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High Five for Friday No. 41

Happy 5 MORE DAYS OF SCHOOL for me. Basically it feels like these last two weeks are going to last FOREVER! Today I will be attempting to keep track of 500 8th graders at a waterpark... aren't you jealous?! I'm pretty sure it will end up more like 20 teachers laying out and praying no one does anything stupid. So while I'm doing that yall can read about my High Five from this week ... 

1. My AMAZING anniversary date! 
Read about that HERE  

2. English Olympics!
In a bid to keep my kids SEMI entertained and still engaged in school I had them participate in the first annual United States of Scholz English Olympics. Even though they complained they just wanted to watch movies they secretly LOVED IT! 

3. Kendra Scott! 
Reese surprised me with the perfect anniversary gift!!! He is really the best gift giver!! 

4. Memorial Day at the Lake! 
Read about that HERE


If you don't hear from me today you can go ahead and assume the kids revolted and we are being held hostage at a water park in Houston don't send help-- SEND WINE! 
Happy Friday!! 

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Kati - Incorporating Color said...

Good luck - you're a brave woman! :)

Amy Powell said...

oh goodness. I did that one summer with 4 & 5 year olds at a daycare I worked for over a summer. It was INSANE. have lots of wine tonight.

put a bow on it [kaitlyn] said...

You need LOTS of wine!

thenerdykatie said...

I feel really ripped off that I didn't get to go to a water park in 8th grade. We went to the community pool. Have fun!

Darby Hawley said...

You're so close to being done with the school year!!!!!!

Courtney B said...

Hooray! The end is in sight! I hope this week flies by for you :)
And I hope you enjoyed the water park and that no one did anything stupid ;)

Unknown said...

Please tell me more about the English Olypmics!! I am an 8th grade English teacher and I would love to hear all about it :)