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Where We Stayed: Air BnB Review

I am a hotel kid. 
My dad works in the hotel industry, so staying in hotels has always been old hat for me. Actually I am a bit spoiled when it comes to vacation accommodations. When the idea of going to New Orleans for Mardi Gras (Mardi Gras Post HERE) came up it was entirely too late for traditional reservations at a hotel. Not even crashing on the floor of a friends apartment was an option (Dang growing up and having to act like "adults"). 

We turned to a method that was semi-untraditional a service call Air BnB (as in Bed and Breakfast). Think "The Holiday" minus both people swapping. This service is where you can rent out someone's home. apartment, Loft, vacation home, etc. like you could a hotel room. You can create a detailed profile allowing both owners and renters to connect to find the best situation to fit your needs. Vist their "How it Works" page to learn all the detes. 

We were MORE THAN pleased with our experience with the service. It was a beautiful house with a killer kitchen (frozen pizza after a long night... holla) and spacious bedrooms. 

Here is where we stayed for our trip to New Orleans. Almost everything was either in walking distance or a short (and fairly inexpensive cab ride away). 

The one piece of advice I have is to READ THE REVIEWS on each place. When I was browsing around I found some stellar review and some nightmare stories. Our place had rave reviews and really did live up to all the praise it received! 



Kathleen said...

How cool!!! :) i have never really thought about looking into anything like this! But now that it has the Meg "stamp of approval" it's def something to think about the next time I decide to take a vacation! :)

So glad you had a blast in NOLA! WOO HOO!


Mallory said...

What a great way to truly experience Mardi Gras and New Orleans! So glad you had a good time! Going to keep this website in mind for the next time I travel :)

xo, Mal
Pastels and Mascara

Michelle said...

I love AirBnB! We used it on our trip to Miami and got an awesome place.

elle at wishingoodluck said...

Whoa incredible! It came with food too?

Jess said...

UMMM I didn't know this was a thing in real life! I thought it only happened in movies!

I need to get with the times, because this is awesomeee.

Hotels kinda weird me out so I think I would like this way way better.



Whitney said...

I actually was looking at this for a trip to London or NYC! I absolutely love this site. So glad that you used and did a review on it!