March Madness

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Februaury 2013

If March were a person she would be the kind of person who would wear sandals before it was really weather appropriate. She would be jammin to her "Spring Break 2K11" playlist singing every word to "Pretty Boy Swag" with with windows rolled down. She would dye her beer green and sing songs she doesn't really know in an Irish bar because its fun and that is what St. Patricks day is for. Her pinterest boards would be full of swim suits and pastel skirt and the new Essie Spring line. She would instagram pictures of bright blue skys contrasting with newly green fields quoting DMB and hashtagging #welcomespring.

If March were a person she would be SO OVER February sassy-glitter-nail-polish-pink-frosted-cupcake-hoity-toity-comments-about-love-and-pink-and-red-and-glitter. She would be excited for the things that I, me, Meg are excited for.

1. Houston Rodeo: I can't wait to throw my cowboy boots on and eat fried food with the rest of Houston. I have so many good memories of the San Antonio Rodeo that I can't wait to make some here in Houston (I went once in college but it was a colossal DISASTER). 

2. COFFEE FROM A MUG. I know this sound extremely dumb that this is something I am looking forward to, but for me the fact that I will have a whole 10 days off for spring break means I will not be rushing out the door running late with a travel . I will get to slow down have a cup of coffee-- in a mug and get to enjoy my mornings a little more. 

3. Spring Colors: March is the doorway into spring and spring colors! I can't wait to bust out my pastels and sandals. I am ready to put away my black and brown for a while and live in some COLOR! 

4. Yoga Pants: Did i mention I have nothing planned for the week of spring break? IT IS GOING TO BE GLORIOUS. Basically my plan is to not get out of yoga pants for the entire week. 

5. Weddings: March is going to be a busy time for Meg Cady Photography I am shooting two weddings and am starting to fill up with senior and family sessions! I am so excited about what is on the horizon. (If you live in Houston I will be making a google calendar for booking if you are interested! Family, Couple, blogger updates, etc!)

Here's to March Yall!
Happy almost spring--depending on the bi-polar Texas weather!


The Art of Being a Wedding Guest.

No, I am not engaged. No, I am not pre-planning my wedding via pinterest. No, I am not planning on doing this every week, but with wedding season approaching with full force I thought I would write a little from the perspective of the people whose buts will be in the chiavari chairs, eating the red velvet cake and sending you off to your new life via sparkler.
The beautiful "dear old friend"
Back in the fall I was invited to a dear friends wedding (I feel old saying dear friend, old people say "dear friend"). The wedding was in San Antonio and I was in Houston-- a three hour drive and two nights staying at my grandparents house--really not the way I wanted to spend my weekend. We grew up together, so it was never a question of whether or not I WANTED go to the wedding we had spent way too many up-till-3-am-sleepovers and nights at summer camp staring up at the stars wondering who we were going to marry for something as pesky as a 3 hour drive to get in the way of wether I WOULD go. So Reese and I went. 

We sat at the venue and witnessed two lives becoming one. The pastor began to speak and my whole perception of being a wedding guest changed. He spoke of how we were not just warm bodies filling chairs or a name on a guest list, but active participants in a new life. We had just witnessed a miracle, a life changing event.
I was convicted. I have complained about going to weddings--about having to drive to far or see people I didn't want to see, I have been hurt by not being a member of a wedding party--"just a guest", I have critiqued and commented on the ribbon color not matching something. I was forgetting that I, me, MEG did not matter. What was convenient didn't matter,  being a guest was an honor,  and that IT DOESN'T MATTER if the wedding is decorated with glittery pink unicorns (but really don't do that). The only thing that matters is that I walked into that ceremony and took a vow right along with the bride and groom to support, love and encourage them in their new life. 

So, if you are a bride reading this... think about this when making (and from what I hear CUTTING) your guest list. Who do you really want in that ceremony taking a vow right along with you. Who will build you up, encourage you, and talk you down from the ledge if the situation should ever present its self. Invite them. 
If you are going to be a wedding guest at some point in the near future (which I am sure we will all be) remember that it is an honor. It is a responsibility. It is a blessing. Don't complain about having to travel (unless it is to like Australia--thats far, I'll gladly take your invite) don't be critical of their decor choices. Enjoy every minute of getting to witness a miracle.

