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The Girl With the Most Improved Award.

I have recieved a lot of these little ribbons in my life. Yesterday I had a little realization about these awards yesterday...

In the 4th grade we lived in Orlando, FL. See when you live in Orlando your life as a ten year old looks a little different than the lives of other ten year olds. You go to Disney World instead of Chucky-Cheese, you swim on Christmas day... and you go to Golf Camp. 

Yes, you read that correctly I went to golf camp. I distinctly remember NOT wanting to go, but I also remember distinctly wanting to stay because Ryan T. was in my small group.
(Sidenote: I would use his full name, but one time he was on Double Dare 2000 so basically he is a celebrity. My google hits might get weirder than they already are... just sayin)
Anyway, at golf camp I won "The Most Improved Award". At the time it was a compliment, especially because I got a hat which made my brother cry because he didn't get anything.

Fast forward 14 years... while I was working out yesterday I begrudgingly was moved up one kettle bell weight level, so now instead of grabbing the cute, LIGHT, pink weight I have the grab the gnarly, blue, obnoxious weight.
My trainer made a comment that took me back to that summer at golf camp...

"Meg! I remember when you couldn't even do a kettle bell swing... now look at you!"

So, basically yesterday I got the most improved award... which if you think about it really means once you sucked, but now you dont suck as much ... GO YOU.

All of this to say, I have been doing crossfit for 5 months and haven't died... go me.



Ashley Barnhill said...

At least you're doing cross fit! I've watched people do it and I think I would die, ha! So I will just stick with the gym for now. :)

Jess said...

I want to do crossfit!

And Double Dare 2000...that was like UM the best game show ever backin the day! I always wanted to be on it!

Go you.
You're awesome.

Courtney said...

Get it Meg! I doubt you suck =)

Steph said...

That's awesome, any improvement is good improvement! I'd love to try Crossfit, but maybe in a one on one session so people don't see how much I will probably suck.

Jessica said...

My cheerleading squad got Most Improved at camp one year and I remember thinking the same thing. We sucked when we got here and now we suck less...... Hmmm! But LOOK AT YOU doing crossfit! I did it once and never went back. :(

Meg O. said...

LOL. This post is hilarious! But seriously, though, you are doing awesome!! You rock! I mean, not everyone can start lifting like that right away! I know I sure can't!

Lindsay @ Trial By Sapphire said...

Hahaha! This post is great. Congrats on... not sucking, Meg! ;)

The Sweet Life said...

Yah for crossfit. My bf does it and is trying to convince me. I'm a little scared. Do you love it?

Congrats, by the way, on not sucking as much as you once did. :)-

Chelsea Olivia said...

HAH at your brother crying about the hat. That is seriously hilarious. And I totally agree, that's what I've always called most improved (because I've had it before for something too) used to suck but you're less suckish now!

Olive & Ivy

Ashley D said...

I would die with just the pink weight, or even thinking about going to cross fit ... In my eyes you're definitely winning :)