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When You Lose your Nerve.

I went to the same summer camp from the 5th grade until I a senior in high school. 
In the middle of the camp was a climbing tower/zip line. To a 12 year old the tower was GIANT and the zip line rotation was the most daunting hour of the day. As the years went on we would pull into camp and I would look the the tower never really any less nervous than the last year. Even as a senior 5 years the wiser and the taller I was still nervous taking that "leap of faith", as they called it. 

One thing I did learn was that each year although I was still nervous as the 12 year old new kid I grew more confident. I knew the outcome, I knew what the rush of those first few seconds were going to be like, I knew I was going to be safe at the end. I realized that nerves and confidence are mutually exclusive.
I can be confident in my ability and nervous. 

The next two weekends I am shooting two weddings.
I am confident, but I am also nervous. 
As I was frantically making to-do lists and running around like a chicken with my head cut off trying to suppress the nerves I realized that being nervous is in fact a good thing. I never want to not be nervous. Not being nervous about something I am passionate about means that I have entered into a state of complacency. I am not ok with complacency.  

I screen shotted these because my harddrive is being backed up currently, but to see the whole post of these beautiful weddings head over to MegCady Photography! I cant believe how much my style, technique and processing has changed over the years! 

Here's to being nervous!



Lauren said...

Beautiful shots! And I completely agree with you on the nerves - if I'm not nervous or at least stressed out about something, I take it as a sign that I don't care as much about it as I should. Good luck over the next two weekends!

Darby Hawley said...

I love your perspective on your nerves, and I'm glad you use them productively instead of passively. You are a fabulous photographer and I always enjoy how you capture time. I would tell you good luck for the next two weekends but I know you don't need it! I am praying for you though that you enjoy your time behind the lens!!! You're awesome!!!

Sally said...

Hoping all goes well for you. I always love your pictures.

Unknown said...

these are all so gorgeous! you're very talented!

Lindsay @ Trial By Sapphire said...

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! Have fun the next two weekends! And I totally agree. Being nervous is not a bad thing, contrary to popular belief! It is very possible to be confident but nervous. You'll be great, my dear!

Kathleen said...

I'm telling you, when I finally meet the man of my dreams, we're moving back to Texas so that way you can be my "important moments photographer". IE. I want you to photographer EVERYTHING for me. You're are really good Meg! Like real good!

Good luck this weekend! You're gonna be amazing! :)

Jess said...

You are going to ROCK those two weddings. Just sayin.
Cause girrrrl you got skills.

And I absolutely love your perspective on being nervous.
I should probably take this advice and run with it.


Unknown said...

those are BEAUTIFUL!!

Whitney said...

You are SO amazing. Seriously. You'll be great, I know it! You're so so good at what you do.