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10 Things to Know About Me

I figured with so many new faces around my little corner of the interwebs I would take a moment and say, Hi, I am so glad you are here and to really truly show my appreciation I will share 10 of my most random facts and embarrassing photos to accompany my weird facts! You sure did click the right post, well unless you get second hand embarrassed easily like I do... then well buckle up because we've got some embarrassing to do! 

1. Every time I take a pill I think of the movie “Osmosis Jones” and the super mean 8th grade science teacher, Ms. Neal, who showed it to us. She called the trash can a rubbish bin and was exactly 4 feet tall.


2.  I take tests backwards—start from the last question and move to the first. Why? I have no earthly idea.

3. If I could only eat one cheese for the rest of my life, it would be feta. Really I wish my answer were Gouda so I could quote “She’s the Man” right here, but alas I just really love feta.
Gosh, I miss college (also no wine was hurt in the making of this picture)
Also this was the night I got Reese's number, luckily he was in LA and missed this kodak moment. 

4. One time I purposely didn’t turn in a permission slip for a field trip to the Alamo. I had been a million times and didn’t feel like going again. It is basically the most rebellious thing I have ever done. Cool, right?

5. I prefer writing in Crayola thin marker. I think it stems from my deep-seated resentment that teachers don’t use overhead projectors anymore, which means I never get to live out my childhood dream of using Vis-à-Vis markers every day.
Ah, the nose ring... now that is a great story! 2009

6. Two things that will never be resolved in my relationship are, A. who kissed who first and, B. whether the “alligator” signs for greater (<) than and less than (>) actually exist.  (He claims we are teaching kids the wrong concept by not explaining they are two different things… or something like that.)

7. Since I have started cross-fitting, I have the random urge to stop and do push- ups for no good reason. (OK Mom, you can stop laughing now.)
2008, the year I thought I was cool. 

8.  I have NO sweet tooth. Not a single one of them is sweet. I could go the whole rest of my life with out a piece of chocolate or a slice of cake and be completely fine. Hand this girl some French fries or a bag of chips, and I’ll be a happy girl.

The middle of the "pride" weight. Alamo Bowl 2007

9.  I gained 35ish pounds my freshman year of college… real cute. My mom says it is my “pride weight.” I was so certain (aka prideful) that I was going to go to college and not gain the “freshman 15.” Instead I gained double.
2007--June (please compare with December above... all those dang Sibsa cookies) 
10.  Sometimes I look at my first “photo shoot” and want to yell at myself: “Stay away from the saturation button, stay AWAY.” 

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Jess said...

These pictures are good. TOO GOOD.
But the trash can one is obviously my favorite.
Posts like these make me wish FL & TX were neighbors.


Anonymous said...

I've gained some "pride weight" since I got hitched in December. Hope I can lose it soon! Love the pics!

Amy Powell said...

omg LOVE this. hilarious & I wish we were friends in college, because that would have been some good times :)

Sbisa & the then-open Tomato Bar (I believe that's what the pasta bar in the basement of the commons was called?) definitely made the freshman 15++ come on too. oh well.

Kathleen said...

Bahaha! I just love you. This is hilarious. Makes me so glad we are friends!

Oh and I too could go without anything sweet for the rest of my life. Give me salty and savory any day! :)

put a bow on it [kaitlyn] said...

OK - on that jumping picture - is that at a dorm at SFA? It looks exactly like Hall 17. I think that was the name.

Anyways - I'll bring you feta when we finally meet!

Darby Hawley said...

hehehe I love these random facts about you!!! Guess what!? I had a nose ring for a few years too, and I too, miss the overhead markers waaaaaaaaaa

Niki {Glossy Blonde} said...

I loveeee cheese! I could eat cheese and only cheese for the rest of my life. That, and cupcakes (I DO have a sweet tooth)!

Samantha said...

I'm a new follower! I love posts like these! Can I just say... mmmm feta cheese is amazing! I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who, since starting CrossFit, feels the urge to do push-ups, though my urges lately have been towards random handstands!

Lauren {at} Life.Love.Lauren said...

I take tests backwards as well!! However I do have the biggest sweet tooth ever...

Lauren said...

The lack of sweet tooth is beyond my comprehension. I wish I had that problem! Also, I love that your mouth is wide open in half the pics - you can tell you were really having a great time!

Victoria said...

lol! Fun post :) I have a sweet tooth AND a starch tooth...In other words, double trouble. Oh and as for writing on transparencies, that was one of my teaching dreams too!

elle at wishingoodluck said...

Haha I love these! I gained weight my frist year of law school. I was very certain I wouldn't because I didn't gain weight in undergrad... whoops!

thenerdykatie said...

This post just makes me love you more!

Whitney said...

Girl you are SUCH a skinny mini now!! You seriously crack me up. I'm so glad you're one of my best friends!

Grace said...



Milla said...

So funny! Love the pictures! :)

Katie said...

that permission slip one made me laugh. as did the push ups. ;) I'm jealous of your non sweet tooth. all of mine are sweet teeth!

Kayla said...

You are too sweet! I also ditched a few Alamo field trips in my life - and if we end up back here when my little girl goes to school I will certainly let her miss a couple Alamo field trips.

Memoirs & Mochas

Adrienne @ The Art of Being Black and White said...

Lol!!!! I've literally laughed out loud from start to finish! The rubbish bin is absolutely hilarious and makes me want to now say it! Classic pic with the overturned trash can and red dress! And lol @ pride weight!! Too funny!! I am new follower via bloglovin! Can't wait to read more!

Steph G said...

YES. This is amazing. I take tests backwards and eat salty food obsessively. love these pictures. Happy Friday!

Caitlin Cavallaro said...

Love everything about this... especially the one about not being able to use visa-vi's all the time (I still love them and use them anyways!) And I cannot believe that you don't have a sweet tooth at all, I wish I was you right about now! Love reading stuff like this :) Miss you!

Michelle said...

You are the absolute best.

Johanna said...

You are hilarious. Love reading your blog!
Young teachers in the south unite!!! :)