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March Madness

(I am thinking about making this series a monthly link up... would you participate? Slash I need a name...suggestions welcome!)

Februaury 2013

If March were a person she would be the kind of person who would wear sandals before it was really weather appropriate. She would be jammin to her "Spring Break 2K11" playlist singing every word to "Pretty Boy Swag" with with windows rolled down. She would dye her beer green and sing songs she doesn't really know in an Irish bar because its fun and that is what St. Patricks day is for. Her pinterest boards would be full of swim suits and pastel skirt and the new Essie Spring line. She would instagram pictures of bright blue skys contrasting with newly green fields quoting DMB and hashtagging #welcomespring.

If March were a person she would be SO OVER February sassy-glitter-nail-polish-pink-frosted-cupcake-hoity-toity-comments-about-love-and-pink-and-red-and-glitter. She would be excited for the things that I, me, Meg are excited for.

1. Houston Rodeo: I can't wait to throw my cowboy boots on and eat fried food with the rest of Houston. I have so many good memories of the San Antonio Rodeo that I can't wait to make some here in Houston (I went once in college but it was a colossal DISASTER). 

2. COFFEE FROM A MUG. I know this sound extremely dumb that this is something I am looking forward to, but for me the fact that I will have a whole 10 days off for spring break means I will not be rushing out the door running late with a travel . I will get to slow down have a cup of coffee-- in a mug and get to enjoy my mornings a little more. 

3. Spring Colors: March is the doorway into spring and spring colors! I can't wait to bust out my pastels and sandals. I am ready to put away my black and brown for a while and live in some COLOR! 

4. Yoga Pants: Did i mention I have nothing planned for the week of spring break? IT IS GOING TO BE GLORIOUS. Basically my plan is to not get out of yoga pants for the entire week. 

5. Weddings: March is going to be a busy time for Meg Cady Photography I am shooting two weddings and am starting to fill up with senior and family sessions! I am so excited about what is on the horizon. (If you live in Houston I will be making a google calendar for booking if you are interested! Family, Couple, blogger updates, etc!)

Here's to March Yall!
Happy almost spring--depending on the bi-polar Texas weather!


Jess said...

Can you please do one of these for every month?
And make it a link up so I can steal your genius idea?

Yay for drinking coffee out of a mug.
Here's to the little things ;)


Kathleen said...

I agree with Jessica! These are brilliant! Plus it would be funny to read everyone else's! :)

I'm a HUGE fan of March too....Mostly cuz its my birth month. This year I'll be.....25...GAH! I'm gonna be a quarter of a century. Excuse me while I go have a quarter life crisis!


Unknown said...

Ok but I need a NAMMMMMEEE! Suggestions welcome!

Also I will only accept your quarter life crisis if you dye your hair or pierce something ;)

Lindsay @ Trial By Sapphire said...

It's the perfect kind of month for you. A break from school (day job) but plenty busy with photography (fun job)! :) Enjoy it, girl!

Ashley Barnhill said...

I love wearing my cowboy boots for the HLSR! And I think i'm going to paint my nails that mint color next - I'm so envious of everyone who has already done that, ha!

Bre said...

We're taking the kid to the rodeo tomorrow. It will literally be her first rodeo! Hooray! Why is it cold today? I'm ready for the steady warmth and awesomeness of spring. I got some new sunglasses that need wearing. I'm totally going to get contacts.

Unknown said...

glad you have spring break coming up so you can rest! & i totally think coffee taste better out of a REAL mug :)

Melissa {} said...

Meg's Monthly Match Up (or Mash Up)? Kind of sounds like something that would be a comparison between the month/season and your favorite items matched up, or mashed up? Trying to play off the M's obviously. I could come up with more names, but I am at work and my brain is mush!

Thanks! Melissa

Whitney said...

What day are you going to the rodeo?! Can we please have lunch during your spring break??