Crazy + April= Cray-Pril 
(I stole the term from my college advisor, who has a blog [Queen of the Kings] and cutest children ever, thanks Katy--both for the cute kid pics and phrase) 

I really really really love my job, but as a teacher April can be challenging. Spring fever is hitting, standardized testing is in full swing-- which is a lot like trying to heard cats, and summer is right around the corner (and they know it). April is a trying month.

This month is almost over, there is light at the end of the tunnel. I can barely see it through the stacks of "The Outsiders" books and stacks upon stacks of root word activities, but I occasionally am reminded that the end is drawing near. As I reflect on this April, which seemed to last 2 eternities, I am in awe of how the Lord provided and blessed when, if we are being honest, I wasn't always the most trusting and faithful.

Cray-Pril will probably extend for the entire month of May but with this simple prayer (above) a whole lot of faith and my sparkling wit (hair flip, hair flip) (<< I always say things like this accompanied by hair flips in my class, my students roll their eyes, but I know they love it)  I know how ever long cray-pril lasts I will survive.

Also I dont want to whine but to top things off I left a brand new bottle of shampoo in Louisiana and my hair dyer broke while my hair was still wet. Come on MAY!
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Weekend Facts

It is Monday morning, full sentences? Ain't no body got time for that! 

+ I was out in a meeting all day on Friday 
+I didn't talk to a single person under the age of 20 for the past 3 days 
+ Louisiana is great.
+ Weddings rock 
+ Thank GOD for Kate and her hair tutorials. 
+ Car rides are a lot more fun with Macklemore
+ I wish Texas had trees like Louisiana 

+ This is Champ the LA Tech mascot

 + Favorite blue eyed, bow tied boy 

 +These boys are fun
 +These girls are funner (Yes, its a word) 
+I hate red eye remover 
and now back to your regularly scheduled Monday. 

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Whirl Wind

Terms like "whirl wind weekend" were invented for weekends like last weekend, well for that and teaching lessons on alliteration. This weekend was filled with 5k's, crawfish and bloggers... 2/3 of my favorite things... i'll let you decided which one is the non-favorite in that list :)

A. Watching America be awesome
B. Went to be at 10:00. 
the end. 

We, and when I say we I mean everyone but me, participated in the Run for Hope 5K, a great 5K raising money for the foster care system in our county. I however did not run, I have a mental block on running long distances that stems from an experience with the Pacer in the third grade. I sure did cheer loud as my friends crossed the finish line though!! Confession I may have cheered a little louder when the neon flash pictured below crossed the finish line! 

Saturday evening we held our anual crawfish boil, a spring time tradition that is quickly becoming one of my favorites! We had 20ish people come over to enjoy our favorite Louisiana deliciousness. We laughed, we ate, we remembered what it was like to drink beer out of a keg. As the night wore on shenanigans ensued that could only have been blamed on the crawfish ;) 

 (That is Clemons... Reese's roommate... he's taken ladies aren't you sad?) 

My regards the the chef! 

It was a beautiful way to spend a perfect spring time day! 

Sunday I met up with my girl Whitney to head into Houston and meet up with some of my (new and old) favorite blogger ladies! Of course we had a FAB time! Whit and I were talking on the way home about how lucky we are the have (blogger) friends that are so different, but have a very unique common blogging thread! Yay! Lucky us, we are so blessed!! 

SO blessed to get to have a friend like Darby

A. I look tall, thank you new wedges.

Linking up the above shenanigans with Miss Sammi! 

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Grapefruit & Avocado Balsamic Salmon Salad

With summer right around the corner (yes, states that are still getting snow summer is coming-- I promise) I was craving some fresh and tangy flavors to wake up my hibernating tastebuds from their pumpkin and cinnamon induced comas. Earthy goat-cheese and walnuts, tangy balsamic grapefruit vinaigrette and creamy avocado are going to make this salad a summer staple around my house! 

Prep time: 10 minutes
Cook Time: 8 minutes 

Grapefruit & Avocado Balsamic Salmon Salad
2 Salmon Filets 
1/2 teaspoons of salt; divided
1/2 teaspoons of peper: divided 
1 large grapefruit 
1 ripe pitted, sliced avocado 
2 cups Arugula 
1 cup baby spinach 
2 tablespoons goat cheese crumbled 
1/4 cup toasted walnuts 

Grapefruit Balsamic Vinaigrette 
Extra Juice from Grapefruit 
2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice 
2 tablespoons olive oil 
1 tablespoon balsamic vinegar 

Sprinkle fish with half of the salt and pepper broil on high for 7-8 minutes or until fish can be flaked with a fork. In a saute pan lightly toast walnuts on medium-low heat until lightly toasted. 

