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Writers Block Stories: My First College Exam

If you looked up the definition of writers block in the dictionary you would find a picture of me and copious amounts of coffee with blood shoot eyes and a to-do list the length of my arm. 

I thought I would tell you a story that is a classic. This story is such gold that moments after it happened I caught my breath chuckled to myself and thought this is going to be a great story to tell at graduation. 

Rewind 6 years 
(wait freshman year in college was SIX years ago!) 
It was the first round of exams and this baby freshman was studying for her very first college test, Texas History, and it was looking like an all nighter was in store. Honestly I expected it to be like the opening scene of some John Hughes movie. Junk food wrappers scatted about, number 2 pencils whittled down and me a fresh faced college freshman studying diligently in her dorm. 
This scene is almost exactly the OPPOSITE of my first "all nighter" experience. 
I have provided you with some Freshman year gems... your welcome. 
Around 3 o'clock in the morning I made the rookie mistake of "ill just rest my eyes for a minute". BAD IDEA. My class was at 8 am. The next time my eyes opened I was staring at 3 bright red numbers flashing 8:33. Commence FREAK OUT. 

I grabbed a pencil a scantron and literally ran, dead sprint, to the building my class was in.
Halfway there I realized that in order to take my test I had to have my ID. I in fact did not have my ID. I turned around continued my sprint back to my dorm which I could not get back into because I didn't have my ID to open the door. 

Somehow I conned a maintenance man to let me into the building I grabbed my ID continued my marathon to my test and promptly slipped in a large puddle. Now I was late, muddy and in a full on hyperventilating panic. 

I ran into the room flinging the open the large heavy wooden doors like I was busting through the finish line of an epic marathon. It was truly a scene out of a movie or a bad dream--all 100+ people stopped bubbling and were staring right at me. EMBARRASSING. 
The stunned first year professor shuffled me outside and though my hyperventilating tears I explained about my epic bad morning. He offered a secondary time for me to come and take the test-- angel, he was my angel at the point. I sat outside the classroom and eventually my tears turned into laughter and realized My crazy-story-you-dont-tell-your-parents-until-long-after-it-matters-story was set. 

Clearly I survived the rest of college and graduated relatively unscathed 
Sometime when I have a bad day or think I am stressed to the absolute max I remember this little gem of a story and everything doesn't seem as bad ;) 


Brianna Tucker said...

I had one of those. I was so sick and was throwing up in class waiting for my exam. The professor let me go but I couldn't leave though cause i needed the trashcan so I sat in the hall. I was so embarressed.

thenerdykatie said...

That is def the type of thing that would happen in a movie! How did you do on the test?

Amanda Schroeder said...

Oh man! That is the WORST. Thank goodness your professor allowed you to take the test at a different time. Lucky girl! Your blog is cute by the way. Loving your posts.


Lauren said...

Remember in high school how you would read Seventeen magazine and they would have embarrassing stories illustrated with cute little caricatures? Your story reminds me of that! What a nice professor - glad it didn't scare you away from college for good!

Lindsay @ Trial By Sapphire said...

Oh, Meg. Why am I not surprised by this story? ;)

Darby Hawley said...

You're right this is a good But I can only imagine the level of anxiety you experienced at the time....phew glad that part of life is over now, right :-)

Jess said...

Hahaha I can just picture this happening.
My favorite part is you conning the maintenance man...
You were a cute freshman! I, on the other hand, let's not talk about it!



Whitney said...

I totally had a similar experience! But I was not a freshman. Definitely a junior, haha. Sad.