Something Charming



Best Friends and Babies: Weekend Shenanigans

After the weirdest week known to man I am getting back on the blogging train and linking up with Sami of Sami's Shenanigans for Weekend Shenanigans

 I drove down (up? I guess I drove UP, I suck at directions-- but did win a geography bee in the 4th grade) to Austin to spend some time with my bestie and her baby boy, here by referred to as cutest child on the planet. 

The weekend consisted of taking cutest child on the planets 3 month pictures (coming to my photography blog soon), making cutest child on the planet laugh because it is so stinking cute, andddd spending a crazy amount of time in antique stores with my bestie. So pretty much my favorite kind of weekend.

Not only does my dear KB show me how to channel my inner Jackie O, but she also teaches me the difference between cattle, steers, etc. She is a woman of many talents. 
Another one of her talents is making uber cute babies. Evidence above, and below. 

Oop... maybe we've had a little too much Aunt Meg for one weekend! 

Diva baby OUT. 
(Aunt Meg, seriously you're going to take my picture in your diva sunglasses and post it on the internet... you cray cray)



Writers Block Stories: My First College Exam

If you looked up the definition of writers block in the dictionary you would find a picture of me and copious amounts of coffee with blood shoot eyes and a to-do list the length of my arm. 

I thought I would tell you a story that is a classic. This story is such gold that moments after it happened I caught my breath chuckled to myself and thought this is going to be a great story to tell at graduation. 

Rewind 6 years 
(wait freshman year in college was SIX years ago!) 
It was the first round of exams and this baby freshman was studying for her very first college test, Texas History, and it was looking like an all nighter was in store. Honestly I expected it to be like the opening scene of some John Hughes movie. Junk food wrappers scatted about, number 2 pencils whittled down and me a fresh faced college freshman studying diligently in her dorm. 
This scene is almost exactly the OPPOSITE of my first "all nighter" experience. 
I have provided you with some Freshman year gems... your welcome. 
Around 3 o'clock in the morning I made the rookie mistake of "ill just rest my eyes for a minute". BAD IDEA. My class was at 8 am. The next time my eyes opened I was staring at 3 bright red numbers flashing 8:33. Commence FREAK OUT. 

I grabbed a pencil a scantron and literally ran, dead sprint, to the building my class was in.
Halfway there I realized that in order to take my test I had to have my ID. I in fact did not have my ID. I turned around continued my sprint back to my dorm which I could not get back into because I didn't have my ID to open the door. 

Somehow I conned a maintenance man to let me into the building I grabbed my ID continued my marathon to my test and promptly slipped in a large puddle. Now I was late, muddy and in a full on hyperventilating panic. 

I ran into the room flinging the open the large heavy wooden doors like I was busting through the finish line of an epic marathon. It was truly a scene out of a movie or a bad dream--all 100+ people stopped bubbling and were staring right at me. EMBARRASSING. 
The stunned first year professor shuffled me outside and though my hyperventilating tears I explained about my epic bad morning. He offered a secondary time for me to come and take the test-- angel, he was my angel at the point. I sat outside the classroom and eventually my tears turned into laughter and realized My crazy-story-you-dont-tell-your-parents-until-long-after-it-matters-story was set. 

Clearly I survived the rest of college and graduated relatively unscathed 
Sometime when I have a bad day or think I am stressed to the absolute max I remember this little gem of a story and everything doesn't seem as bad ;) 


High Five For Friday No. 36

Annnnnd we're back with linking up with Lauren @ From my Grey Desk to hit the five highlights of my week! With Mardi Gras on one end and Valentines day on the other it was a jam packed week of highlights! 

1. I mentioned in my "February Post" that I hate the colors red and pink together, but for this one day only I rocked it. And yes, in case you were wondering a student too this picture. NO SHAME. 

2. If you followed along on twitter you know there was a little drama with my valentines day flowers. I told Reese he didn't have to get them for me, but alas he was a great boyfriend and ignored my request. Basically it took 10 hours but I finally got my beautiful, thoughtful, super sweet of him flowers! SO BLESSED. 

3. I have a new obsession. It is called Bauble Bar. If you have not checked it out DO IT NOW. I picked up this necklace for a mere $20, I am obsessed. 

4. OK French Quarter. Basically Reese had to promise to take me back here because he wouldn't let me take my camera to Burbon st. (good idea). All of that to say I feel in love L-O-V-E. 

