High Five For Friday No. 42

Its been a while since I have had a week that was HF4F worthy! Honestly, I think I am ready for school to start back up! I have recovered (or well at least attempted to) recover from summer school and am now craving the structure of a school year. Starting today I am on a whirl wind trip of South Carolina and Central Texas-- ya know ending summer with a BANG! 

** these are massively out of chronological order
1. #LegroomJACKPOT: When I boarded the plane --a little late oops, the very front seat of the plane was open and I got to fly with my legs fully stretched out in front of me for the whole 2 hour flight. It was GLORIOUS. 

2. Purple Peplum Perfection: I bought a purple peplum. I am now never wearing another shirt again. Thanks for visiting.

3. Role Reversal: Normally when an adult child goes to their parents house they can't wait for their mamas home cooking. In this house my parents can't wait for ME to cook dinner. My family is weird. Great, but weird. 

4. So Fresh: I am obsessed with Farmers Markets. My dad and I hit one up after I landed in SC (3rd best in the nation-- Charlotte told me that, she's a local) basically any fruit or vegetable is better in a cute woven wooden basket. FACT. 

5. Friend SURPRISES: Kaitlyn and A are the bestest friends ever and surprised me with a vintage camera for my collection. Think I have enough? Nah-- me either!  

BONUS HIGH FIVE: Look up at the URL ^^... yep thats right this girl got her own .com #ballin
Reese is the bestest boyfriend ever and helped (aka did it all) me make the switch! Yay moving up in the blog world! 

Now my mom and I are going to get mani pedis and shop for things we don't need. Happy FRIDAY! 

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Jess said...

Ahhh OBSESSED with that peplum top...you've converted me! I've been on the fence as to whether I wanted to buy one and no I HAVE TO. You look fab.

Also...so excited about your new URL. You're such a big deal!

Have fun shopping with mommaaaa :)

the girl in the red shoes said...

Seriously, how cute are you in that top!!!! And I love that your family gets excited for you to cook for them...so sweet!

Kati - Incorporating Color said...

Have a ton of fun on your vacation! And that peplum is super cute! :)

Darby Hawley said...

wahoooo you're a dot com!!!! I love that peplum on you too :-)

Unknown said...

I love that you're never wearing another "shit" again!!! Yay! Hehehe! You are THE CUTEST. I can hardly stand it. YAY for your own .com! xoxo!

Caitlin Cavallaro said...

YAYAYAYA for having your own site... You are a biiiig deal now :) Miss you!

complexion perfection said...

That is terrific!!!!!! You have a dotcom! Love it! You certainly earned that one. Love the top too btw.... Enjoy the fam! xoxo

Whitney said...

You'll never wear another 'shit' again, eh? =P

Kathleen said...

I cant remember the last time I linked up for High 5 for Friday!

Hope you have a fantastic time in South Carolina before its back to school time! WOO HOO! (For both of us. AH!)

And I am so jealous you have a super smart bf who got you your own domain. I tried and failed. womp womp.

LOVE YA! We need to have our phone date soon! :)

Meg O. said...

Please tell me that the title of this blog post is meant to be "high five fro friday". Because that is amazing.

Also, you're cute. And you're so professional with your new URL!

Sarah said...

I am going to need the details on that peplum but it's amazing and you are adorable in it!!

Congrats on the .com!!

Callie {FirstComesLove} said...

A peplum top is on my to-do list! It's going to happen one of these days. So very cute on you!