Meanwhile, segment grapefruit-- saving juices for vinaigrette. Whisk grapefruit juice, pepper& salt,lemon juice, balsamic vinegar and olive oil in the bottom of a salad bowl.  Combine sliced avocado, arugula, spinach and segmented grapefruit in bowl with the vinaigrette. Toss salad ingredients in vinaigrette and plate.

Break salmon to top salads; add crumbled goat cheese and toasted walnuts to finish. 

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Viva San Antonio

Weekends with my family just go by too fast. My parents came in from South Carolina for a wedding. Reese and I took Stella for her first road trip to San Antonio (She did very well, for her good behavior we even stopped by Bucees... or maybe that was for our good behavior?) I didn't take a ton of pictures this weekend-- my thought was to just be able to spend time with my parents. Apperently my thought was wrong because everyone kept saying, "I can't believe you didn't bring your camera". Fail. 

Here is what I do have and a little bit about my weekend shenanigans (linking up with Miss Sammi

Friday I hauled butt down I10 to make it to our "Party in the Hood" where Reese and I proceed to laugh, eat and drink. I just kept stopping and hugging my mom--whom by the way lost 31 pounds and DIDN'T tell me-- rude. Like every other party our street has thrown we had A LOT of fun. 

Mother and I played a game called "How fast can you do damage at the Mall"-- we won in case you were wondering. After our speed shopping trip my parents and all of our crazy neighbors headed to their wedding. Reese and I met them for cocktails in between the wedding and the reception at our friends (Melissa pictured above) amazing down town apartment. 
The kids headed out on the town while the adults headed to have a little fun of their own! 

Mom and Dad before the wedding! 

We ate dinner at "The Luxury" an old shipping container that has been converted into a gourmet restaurant  Reese and I were in heaven! 

Sunday was a perfect day for family! We went to church, watched the Masters and visited with friends who stopped by to spend all the time with my parents before they headed back east! 

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High Five For Friday No. 39

Longest. Week. EVER. 
and to celebrate the end I am linking up with Lauren for High Five for Friday! 

1. Spring Work Outs: I don't know what has gotten into me, but I am HIGHLY enjoying my crossfitting lately... I am sure it has nothing to do with my cute new workout clothes (false, it has everything to do with my cute new work out clothes) 

2. Stella: I am still basking in the glow of my new car. Were going on our first road trip this weekend and I am actually looking forward to driving!! 

3. Stella again.... I told you, basking! 

4.  Teeth: He is smiling, with teeth!!! It has only taken three years but FINALLY he smiles with teeth!!  

5. FAMILY: I get to see my family this weekend!!!!!!! I am so excited to see (and go shopping) with my mama!!!!!!! I really don't think I could ever use too many exclamation points 

Now off to create our plan of shopping attack... uhh I mean teach my kids expository writing!

Happy Friday Yall!
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How Not to Paint your Nails the Anti-Tutorial

We've all been entranced by the colorful bottles calling us with their cheeky names and flashy colors. We also all have a nightmare story about a polish job gone bad-- One time I ran out of polish remover and had to go to an interview with only 3 nails painted, classy. I have grown a lot since my three-nail-painted days, essentially I have learned how not to paint my nails.  I have learned how to get the most out of my at home manicure and what my nail weaknesses (both literal and figurative) are and how to deal with them. 

Essie: Butler Please, Turoqise and Cacaos, Cute as a Button, Watermelon 
Sally Hansen: Dies Instantly Top Coat, Hard as Wraps Base Coat, Hard as Nails Strengthener, Cuticle Oil
DYI Ring Holder from my Mom! 

 Top 4 Polishing Mistakes: 
 1. Polishes are fun, Nail care is essential: As much as I wish I could just slap a coat of electric blue (oh I'm sorry Essie Butler, Please) and be on my merry way a good polish job really only works (and lasts) with healthy nails. I make sure my nails get a break in between coats. Even just 12 hours polish free does wonders for the strength of my weak nails. 

2. Cuticle Oil is Liquid Gold: Hi my name is Meg, and I am a cuticle biter. Due to the fact I am a notorious cuticle biter I have finally resolved to the fact that I need to keep my cuticles oiled up. I have noticed the better shape my cuticles are in the longer my polish stays! 

3. Top Coat and Base Coat are Non-Negligible: I must, I must, I must... wear a top and base coat (hum doesn't have quite the same ring as the old sleep over classic). One time a small Vietnamese woman told me not wearing a base coat was like forgetting a bra and not wearing a top coat was like not wearing a shirt (or at least I think that is what she said...). Yes, it is a strange analogy but she is right. No bra and no shirt... well yeah lets just wear those.

