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2013 Bedroom Redo

Let me start with a confession, I LOVE to redecorate my room. Every year in college I repainted, rearranged and repurposed my room. 4 colors/styles and 4 years later the bug was not out of my system... clearly. I mentioned a few posts back that I moved a lot as a kid and with each of those moves I BEGGED my parents to let me paint my room, normally I got the "well see". I would spend days drawing and dreaming up designs-- clouds painted on the celling, one wall turned entirely into a message board, idea after idea (and to think these were the days BEFORE Pinterest). I never got to do any of them (yeah, yeah I know mom I'll add it to my therapy bill).

I was obsessed then and I am obsessed now... except now I CAN DO WHAT EVER I WANT TO MY ROOM (with in the confines of my lease that I am sure was written by the devil himself). So when I resigned my lease and realized that I would be in this space for at least another 365+ days I decided to once again redo my bedroom. 
I used things I already had from previous redesign venturers, a few coats of spray paint on what I had just laying around, as well as a few new items to add some color! 
I bought exactly 4 new things (see above) --redecorating gets expensive! Everything accept the lamp from Hobby Lobby-- all available online! The lamp I picked up from Home Goods... which is equally as addicting as Hobby Lobby. 

 Where my chest of drawers is now I had a oversized chair taking up space and becoming a catch all of well... ALL of my stuff. Bags, clothes, shoes, bills... you name it and I am sure it took up residence in "the chair". When the chair got the boot and went on to another loving family via Goodwill I was left with an awkward amount of space. Lightbulb moment... enter my dressing area. I TRY (operative word being try) to plan my outfits out the night before because as a wise tweet I read today reads; 
"In the morning, there's a huge difference between waking up at 6:55am and 7:00am."
(Sidebar: I do in fact get up earlier than 7:00... on most days)
 Jasmine Star is COMPLETELY right. I needed a space that was not only functional but would appeal to my sense of "oh pretty, I guess I should get out of bed".

 I used 3M hooks, decorative frames I had from my first attempt at a gallery wall (praise the lord I did not blog in 2009, it was a disaster), and my pride and joy pure glittered deer antlers to create depth and texture. 

 Glittered Deer antlers, you ask? 
Yes, AND THEY ARE AWESOME (Reese does not think so, but this is not his room so HA).

 Fun fact, my school is in the COUNTRY like the check-your-truck-for-knives-and-guns-you-might-have-accidentally-left-from-hunting kind of country. Around Christmas time I was browsing though some blogs and found that Jessica had done a post about deer antlers and the cute things people women were doing with them. I casually asked some of my boys I knew were avid hunters where I could get a pair of antlers-- they few out some suggestions but really didn't give me an answer (shocker). The next day I walked in to my room to find a set on my desk with big Merry Christmas note. So basically my students rock. Then I proceeded to glitter them and they disowned me. 

(THIS is what this looked like before)
 The original ledge/bottle/banner/canvas thing (so technical) was one of my favorite things in my room, BUT none the less it was ready for a change as well. I kept the same basic premis. Put a new coat of white paint on the ledge to freshen up the original 1908 farmhouse green, replaced the shutter with a canvas and rehung the banner. And I am in love with it (pun intended). 
"Love you More" pillow// Cynthia Rowley Comforter (Similar)
 Throw pillows bother the heck out of me, there I said it, I can hear Southern Living taking me off there mailing list as I type. They are also essential to design-- design won out. I really like that I choose to do three different pattered and colors to add interest (also I want you to think I intentionally did that when in actuality the store only had one of each pillow... just keeping it real around here). I picked up my comforter at Home Goods 2 years ago because it was "a blank canvas with some interest" and it is actually they only comforter I have had for a consecutive 2 years. You go pleated comforter. 
Ah, my beloved old camera collection how I love thee. I love thee so much I wrote you a haiku 

Most of you dont work,
but that is ok with me 
you are still pretty.

And last but not least the accessory hub. Having both my earrings and necklaces on one cork board was getting a bit crowed (gee thank Bauble Bar), so when I ran across these cork board letters that just happen to magically be my initials I thought they would be a perfect home for my earrings! Again, monograms for the win! 

And that concludes the tour of my 2013 bedroom redo, join us next year where I may finally paint those clouds on the celling thirteen year old me desperately needed! 

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Unknown said...

Oh my gosh, I'm obsessed with it all! So so cute! Cracking up about the antler story too! And, your jewelry storage is adorable, I want to so that!! Joel may not let me though- ha! Great job, I'm so impressed!!!

Amy Powell said...

love the idea of a dressing area! all my clothes end up on top of my dresser, just staring at me... our bedroom is the smallest in the house and the least decorated. may have to take some inspiration from you!

Meg O. said...

I just LOVE your room!! It's so cute and unique!!! I also love the dressing area -- I am always laying out my outfit the night before so that would be perfect!

Bre said...

That dressing area is brilliant. Just brilliant.

Sara Elizabeth said...

Um I'm obsessed w the glitter antlers! As a hunter, I'm sure Bryan would be thrilled with me trying to glitter up one of his deer!! I basically need a jewelry display area like that. Love the easy use of cork boards for that!

Brittany said...

Your room is ADORABLE. Come re-do mine. Or my whole house, actually.

Victoria said...

That looks great! I'll confess I'm not crazy about all these antlers, even when they've been covered in glitter. Years ago my family vacationed in Montana a few times...I saw enough antlers and pinecones and log furniture to be done with that FOREVER! lol...

BUT, the bed, the dressing area, the cameras, the jewelery wall, and the colors - LOVE!

Helene in Between said...

omg please come over to my house asap!!! this looks incredible! so girly and chic. perfect!

Niki {Glossy Blonde} said...

I love it! That blue dresser is great, and the throw pillows on the bed are so pretty!

Kati - Incorporating Color said...

I love that your kids gave you antlers! HILAARIOUS. That's our school mascot (stupid, right?!?) - but my kids aren't big into hunting, so I don't think they have pairs lying around. :)

Darby Hawley said...

Love your bedroom! Like seriously, everything about it is adorable!

Jess said...

So can I just come live in your cute room? I'M OBSESSED.
Share some of your creative juices with your blog bestie please? Pretty please? :)


Amy G said...

Oh I love how crisp and clean your bedroom is! I want to redo our master and make it mostly white with touches of black/brown/tan/other neutral colors (clearly a decorating technical term). But every time I get started, I get stuck. I just can't find the comforter I want and we know that is important. Especially since my king size bed is clearly the focal point!

Sarah said...

This is SO stinkin cute! I love every inch of it!! Your clothes hanging, the glitter antlers, the cork board. All of it, you nailed it!!

Unknown said...

Your room is absolutely adorable! The 3M hooks idea is brilliant! I just graduated from college and still have some leftover, I now have use for them :)

Whitney said...

Seriously in love with this!!! I absolutely love your bed frame. It's so pretty.

Amber said...

Okay, this is precious. I love it all. Come re-do my bedroom? :)

Caitlin Cavallaro said...

LOVE LOE LOVE LOOOVE ALL OF THIS! Especially the hooks where you hang your clothes! What a freaking genius idea! ... I may just have to copy you ;) I agree with Amber, can you puuuh-leez come style my bedroom (actually, my whole house...)

Unknown said...

What I love the most about your room is that it exudes so much personality. Showing your room is like allowing us to know you even better. And that's some talent you have there! The white paint indeed is lovely. It made your room more relaxing to the eyes and to the senses. Good job!
Leeanne @ Pro Master