5. Speaking on Burbon-- here we are in all out mid-twenties glory on Burbon. The group I was with kept laughing and talking about how we would tell our kids about "when we would go to mardi gras" 

Well thats it so HIGH FIVE, have a GREAT weekend. 



The Best Advice I was Ever Given

The best love advice I was ever given was not by my friends, thank GOD, or my mom, sorry mom but I probably wasn't listening--16 year olds, cant live with em cant live with out them or even by my stock pile of both my Brio and Seventeen magazines  Instead the best piece of advice I have ever received came from a self described "short Italian man with hairy knuckles and more tattoos than you can count." 

It was the summer of 2005. I was 16. The prime of my boy-crazy-I-am-going-to-die-if-I-am-single phase, really it was lovely, ask my mother.  There I was sitting in the middle of the East Texas pine trees sweating my butt off at our churches annual summer camp when I was hit with the truth. Our camp speaker, the aforementioned guy the with hairy knuckles, dropped some knowledge that would stick with me for life.

" A person who really loves you loves you for what you dislike about yourself the most." 

His wife was tall and blonde and looked like she belonged in the glossy pages of a magazine. She hated being tall, he loved her because she was tall. He was short and had hairy knuckles and ears that weren't his favorite thing, she loved him for all of that. 

Today on a day that is filled with glitter and hearts and what seems to be perfect love stories that can make any girl-- married or not, dating or not, single or not a little insecure remember that what you are doubting about yourself is the very reason you are loved.

and because it is Valentines Day and I love him here is
A. a cute picture of Reese and I.
B. an example of how I put the above advice into action.
This picture was taken 2 years ago... it seem like 12. Time flies when your having fun!!

We were on the couch watching Homeland. Reese leaned over and started playing with my ear. 

"Ugh stop it! I hate when you do that. I hate my ears"
"Well I love them." 

I swatted his hand away and continued watching Brody get himself all tangled up in the CIA. 

Later that night while eating dinner the topic of my ears came up again. 

"Why do you hate your ears?" 
"because they are big, actually one is bigger than the other, here look"

I pulled back my hair--which I never do. 

"see they are ugly." 
"no they are not they are beautiful."

Again he said he loved my ear, gave me a peck on the cheek and continued eating his burger.



Where We Stayed: Air BnB Review

I am a hotel kid. 
My dad works in the hotel industry, so staying in hotels has always been old hat for me. Actually I am a bit spoiled when it comes to vacation accommodations. When the idea of going to New Orleans for Mardi Gras (Mardi Gras Post HERE) came up it was entirely too late for traditional reservations at a hotel. Not even crashing on the floor of a friends apartment was an option (Dang growing up and having to act like "adults"). 

We turned to a method that was semi-untraditional a service call Air BnB (as in Bed and Breakfast). Think "The Holiday" minus both people swapping. This service is where you can rent out someone's home. apartment, Loft, vacation home, etc. like you could a hotel room. You can create a detailed profile allowing both owners and renters to connect to find the best situation to fit your needs. Vist their "How it Works" page to learn all the detes. 

We were MORE THAN pleased with our experience with the service. It was a beautiful house with a killer kitchen (frozen pizza after a long night... holla) and spacious bedrooms. 

Here is where we stayed for our trip to New Orleans. Almost everything was either in walking distance or a short (and fairly inexpensive cab ride away). 

The one piece of advice I have is to READ THE REVIEWS on each place. When I was browsing around I found some stellar review and some nightmare stories. Our place had rave reviews and really did live up to all the praise it received! 



The Time We Burned a Bar Down: Mardi Gras Weekend Review

I really can't fully put into words the experiences I had this weekend in New Orleans for Mardi Gras. I'll start with a hiku that seems just awkward enough to work.

NOLA i love you
Burbon you were cray cray woah
purple, green, gold LOVE

Per the title let me tell you a little story that pretty much sums up the weekend. This bar, that one below with the large hole burned in the side, yeah we were there. It was SO packed I am conivinced at one point my feet were not touching the ground yet I was still moving. PACKED. At that point we called it quits and bailed. Saturday morning we woke up and Reese realized he had left his debit card inside because he couldn't get back to the bar (well that and what was bought at the bar didn't help either) . He jumped in the truck and headed to get the card. When he got there this is the scene he stumbled upon... THE BAR HAD BURNED DOWN... with his card inside.

