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High Five for Friday No. 35

1. The only reason I even considered getting out of bed this morning is because on fridays we wear jeans. (please read that as if you were watching Mean Girls) 
2. It is Friday so I am linking up with the one and only Lauren @ From My Grey Desk.

1. I went estate sale-ing when I was in Louisiana and came home with this little gem to add to my collection. I'm in love. 
2. Normally I have to have a REALLY good reason to get Starbucks on my way to school, but this week I decided to throw caution to the wind and celebrate Tuesday with a grande skinny cinnamon dolce late! ole! 
3. I am in the middle of reading HUNDREDS of essays. So many #teacherproblems going on this week. 
4. The last part of my week has been spent fighting off a really fun head cold. I am getting better slowly  but if I pull out the tea I mean BUSINESS. 
5. The only reason I am functioning right now is because of a little secret I ( I mean pinterest) calls a detox bath. Yall, I am obsessed, really really really obsessed, I used this post from Your Southern Peach. I am 98.2% sure it is the only reason I am functioning right now. 

Happy "Meg is going to be drowning herself in tea today" Friday!



Rachel said...

WOO happy Friday! That camera looks intense. I'm impressed that you found it. And duh, we should ALWAYS celebrate Tuesdays...makes the week go by quicker. Next, I don't know how teachers do it. DON'T have a clue. I admire you! I'm definitely headed to check out that detox cool! Hope your weekend is amazing!

Bree said...

Oooo that Starbucks sounds amazing!! <3

So excited that I get to meet you this weekend!! Finallyyyy lol :)

Jess said...

BOOOO FEEL BETTER! Drink up that tea, missy!
Send some of those papers to FL and I'll help you out ;)
I think I'm gonna get a cinnamon dolce latte today thanks to YOU! So while you blame me for going to Target, I'll blame you for going to Starbucks. Sound good? GOOD!

(P.S. I'll shake it extra hard for you tomorrow)

Alea said...

There's always a reason for starbucks! Also love that skirt, would love to be wearing one of those right now.
Newest follower, can't wait to follow along.
xo Alea

Courtney said...

That detox bath sounds fabulous!

I hope you feel better soon!

Abby Devine said...

Happy Friday.... hope you start to feel better soon!

Jessica said...

Ha, I definitely read that in Karen Smith's voice from Mean Girls!! Hope you feel better soon. :)

Anna said...

i LOVE that camera! So so pretty!! hope you feel better!

Lindsay @ Trial By Sapphire said...

I just pinned that detox bath. :)

Also, have fun at the meet-up this weekend!

Kristin said...

So sorry to hear you're sick! Hope the weekend brings rest and healing!

Michelle said...

No need to ask me to read that sentence like it's in Mean Girls. I already did it! :)

In. love. with that camera. Hand it over.

Love you, Meg! Feel better!

wide open spaces said...

Happy Friday! You ordered exactly what I order from Starbucks! Man oh man they are addicting and so good. I REALLY wish I could make it at home! The camera looks awesome! I am into photography and that is truly a gem!

Victoria said...

Sorry you're sick! Hope the weekend has you feeling better. :) Love your finds, your latte, and even, your teacher problems.

Whitney said...

Feel better love!! Are you still going to be able to come tomorrow? :{