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The Art of Being a Wedding Guest.

No, I am not engaged. No, I am not pre-planning my wedding via pinterest. No, I am not planning on doing this every week, but with wedding season approaching with full force I thought I would write a little from the perspective of the people whose buts will be in the chiavari chairs, eating the red velvet cake and sending you off to your new life via sparkler.
The beautiful "dear old friend"
Back in the fall I was invited to a dear friends wedding (I feel old saying dear friend, old people say "dear friend"). The wedding was in San Antonio and I was in Houston-- a three hour drive and two nights staying at my grandparents house--really not the way I wanted to spend my weekend. We grew up together, so it was never a question of whether or not I WANTED go to the wedding we had spent way too many up-till-3-am-sleepovers and nights at summer camp staring up at the stars wondering who we were going to marry for something as pesky as a 3 hour drive to get in the way of wether I WOULD go. So Reese and I went. 

We sat at the venue and witnessed two lives becoming one. The pastor began to speak and my whole perception of being a wedding guest changed. He spoke of how we were not just warm bodies filling chairs or a name on a guest list, but active participants in a new life. We had just witnessed a miracle, a life changing event.
I was convicted. I have complained about going to weddings--about having to drive to far or see people I didn't want to see, I have been hurt by not being a member of a wedding party--"just a guest", I have critiqued and commented on the ribbon color not matching something. I was forgetting that I, me, MEG did not matter. What was convenient didn't matter,  being a guest was an honor,  and that IT DOESN'T MATTER if the wedding is decorated with glittery pink unicorns (but really don't do that). The only thing that matters is that I walked into that ceremony and took a vow right along with the bride and groom to support, love and encourage them in their new life. 

So, if you are a bride reading this... think about this when making (and from what I hear CUTTING) your guest list. Who do you really want in that ceremony taking a vow right along with you. Who will build you up, encourage you, and talk you down from the ledge if the situation should ever present its self. Invite them. 
If you are going to be a wedding guest at some point in the near future (which I am sure we will all be) remember that it is an honor. It is a responsibility. It is a blessing. Don't complain about having to travel (unless it is to like Australia--thats far, I'll gladly take your invite) don't be critical of their decor choices. Enjoy every minute of getting to witness a miracle.

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Darby Hawley said...

I love this perspective! You are absolutely right, you are an active participant in that couple's marriage, and what a blessing you are to that couple as a source of encouragement. You are awesome Meg!

Miss Johnson said...

Meg- thank you for making that drive and being an active participant! I cannot imagine not havin you there that day and everyday! Love u

Megan said...

A nice little wake-up call, both for brides and guests.

Lindsay @ Trial By Sapphire said...

It's so true. I HATE shows like Four Weddings on TLC, because the focus is completely misplaced. I know people love the drama of watching people tear others down (Hello, that's ALL of reality TV.), but for it to be about tearing each down at their weddings? Come on, people. It's not about how much money was spent on everything or whether or not it's rhinestones vs. diamonds or how much YOU hate the colors. It's about two people who love each other making a lifetime commitment and sharing that love with those who mean the most to them. Be joyful!

Anna said...

i LOVE all your dresses in these photos! they are so adorable. And i agree, it is so special to be invited to take part in such a monumental decisions. Great post!

Unknown said...

Wow, this is such a great post! I completely agree with everything you truly is a honor to be part of someone's very important day. I'm so glad you shared this!

Whitney said...

I'm late, but I love this post. You are so right! I have been so honored to only be invited to a small handful of weddings, but it makes them even more special. You always look so gorgeous!