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High Five For Friday No. 36

Annnnnd we're back with linking up with Lauren @ From my Grey Desk to hit the five highlights of my week! With Mardi Gras on one end and Valentines day on the other it was a jam packed week of highlights! 

1. I mentioned in my "February Post" that I hate the colors red and pink together, but for this one day only I rocked it. And yes, in case you were wondering a student too this picture. NO SHAME. 

2. If you followed along on twitter you know there was a little drama with my valentines day flowers. I told Reese he didn't have to get them for me, but alas he was a great boyfriend and ignored my request. Basically it took 10 hours but I finally got my beautiful, thoughtful, super sweet of him flowers! SO BLESSED. 

3. I have a new obsession. It is called Bauble Bar. If you have not checked it out DO IT NOW. I picked up this necklace for a mere $20, I am obsessed. 

4. OK French Quarter. Basically Reese had to promise to take me back here because he wouldn't let me take my camera to Burbon st. (good idea). All of that to say I feel in love L-O-V-E. 

5. Speaking on Burbon-- here we are in all out mid-twenties glory on Burbon. The group I was with kept laughing and talking about how we would tell our kids about "when we would go to mardi gras" 

Well thats it so HIGH FIVE, have a GREAT weekend. 



Lacey at Sunny + Turquoise said...

Stopping in from h54f and eeeek I LOVE that necklace! I've been eyeing the bauble bar site wondering which items to get every week, this inspires me to head back and actually purchase something :)


Katie said...

love your necklace - so pretty! glad you got your flowers! :)

anna lizbeth said...

what a great tip! i have never heard of bauble bar but just checked out the site and i am hooked! xo annalizbeth

Lauren said...

I'm not a big fan of the pink and red combo either. I planned an outfit with it for Valentine's Day, but ended up scrapping it. Thanks for the top on Bauble Bar!

thenerdykatie said...

I have heard of so much flower drama this year, apparently I got the wrong one & my friends were delivered to the wrong house! I'm glad you got yours!

Jess said...

My wallet is telling me not to check out Bauble Bar, but I feel like if I don't I won't be a good blog BFF...SUCH A DILEMMA!

LOVEEE that Valentine's Day picture of you! I need to recruit your students to take outfit pictures for me ;) ANOTHER reason to come to Texas...ha!


Anonymous said...

Looks like you had a fun week! I can't wait to go to the French Quarter someday- so pretty!

Whitney said...

Still jealous that you went to NOLA for Mardi Gras! You gonna join us for brunch on Sunday?

Laura Darling said...

Oh bauble bar is going to be dangerous! :)

Michelle said...

Girl, let me just tell you. You WORKED that pink and red!

I'm so jealous of NOLA! I want to mardi gras with you!!

Jade Wright said...

I also got quite a fright when I saw people pairing red and pink together! but then it started to look quite cool.... but then I tried it....and I looked like a really badly put together trifle.