Already armed with one blogable story under our belts we set out to experience the many other adventures Mardi Gras had in store for us. 

We ventured onto Burbon to experience some of the epic Mardi Gras crazy. There was plenty to be had.
Longest parade float in the world-- length of a football field!

The bead fueled parades were a blast. Most of the floats poked fun at pop culture-- my personal favorite being "The literal Dumbing down of America" proudly featuring a likeness of Honey Boo Boo leading the float. I couldn't escape, nor did I want to, the feeling that the whole city had virtually shut down to have a dancing-in-the-street-loving-life-celebrating-joyful PARTY. 
Cutie enjoying the parade. He never smiles with his teeth, had to post :)

I would go back in a heart beat. 

THE FOOD! I had told Reese before we even left that I wanted at least one good, classic, iconic New Orleans meal. I got two. After one of the parades we ventured a few streets over, a must if you want to avoid the after parade crowds, and found a little hidden gem called Katie's. Apparently it is not actually that "hidden" because Katie's and her po'boys were featured on an episode of Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives. We orders and devoured the sandwich below... kinda ridiculous BUT TOTALLY delicious. You can see Guy Fieri making it HERE.

My second meal came courtesy of a ridiculous two hour wait but it was one of the most delicious muffaletas I have EVER tasted. I am still a little bitter about waiting so long so my review might be a little tainted... i'll just let you see the pretty picture. 

And because no good post about a ridiculous Mardi Gras weekend is complete with out a picture of a Barbie jeep pulling a trailed here ya go. 
Yes, that tailer is ACTUALLY ATTACHED to the jeep. 

Tomorrow I will tell you about our accommodations, because it is something you NEED to know about! 



DYI: Framed Wine Corks

This little craft has been sitting on the back burner of my mind for 3.5 years. Which actually seems ridiculous when I type it, but I can tell you despite waiting an exorbitant amount of time for it to come to fruition was totally worth it!
I started collecting wine corks when I turned 21 I knew I wanted to make a cork board but I had some parameters :
1. It needed to be 16x20
2. I needed to find the PERFECT frame
3. I wanted all the corks to be from bottles I consumed or was present when they were consumed.

For several years there were wine corks EVERYWHERE in my house. Mason jar after mason jar full of these little buggers. Finally they all found a home in a large apothecary jar slowly building in numbers. In total after 3+ years of saving my total reached 120 (the math comes out to be around a bottle a week... thanks for the math Whit, but that doesn't count the screw tops and boxes #classy).

I picked the frame up in Canton (see posts about there here and here) for a STEAL... really I think the heavens opened and a chorus of angles sang hallelujah when I laid my eyes upon this beauty. I had an old man who claimed to be an "artist" follow me around for 20 minutes trying to buy it off of me, but when a chorus of angles sings hallelujah you can just sell it off like that... can't disappoint the angels.

Anyway onto the actual DIY parts. I won't give you the traditional steps because I sure hope yall can cut and glue ... if you can't SHAME on your kindergarten teachers! Instead I will give you some tricks I learned through this process! 

Tip 1: Cut the corks in half. You'll get more corks with out visits to your local AA meeting. 
Tip 2: Buy a new utility knife or blade. The rusty blade that has been sitting in the garage for 20 years isn't going to cut it (pun intended). 

Tip 2. Keep pairs together. I tried mixing and matching the different halves of the corks, but it ended up looking like a hot mess... which is probably how I looked after I drank most of these bottles, but lets keep that between you and me. 

Tip 3. Use corks of varying sizes, shapes and materials. I chose to use corks I had collected over the years, but if you buy them from a craft store or online (here) I would opt for the mixed bag option. In my opinion the varying corks add to the aesthetic appeal! 

Seriously. I glued the first row while I laid it out BAD IDEA. Look at the two corks on the end... clearly that didn't work. I ended up being able to fix it, but can you imagine 120 bottle of wine down the drain.
GASP. Horrid, horrid thought. 

Tip 5. I really think the hardest part of this whole project is not the gluing but what to glue with. I ended up using Titebond III after some exhaustive research AKA googling while in the glue aisle of Lowes. I found that for 90% of the corks this glue worked great. The other 10% decided to be divas and needed some hot glue to help them out. In the end I was very happy with Titebond. 

And there you have it a beautiful display of three years of  grueling work (HA!) turned into a masterpiece