4. Patients is a Virtue: Even with the promises that come with every "dry in 30 seconds" we all know that it takes more than 30 seconds for the polish and top coat to really dry. Sit down, relax, enjoy (or die of second hand embarrassment) a episode of Real Housewives and let your nails DRY, like completely. If all else fails you can hold them real close to the TV the housewives have all the hot air you need to really dry those nails. 

For the Record: I have weak, brittle nails that break at the slightest bump and I bite my cuticles. Basically my nails are a mess. For those of you with super strong nails that never break... you suck (just kidding) take these tips with a grain of salt (and a wedge of lime?) remember I am not a professional just a girl learning via pinterest like the rest of yall!

Happy Manicuring! 

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Ruby: A Letter to My Car

            You were not my first car—actually you were my third—but you and me, babe, we go way back. We go back to when Dad decided to buy you while Mom was out of town. (Looking back that might not have been one of his smartest moves.) We go back to the long family road trips and the endless “Dadddd, he’s on my side,” and countless games of I SPY. We go back to when I was first learning to drive and might have really loved your brakes… a lot.
            When you stopped becoming “our” car and became mine, you received your name, Ruby, and we became a whole new team. You were no longer the car I learned to drive in or that picked me up from school, but the car that drove me to class, to parties, and back and forth to and from San Antonio. You were the zip to my do-da.
            When a boy from Louisiana entered the picture, you pulled up your big girl transmission and said, “Let’s do this thing, I promise I’ll get you through long-distance dating,” and you did—like a champ. Your speakers pumped everything from N*Sync to Journey to Eli Young—always ignoring my off key singing. You kept me safe from crazy drivers (I’m looking at you, uninsured driver on 610). Thanks for listening to my silent prayers, frustrated tears and for being a trusted companion. Thanks for being the best “first” car a girl could ask for.

                        The girl putting on eyeliner ONLY at stop lights. 

and on another note, I would like to welcome Stella to the family! 

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10 Things to Know About Me

I figured with so many new faces around my little corner of the interwebs I would take a moment and say, Hi, I am so glad you are here and to really truly show my appreciation I will share 10 of my most random facts and embarrassing photos to accompany my weird facts! You sure did click the right post, well unless you get second hand embarrassed easily like I do... then well buckle up because we've got some embarrassing to do! 

1. Every time I take a pill I think of the movie “Osmosis Jones” and the super mean 8th grade science teacher, Ms. Neal, who showed it to us. She called the trash can a rubbish bin and was exactly 4 feet tall.


2.  I take tests backwards—start from the last question and move to the first. Why? I have no earthly idea.

3. If I could only eat one cheese for the rest of my life, it would be feta. Really I wish my answer were Gouda so I could quote “She’s the Man” right here, but alas I just really love feta.
Gosh, I miss college (also no wine was hurt in the making of this picture)
Also this was the night I got Reese's number, luckily he was in LA and missed this kodak moment. 

4. One time I purposely didn’t turn in a permission slip for a field trip to the Alamo. I had been a million times and didn’t feel like going again. It is basically the most rebellious thing I have ever done. Cool, right?

5. I prefer writing in Crayola thin marker. I think it stems from my deep-seated resentment that teachers don’t use overhead projectors anymore, which means I never get to live out my childhood dream of using Vis-à-Vis markers every day.
Ah, the nose ring... now that is a great story! 2009

6. Two things that will never be resolved in my relationship are, A. who kissed who first and, B. whether the “alligator” signs for greater (<) than and less than (>) actually exist.  (He claims we are teaching kids the wrong concept by not explaining they are two different things… or something like that.)

7. Since I have started cross-fitting, I have the random urge to stop and do push- ups for no good reason. (OK Mom, you can stop laughing now.)
2008, the year I thought I was cool. 

8.  I have NO sweet tooth. Not a single one of them is sweet. I could go the whole rest of my life with out a piece of chocolate or a slice of cake and be completely fine. Hand this girl some French fries or a bag of chips, and I’ll be a happy girl.

The middle of the "pride" weight. Alamo Bowl 2007

9.  I gained 35ish pounds my freshman year of college… real cute. My mom says it is my “pride weight.” I was so certain (aka prideful) that I was going to go to college and not gain the “freshman 15.” Instead I gained double.
2007--June (please compare with December above... all those dang Sibsa cookies) 
10.  Sometimes I look at my first “photo shoot” and want to yell at myself: “Stay away from the saturation button, stay AWAY.” 

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