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The Tips and Tricks of Styling Sessions

There was a point in college that I was so fed up with my wardrobe that I wore t-shirt and running for like 6 weeks straight... which if you know me at all is SO NOT NORMAL (even in college). Recently I was feeling like I was getting in one of those wardrobe ruts again-- you know the kind, the kind that make you scream "I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR" and wear t-shirts and running shorts for 6 weeks straight. Yeah aren't those viable options anymore clothes are required for work and running shorts aren't and option (except if you are a coach... but don't get me started on that soap box), I needed to figure something else. 

Solution: Hire Lauren from Lauren Elizabeth for her virtual styling skills. 
(This is where I would show you a screen shot of video chatting with her, but its all snapchat like and sends them a message that you took a screen shot and I didn't want to be creepy). I learned A LOT though out our session. I also had NO idea how to prepare. So please allow me to share...

How to have a Virtual Styling Session: 

1. Get out of the closet: You've got to actually pull your clothes out. Sometimes you forget about pieces that have been hiding out of sight for years-- I had an AWESOME black blazer that I had forgotten about! 

2.  Pieces not outfits: I both physically and mentally separated my wardrobe in tops, skirts,dresses, and pants. Decide which category is most important to you and focus there. I decided to start with skirts because several skirts that were one-trick-ponies. Lauren helped me open my mind to mixing patterns and colors. 

3. High Vis= High Results: One of the downsides of a virtual styling session is the stylist cant see, touch and feel all of the options available. In order to get the most out of the session they have to see as much as possible in the frame of the chat to get a sense of your style and what they have to work with. I chose to use my dressing area as a backdrop and a large window to "display" my tops. Lauren could see possibilities by calling out the colors that she saw!

4. Don't Try it on-- You know how your clothes fit. If there is something you have not worn in a while try it on before you get into your session. A virtual styling session is a lot about opening your mind to new combinations not necessarily new pieces. Just holding the clothes up together you and your stylist can see if they will work together -- no need to try it on during the session. 

5. Open Minded: I had a pretty open mind when I "met" with Lauren. I was totally ok when we put a outfit together that involved neon and royal blue and all sorts of other colors--something that is totally out of my comfort zone! An open mind is the key to having a successful styling session

6. Photo Finish: When you are done meeting with your stylist TAKE PICTURES of the outfits that yall have come up with. Honestly we came up with so many combinations that I wanted to be able remember all of them... so I broke out my camera and snapped away and keep them in a folder on my computer that I can always access for inspiration! 

Lessons from Lauren

1. Be colorful: In this outfit the colors work together to balance each other out over competing with each other because the blue is saturated. Lesson: Pair bright colors with more saturated jewel tones

2. Blazer it: The white dress in this outfit is SUPER girly and really makes me feel young. I love the dress but haven't been able to wear it and not feel like one of my students. Lauren suggested I pair it with my j. crew school boy blazer. Wa-la instant more mature! 
Lesson: A blazer can age (in a good way) any outfit!
3. Patterns, OH MY: Wearing more than one pattern is SCARY. This outfit work because of the size difference in the two pattens. The green top has a tiny polkadot pattern that compare very well with the big bold navy stripe.
Lesson: Don't be afraid to mix patterns, just be aware of the pattern size!

Clearly I had a busy afternoon! 
Over all I AM SO GLAD that I decided to hire Lauren to take a peek into my closet. I honestly feel like I have a whole new wardrobe with out having to brave the middle school infested mall. I cant wait until school starts again so I can wear some of my "new" outfits!

Find out about her virtual styling sessions HERE  

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Hannah said...

This is so cool! thanks for sharing!
Champagne Lifestyle on a Beer Budget

Hannah said...

Those are some good tips. Might have to start thinking about having a virtual styling session of my very own. Thanks for sharing!

Hannah from I am a lifestyle blog

Victoria said...

Love this idea and your tips! I'm deffinitely in a rut...I have go to outfits and then maxi dresses and shrugs on major repeat right now. If I have a rare day where I don't have anywhere to go, it's been tshirts and running shorts. :/

I forgot how helpful it can be to purposely take time to "restyle" when you aren't trying to get dressed! My friends and I used to restyle each others' closests and it was always sooo much fun and sooo helpful.

Whitney said...

I absolutely love the outfits that she came up with! You'll look adorable in any/all of them!

Sara Elizabeth said...

That is so cool! I feel like I need to actually bulk up on more colors period before I could do this!! My closet is 50% black, 50% color and nowhere near enough skirts and dresses! Love the outfits she came up with though!

Lindsay @ Trial By Sapphire said...

You always look great, Meg, but it's awesome that Lauren could help you come up with even more outfit options! I adore you both.

Little Tree Vintage said...

love this idea, so inspiring to do in my own closet! xo

Niki {Glossy Blonde} said...

I've been dying to have a virtual styling session but kind of wondered what they were all about! Thank you so much for posting this! So fun!