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Texts to My Best Friend

Well you see, I took a vacation. Now I use the term vacation very loosely because my vacation consisted of well pretty much anything that you would not this actually happens on vacation... like cleaning, and teaching snotty summer school kids, and starting (and then unceremoniously stopping) cleaning out my closet. 
The truth is it always takes me a little while to adjust to summer (aka no blogging for three weeks, gasp, I know you missed me) I know what you are thinking "girl, like how much do you have to adjust to? Bikini, drink, pool. Lather, rinse repeat." Alas it does in fact take some time. For some adjustment means clearing your mind of all things for me adjustment means texting my best friend,KatieBeth, all of the meaningless things that can now take up space in my brain because I do not have to make up (err I mean carefully plan out) a lesson plan on my way to school. 

Let me demonstrate...

I text her ALL and I do mean ALL of my dressing room selfies. Shopping via iMessage which is basically the best feature of my phone, well except maybe the fact I can call for a pizza in the middle of class Zach Morris style. 
Also on a side note when I got to the register this dress only ended up being $10. Let's hope she wasn't lying and I do in fact not look 400lbs in it. 

 I text her screen shots or links from Buzz Feed at least 56 times a day. These gems are from fathers day Buzz Feeds lists on the Hottest TV Dads. Personally I think Christopher Hayden should be way higher on the list (although for the record I am, and will always be, team Luke).

I text her IMPORTANT pop culture BREAKING NEWS, in case you were wondering Kimye's baby falls into both categories. 

 And obviously if Kimye is important than a GROSS oversite of basic Real Housewives of Orange Country trivia is totally textable.  
Side note: This article is from BuzzFeed (told you I average 56 screen shots from their a day) about Tamara Barney's Wedding to Eddie. Her dress is KILLER, Vicki's dress is NOT. They have also not fixed the naming error despite the 6824624 loyal fans gently correcting them. 

annnnnnnd that is my summer so far. Heres to hoping I can pull it together and spend some more time at the pool drink in hand and bikini in the sun ... all while texting KatieBeth. 

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Lindsay @ Trial By Sapphire said...

Seriously, where would we be without smart phones? NOWHERE.

Ari @ The Pace of it All said...

Uh, I totally tweet my changing room selfies because my best friends have little babies and can't be trusted to respond to my texts immediately. I am in need of some more reliable, smart phone addicted friends stat!

Team Luke all the way! Christopher was nice til he turned into a jerk.

Oh and PS, that dress looks adorable on you.

thenerdykatie said...

I am constantly texting buzzfeed stuff lol. I freaking love that site. What do you bet Kim K calls her spawn Kadi or Kadie for short? I'm gonna be pissed.

put a bow on it [kaitlyn] said...

Oh my goodness this makes me so excited for you to come over tonight. I'm not letting you leave.

Michelle said...

Wait wait wait. Eddie and Tamra finally got married?! I can't wait to creep. Also, puke on Alexis (aka Jesus Jugs). She's the worst.

I love your dress!

Bree said...

Sounds like a fabuloussss beginning of summer to me! And also, we need to have a blogger pool party!

Team Luke, always!!! <3

Amy G said...

Thank God for iPhones and awesome convos with besties :) Yay for you having for me not!

Sally said...

Glad you are getting into the groove of summer! Enjoy.