Messina Hof Winery Tour

This week it has been fairly well documented that I went on an stupid-awesome date with my man to College Station. I told you I was going to recap my winery experience on Tuesday now it it Thursday, awesome. Whatever this post is about wine I think you can forgive me. 

Messina Hoff is one of the main wineries in the State of Texas. They have vineyards in all parts of the state to create their vast array of wines. The family who owns the vineyards, the Bonarrigo family, moved to Bryan/College Station for work in a hospital but eventually found their passion and family heritage as wine makers! (More info here)

There are two parts to the tour, a tour of the vineyard and a tasting! Before you go on the tour you have the option of grabbing a glass from the wine bar and taking it with you... ya know for the full effect!

The vineyard is absoultely stunning! It is very early in the spring season but in just a few short weeks those branches will be bursting with buds just waiting to produce the wine that will be filling out glasses in 5+ years. Actually that is really crazy to think about... I will be almost 30 when this wine will fill my glass. One moment please while I finish hyperventilating. 

Ok I'm back. 
On the second part of the vineyard tour we were shown the bottling and corking process.Believe it or not ALL of the over 1 million bottles of wine this vineyard produces are bottled and corked using this machine. 

 If I remember correctly, and please if I don't still be amazed by this "fact", this machine bottles and corks up to 40 bottles of wine in 1 minute. Internet--imagine what we could do if we could have 40 bottles of wine appear in 1 minute.

Ahhhh now on to the REAL GOOD stuff the third part of the tour... tasting. What I took away from this part of the tour was that their are actual reasons for smelling, swishing and clucking your wine. I mean I do it to look fancy, but now I am glad to know I have some justifications.
Danny, our tour guide, aka my favorite person for 2 hours on Saturday (obviously because he gave me wine) took us through a tasting of 4 different --wines 2 whites and 2 reds (Messina Hof Wines)

 Opps all gone... Ahhh much better!

Ultimately we had a blast learned a little and drank (and possibly purchased) lots of wine! It truly was the perfect way to spend a beautiful Saturday afternoon!

Messina Hof is located in Bryan, TX. Their services include tours, tastings, a 15 room bed and breakfast, a restrurant, wine bar and gift/wine shop as well as special events all year round. For more information about the vineyard visit their website: Messina Hof.
 Oh and the best part is you get to take one of these gems home! I have eight. Whinoooo.  


Jess said...

Seriously wine tastings are probably the best things on the planet. Ever. And next time we meet up we HAVE to go on one. Because it just seems right.

I'll be 28 in 5 years. Gonna go cry now....

Lindsay @ Trial By Sapphire said...

I love this! And I love that you did a full tour. I've been wine tasting before, but I didn't do a full tour like that. So fun!

Also, Jessica's comment cracks me up, because I'm 28 now. Crazy! I promise you both that life is not over when you're 28! :)

Darby Hawley said...

This looks like such a fun date! I want to be the third wheel on your next date. K? Thanks :-)

But for reals, I love your pictures. You have such an eye and talent! Favs: The man swirling the wine (I could almost smell it) and the white wine being poured....and of course you with your honey :-)

Allison @ Mrs. Southern Mama said...

Not really sure how I wound up on your blog but I LOVE me some Messina Hof wine! Beau is for sure my favie :)