High Five for Friday No. 34

TGIF yall! The theme of this week was "getting back in the swing" aka I overslept all week and I called all my students the wrong names... it was lovely. As usual I am linking up with Lauren for the High Five's of this crazy week! 

1. Back to school, back to school! 
2. I used my new stamps from my blog bff Jess to check a pre-writing assignment yesterday! My kids LOVED them! 
3. I finally sucked it up and got a flu shot! The nurse offered me a sucker, but I thought a quick sushi snack from the restaurant next store was going to be more comforting to this big baby! 
4. My self imposed "holiday workout break" ended  therefore I can not move. 
5. I was craving something sweet yesterday, but also couldn't move (see above) so I whipped up this "cookie in a cup" using this recipe. I will now live off of them, I am obsessed.

Happy FRIDAY! 


Kate - Classy Living said...

I am obsessed with those stamps! Do you know where she got them?!

Darby Hawley said...

Oh I miss ya girl!!! Hope your first week was decent despite oversleeping. I've always wanted to try the cookie in a cup recipes!

Anonymous said...

I need to end my self imposed workout break.My "holiday fluff" is not looking so hot.

Jessica @ Lovely Little Things said...

YAAAAY - I hope you didn't have to use the other stamp ;) They're from Barnes & Noble!

Also...cookie in a cup...UM WHAT?

Now I want cookies & sushi...THANKS!


Faison said...

That stamp is fantastic!! I hope you have a wonderful weekend girl!

Jessica Odom said...

I started regular workouts again this week too! I'm so sore, but it's so good!

Those stamps are great!! :)

Whitney said...

you are seriously my hero for sharing that cookie recipe! definitely will be whipping that up tonight!

p.s. if you're bored this weekend and want to go on a walk with my pup around the waterway, LET ME KNOW!!!

Kathleen said...

I think I need to start an "this is for when I teach" box. Because I NEED that stamp.

Also, I have recipe for Cake in a Cup, but I'm pretty sure its the same as your cookie in a cup.

Have a great weekend! :)


Ani Danielle said...

Love this post... totally inspires me to get back in the swing of things too!

xo, Ani

Meg Underwood said...

Love the stamp!

Eden Marie said...

LOVE that stamp. I've been eyeing that for a while, and can't wait to use fun stuff like that in the classroom. :)

Bri Buzali said...

I overslept all week too! Haha no matter how early I went to bed! Hopefully this week goes better :)