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High Five for Friday No. 37

To go all 1997 on yall for a second TGIF, thank God it is FRIDAY. Reese has been out of town for almost two solid weeks (minus the 9 hours, but we'll get there in a second) and I am SO ready for California to give him back! As per the Friday usue I am linking up with The Lauren @ From My Grey Desk for this weeks installment of HF4F.

1. Like I mentioned Mr. Reeses Pieces has been out of town for the last 2 weeks, on his brief, like 9 hours brief, layover here at home we went and grabbed Margaritas to celebrate the third anniversary him asking what I wanted to drink and THEN asking me my name aka the night we met! 
(Wanna read more?... check out here, here and here

2. I sadly broke my monogrammed tumbler that I DIYed here on the blog (which BTW is my number one post, thank you pinterest) so when Crystal from Shop Crystal Faye put these little beauties up on instagram I knew I had to snatch one up! 

3. OK ok I know yall are probs totally sick of hearing about my weekend with my bestie and her PAAAA-recious baby, but come on it was for sure one of the high fives this week! 

4. 98% of the time I get made fun of by my students for attempting to speak spanish, do the washing machine (a mexican dance, Selena any one?) or basically try to be cool in any way shape or form. Well finally some of my girls had enough so we put on some Tejano music and they taught me a Cumbia (to a Selena song... that was my request). It was so fun to let loose for a moment and let them teach ME something! 

5. TARGET QUOTED MY TWEET. Now if this isn't high five worthy I DONT KNOW WHAT IS. I really think the best part came when I sent the screen shot to my bestie (see #3) 

ME: Cause it's so normal when Target quotes your week. NBD. 
ME: So you can now funnel all requests through my publicist. Maybe i'll even flip the bird during my post Oscar press conference and come off charming and loveable like J. Law. 

So really like almost everything this week... it all ends with our  undying love for and wanting to be besties with J. Law. 

The End. 
Happy Friday, i'll be here counting down the hours till I can get my man off a plane and hug him till his head pops off. 



Kati - Incorporating Color said...

I freaking LOVE that Target retweeted you - way to be a celebrity! And I hear you on getting made fun of by 8th graders. I have to Google half the stuff they talk about - how did I get so out of touch? :)

Kara Renee said...

Haha you have to love the traffic pinterest can bring!! And yay Target!! That's stinking awesome!

Katie said...

target tweeting you - definitely big deal. now if only they gave you free stuff! you are the coolest teacher ever. :) happy friday!

Jess said...

J. LAWWWWW. Girl crush to the max.
I'm dying at the fact that you referred to Reese as Reese's Pieces...TOO GOOD.
Monogrammed tumbler...already added TWO of those to my life last week. You've seriously corrupted me.


Meg O. said...

You are so famoussssssssssssssss. And I want to learn how to cumbia to Selena!

put a bow on it [kaitlyn] said...

Love that target replied! Happy friday!!

Lindsay @ Trial By Sapphire said...

Hahahaha. So good! I think you should record a vlog with your newly acquired Cumbia skills. :)

Sara said...

J Law is the ultimate girl crush!! LOVE.

Sally said...

Sounds like a great weekend! I'm sure all the kids are talking about how they helped to make you cool... haha...

Whitney H said...

Target retweeted you?? I have a famous bestie yaaaaaaay!

Janna Renee said...

Haha that makes you famous in my book!