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1st Anniversary Gift: First Year Cookbook

I am possibly the most nostalgic person on the planet. My mother claims that I will keep a gum wrapper if it has some sentimental meaning (side note she is completely wrong). None the less I will admit to having quite a few sentimental bones in my body, so when it comes time to give gifts--big gifts, like anniversary or birthday, I can go a little over the top for people I care about (read Reese). Our three year anniversary is next Wednesday and because I was not blogging on our first anniversary I am sharing with you the very special gift that I made for me (and if were being honest me)!

We love food. Plain and simple.
We love experimenting, pairing, grilling, baking, savoring, sipping, tasting, and sharing food.
During our first year of dating we lived 5 hours a part and would go weeks in beween visits with so much driving and so little time with each other the kitchen became our hide out. We are a well oiled kitchen machine seamlessly chopping, sautéing, roasting all in perfect unison and somehow in all three years of dating having ZERO arguments in our scared space.  So when the time came around for a first anniversary present I whipped up a little cook book to document our first year of meals and memories!

The book is a combination of recipes, stories, sweet memories and pictures that annotate our first year together! Each recipe has a story from our first year, and an "I love you because..." statement. In total I included 18 recipes, 6 pages of pictures (each to represent a place we visited in our first year) and 3 pages of inside jokes. I keept the recipes in order starting from the first meal we cooked together (Chicken Piccata) to what I made for our anniversary dinner! It is honestly my favorite gift I have ever given! 

I printed each recipe on cardstock (at a local printshop, I find their quality of paper and ink far superior to at home printing) and used a 1/2 inch binder and good quality plastic sheet protectors to ensure each recipe can stand up to the fury that is my kitchen! I used Word to type up the recipes and photoshop elements to create the picture pages (I was still learning photoshop and still kinda cringe when I look at them but 

( I always joke that I couldn't handle spicy food before I started dating a boy from Louisiana... basically it was start liking spicy or starve!)

 Our first anniversary date! Fancy dinner and then out with friends in Shreveport! We look like BABIES! 

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put a bow on it [kaitlyn] said...

STOPPP this is the cutest gift EVER. You are the cutest.

Darby Hawley said...

Meg! This is super sweet! What a great gift! I might have to still this idea lol

Kathleen said...

This is an adorable idea!! You are so creative! I bet he loved it! :) WOO HOO!

Lindsay @ Trial By Sapphire said...

What a great gift! It's perfect, because it is both functional and sentimental. I love it!

Amy G said...

That is absolutely adorable and so creative!!!

Jes said...

Oh Meg, what a wonderful idea! I am sentimental, but I wish I was this creative!

Ari @ The Pace of it All said...

What an awesome idea for an anniversary gift! That is so neat, and I love that you included such sweet personal touches.

Mallory said...

Love this gift idea!! So sweet and thoughtful. And I love that you're dating a Louisiana boy! Happy anniversary :)

xo, Mal
Pastels and Mascara

Kerrie Williams said...

what a CUTE gift! I love this

Allison @ Mrs. Southern Mama said...

SUCH a cute gift idea for your main man! I will have to do something similar!

Unknown said...

this is the cutest! I love this idea

Jess said...

I can't even handle this.
You are THE most thoughtful person on the planet. And you two are absolutely precious.
And I just want to jump in that picture up there and hug y'all.

So so much :)

Anonymous said...

I LOVE this idea! How unique!