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High Five for Friday No.40

I don't think I have ever been more excited for a Friday in my life!!! This is the end to a crazy crazy two weeks of "bootcamp" (specialized instruction for kids having to retake our state test) and Resse comes home from a week of traveling (its crazy to think that going weeks at a time with out seeing each other used to be out norm!). I am finally getting back into the swing of things here and as per Friday tradition I am linking up with Lauren for High Five for Friday! 

1. Teacher Appreciation Week: 
AKA feed teachers lots of sugar to get them through the rest of the school year. Thanks to my school and local businesses I totally felt appreciated... my kids had no idea it was teacher appreciation day or week but whatever i'll take the candy and run. 

2. Newborn Session: 
I swore after I attempted to take my sweet nephews newborn that I would never do a newborn sessions again, this sweet girl changed my mind about them! It was beautiful! The pictures make my heart melt!! I cant wait to get them edited and share them with you over on MCP! 

3. 7 months of Working out: 
This week I celebrated 7 months of consistently working out! It is amazing how much stronger and more energized I am. Next on the list... eating habits... JOY!

4. The little things:
With such a trying two weeks I found little ways to celebrate... this weeks celebration a new leopard print phone case! (ps like my middle school bathroom pic!) 

I am so excited for my mommy to get her mothers day present... even if I had to send it at the combination used car lot/taco shop/gas station/post office! (were crossing our fingers it gets to South Carolina!) 

Happy Friday yall! 

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Ari @ The Pace of it All said...

Wow, 7 months that's awesome! Way to go!

Lol, true about teacher appreciation week. Feels like all I got was sugar... I say, as I munch on the twizzlers I got today.

And aw, it feels good when you get someone a mother's day present you're proud of!

Jess said...

7 months GET IT GIIIIRL.
I am a proud blog bestie ova hereeee!

Obviously you know how I feel about #2.

#4 is the reason "hot teacher" came up in your search terms.
Just sayin.
And I want to steal that phone case.


Rachel said...

#1--it was Nurses Appreciation Week, too, so I totally feel ya. We had treats and chips and snack out the wazoo. Last thing I need!!! But we DO appreciate you, so much :)
So proud of you working out like a beast...that's amazing! I really need to get back into that's ridiculous how good you feel! Hope your weekend is fabulous, honey pie! You deserve some rest and relaxation :)

Lindsay @ Trial By Sapphire said...

7 months! That's awesome, Meg! Keep going! WAHOO!

Also, cheers to your weekend. I can only imagine how much you want to sleep and drink wine. And then sleep some more. And kiss Reese.

Meg O. said...

You are a beast!! Congrats on 7 months of great working out! And apparently everyone at my school missed the memo that it was Teacher Appreciation Week because we got.... nothing. Not even an email. STAAR is more important, duh!

Anonymous said...

Love your new phone case!

I can only imagine what I will feel like after working out for 7 months consistently! You're inspiring :)

Jes said...

Happy 7 months! I love working out and couldn't imagine what I would do with all of my spare time if I stopped! I would seriously be bored since boyfriend doesn't live here, and the majority of my friends are married and don't like to hang out. like ever.

Amber said...

7 months is amazing!! I need to find your determination somewhere!

Have a great weekend, Meg! :)

Darby Hawley said...

Oh my heavens! That little angel newborn is stunning! You are SO great at capturing beautiful moments in life!

Whitney H said...

Seven months?! That's so awesome! I seriously wish I could do that. You are a beast.

Sarah said...

Good job your working out!! We've been much more consistent with it since last fall and it's amazing how great it can make you feel. And look forward to it!