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High Five for Friday No. 33

Soooooo it's Friday? Christmas break always screws up my days... so apparently its friday and you know what that means... we wear pink... crap that's Wednesdays... uhhh I mean we link up with Lauren over at From My Grey Desk! Whoop, whoop! 

1. I had a HOT DATE on Friday night. We laughed, we cried, we watched Gilmore Girls, it was the best date I've had in a while. So Holden, I'll always be your first date... remember that

2. Yall, I bought gold spray paint BEST DECISION EVER. 

3. And then I decided to glitter that wasn't moving. I was shaking glitter out of my hair for days, well it was either that or my NYE party... regardless GLITTER can't be tamed! 

4. Well, Holden held the record for best date for three days, solid, but he was dethroned by that guy... the one in the tie and the NYE paper top hat, i'm a sucker for a top hat. Seriously we had a blast on NYE. Hey, hey 2013. 

5. I had this brilliant idea to make tortellini from scratch. It's not hard, but it kinda takes forever. I need a pasta roller (note to self put that on a future wedding registry) 

So for yall who actually noticed it was Friday, Happy Friday, for those like me who didn't, happy still living in holiday oblivion! 



Jess said...

2 dates in 1 week with 2 different guys?! Ohhh girl ;)

And GLITTER...EVERYWHERE! All. the. time.
But hey, I'm not complaining!

Next time we hang out, cook for me?! OKAY COOL.

I just love you!
Enjoy your last few days off!

Jessica said...

Too cute! Looks like you had a great week! :)

Lindsay @ Trial By Sapphire said...

Whew! I'm not wearing pink today, so I thought I'd have to sit with the Asian nerds. Or maybe the Cool Asians? YEAHRIGHTWHOAMIKIDDING? No, wait. The Greatest People You Will Ever Meet. ;)

I'm still totally in love with your F21 NYE dress! Also, babies, glitter, dates, and pasta are among my favorite things, sooo... we're BFFs now.

Happy Friday!

Julie said...

They both look like pretty cute dates to me! : )
Happy new Year!

Courtney said...

Such a cute little pumpkin that you got to watch!

I love the gold spray paint, I've been itching to spray pant some things!

I'm super impressed with your mad cooking skills - homemade pasta looks so hard!

Rachel said...

You are just always cracking me up...I love that you had TWO dates this week--you are living it up! I need some gold spray paint in my life. And you look gorg, as usual. And WHOA, it's Friday?! Dang. :) LOVE YOU!

Kathleen said...

I seriously think that picture of you and your boy is magazine worthy. for sho.

Have great weekend! :)

Ps. It may not be Wednesday but it is Friday so jeans or track pants are tots acceptable. ; )

wide open spaces said...

New follower! Check out my blog!
Can't wait to learn more about your life :)
Xo Brooke

thenerdykatie said...

Your NYE picture looks like something straight outta Gossip Girl, I love it!

madeleine said...

gold spray paint and I are best friends. My neighbor walked by today was asked me what the heck I was spray painting this time. everything looks better in gold!

Victoria said...

The holidays messed with my calendar too! I kept thinking every day was Friday and this Friday totally felt like a Monday or Tuesday to me. Anyway....Glad you had so many great dates in one week! ;)

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