself a disposal at lunch today and start asap!

Unknown said...

I think I can make that happen! On one condition ... You obviously have to do a wine pic! ;) Really it was so fun!

Darby Hawley said...

I love these pictures and how authentic everything looks. So glad that you got to capture various aspects of regular life

Courtney said...

That picture of the girls' feet is too cute! I totally remember being all smitten & waiting around for my bf to get out of class.

Lindsay @ Trial By Sapphire said...

Negatives! Oh, my gosh! I haven't seen a negative in so long. I love the photos you took. Your shots are proof that the talent lies in the photographer, not the quality of the camera. :)

Whitney said...

Oh wow, your shots are amazing! Seriously. The camera doesn't limit your abilities. You're awesome!

Caitlin Cavallaro said...

I LOVE THIS LINKUP and I wish I would have seen it earlier! With the times a-changing, it's so hard to be "patient" like you had to be when you had disposable cameras (I remember BEGGING my dad to let me do the one hour photo!) But, sometimes it's good to be patient and slow down for a while! You have such an amazing talent behind the lens (disposable OR DSLR!) SOOO... when can I hire you to take pictures for me? Haha!

See you Sunday?