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Point Counter Point: Online Shopping

One of the reasons I love Whitney from The Observant Turtle is how we can be so similar but so different at the same time. Making friends as an adult is such uncharted territory for most of us. We are all used to being friends with people we have either known our whole (or most) of our lives or those we share similar interests and ideas with. When we start to make friends as an adult most of the time we have to start branching out and realizing not everyone is exactly like us.  I will always be so thankful for Whit for being my first real "adult friendship"(but really can I be an adult? I am wearing blue nail polish and listening to Taylor Swift!) and not being exactly like me. With all that said Whit and I are going to be doing a few posts that highlight some of our differences... so with out further adu here is our first Point-Counter-Point post...

I am the girl with a full shopping cart on practically every online shopping website just waiting for that "40% off" or "Free Shipping" to come rolling into my inbox. I swear by online shopping, like hand on the bible or a Kardashian saying "bible". I am a bargain shopper by nature, but I also know what I want, so basically I am a girl--really specific and really difficult, cool. I love the versatility, savings, and variety, plus a visit from a man in a brown van is never a bad thing. 

Reasons I Love Online Shopping 

1. Deals: Once I find an item I can't live without I can monitor when it drops in price or has a %off that makes it worth it. I keep a open cart on my frequently shopped stores where I can quickly snap up the deals when they come across my inbox.

2. Frequency: There is ALWAYS a deal somewhere, which is a major pro and a major con. To keep my clicking finger at bay I limit my email notification to a select number of stores.

3. Variety: Most of the stores I order from (minus j. crew/factory) are stores I would otherwise never be able to physically go to because I don't have one close to me or they exist solely online. Many online stores have sizes and colors that they do not have or are out of in stores.

4. Mail: There is really nothing better than having a package welcoming you home. We all love a little snail mail love.

Favorite Online Stores

 Here are two of my favorite completely bought online outfits! Most of it is from j. crew factory.
tiered lack tank (similar)/pleated crinkle chiffon skirt/yellow mod bib (similar)

Wide Striped Mini/Classic Chambray/ Neon Crystal Fan Necklace

Go check out WHITNEY's Counter point!

Are you an online shopper? Where are your favorite places to but from?
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Jess said...

Ohhh girl.
Online shopping will be the death of me. Well my bank account, but you get me. I'm out of control. But at least I wait for that sale email, too right? ;)

Obsessed with that first outfit you posted. Come dress meeee!


Lauren said...

I love Amazon for random things that I don't feel like dealing with (iPad case, craft paper, heat protectant spray in an aerosol can) but for clothes, I can't do it! I have to TOUCH clothes and see the colors and try them on (ick). I wish I could online shop for clothes because then my closet would be much more full!

And please tell me you are using ebates. If you aren't, you will kick yourself for eternity and please let me send you an invite!

put a bow on it [kaitlyn] said...

I agree with Lauren, if you aren't using it, you may cry. $83 bucks this year is what I've made so far!!

Bre said...

Im with Whit and prefer in person shopping but I forgot to tell her that I love the idea of this series!!!

Amber said...

LOVE that striped skirt, so cute!

Lindsay @ Trial By Sapphire said...

Love you girls and miss you terribly!

I know you're the queen of online shopping, but I'm so worried to do it, because I feel like it is so hard to find clothes that fit my body. I know we're probably the same size, but I've got some weird proportions, I guess!

Alexandra Bee Blog said...

I am SO picky in a dressing room. I literally will take 10 things in to try on and come out with nothing. Therefore, I don't shop online much, unless it's something that's on a mega sale I can't resist or something that I know for sure the size and fit of!

Darby Hawley said...

I hear ya girl! Me too! I love to shop online! I just told Whitney that I don't think I've been shopping (like in a store) in well over a year! Online is so easy and convenient and I can do it in my pjs!

Unknown said...

I love me some online shopping! You're style is so cute! Love that black and white skirt!

Jess at Just Rainbows and Butterflies said...

I love sites like Piperlime-free shipping and free returns! That's the only way I can online shop just because I'm frugal and picky when it comes to clothes and shipping prices.

complexion perfection said...

That first blue necklace is exquisite!

nicole s. said...

i love both of these outfits so much. i would definitely wear them both and then forget to put jewelry on. i'm an avid online shopper (the sales are just so good!), but i think i need to start investing more into statement jewelry pieces i can use to pump up my outfits.

love your blog and i can't wait to meet you at txsc!

xo nicole