Snack Obsession: Lesser Evil Chia Crisps

I have mentioned here a few times that I am not a sweets girl. I mean don't get me wrong if you put a slice of cheesecake down in front of me I'd eat it-- I would hate to be rude, but this "sweet tooth" people speak of I have NO frame of reference. I think the last time I actually got a slice of cake at a wedding was three years ago. Before you go applauding me on my amazing self control  I must make a confession to you about my unbridled NEED for salt in my life. I can eat a whole bag of potato chips in one episode of Real Housewives, I can eat ALL my Chick-Fil-A fries before I get home, and I can even (and been known too) eat all the salt from the bottom of the pretzel bag (by the way just because I CAN do all these things dosen't necessarily actually do... well on a regular basis). Clearly I love me the savory side of life. 

It is pretty much a regular occurrence that I feel INCREDIBLY guilty about my salty snack intake which is why I am always on the hunt for healthy salty snacks. 

I picked them up at my local grocery store (HEB for you Texas people, the rest of you I feel sorry for your poor HEB-less souls) intrigued by the well designed packaging, flavor (Dill Pickle chips are the way to my heart, but very hard to find), and STUPID amount of health benefits. I only bought one package (um MISTAKE) because I had played the "I am tasty and healthy" game before and had been doped -fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.   
When I ate my first black bean and chia seed chip it was MAGIC I tell you, pure unadulterated MAGIC. I immediately regretted only buying one bag and resisted the urge to get back in my car and go buy another bag. Ignoring that urge turned out the be a HUGE mistake. My appite had been wet for Dill Pickle Chia crips and when I went back to the store they had exactly ONE bag left, but it was Southern BBQ.  I decided not to discriminate-- I like Southern BBQ too.  
Look at all those health benefits...
All Natural
Gluten Free
Low Glycemic
Cholesterol Free
Good Source of Fiber
Socially Responsible
Not Genetically Modified 
Empty Calorie Free 
No artificial preservatives 
No Milk Hormones 

**As seen on Dr. Oz (I mean just sayin) 

After I, or scratch that Reese and his slightly intoxicated friends, finished off my last bag of BBQ after a wedding I was ON THE HUNT to get my hands on some more bags of these. I went as far as almost buying them on Amazon and paying EIGHT DOLLARS for shipping FOR A BAG OF CHIPS. Yall, that is how great these things are. 
Point is these chips are LEGIT and if you see them you should really pick up a bag.... or 12 (like I did when my grocery store restocked). They are the perfect healthy snack. The grocery store also told me that if I talked to the grocery manager he could order them for me (so I didn't have to pay shipping), just an idea for those who are wooed by the health benefits, my recommendation and the design nerd packaging!  

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Lesser Evil has no clue who I am, I am simply a girl who almost paid $8 shipping on ONE bag of chips.


Anonymous said...

Dill pickle, you say? DILL PICKLE? And I have a dill pickle addiction and don't live in Texas so I can't get these precious babies without paying shipping?

Well, balls. That sucks, because I'm about to eat my computer screen in an effort to get your chips. Omnomnomnom.

Unknown said...

They have a store locator on their website (linked at the bottom of the post)! I just typed in a Charlotte (generic, I dont know YOUR zip code-- that would be creepy) and there are roughly 3769 stores that sell them in Charlotte!!!

Jessica said...

I live in one of the only areas of Texas that doesn't have an HEB! Wah! Dang you, West Texas! I've heard whispers there might be one coming soon though, so maybe I can get in on this goodness before long. :)

Amy G said...

Oh those sound so yummy! I'm thinking I may need to go pick those up!!! I love snacks :)

Anonymous said...

Those look amazing!!!!! I don't know if it's something to be proud of but I have a trader joes addiction and was able to spot their bag holding all of your chip bags. I have a yeast allergy as well as dairy and gluten sensitivities. This post may or may not (definitely the first) have made my week!

Darby Hawley said...

Hmmm I've never heard of these but clearly I've got to try them!

PS- pretty pictures, as always ;-)

Amber said...

I need those dill pickle chips, stat.

I'm the same - more of a salty girl than a sweets girl. I crave it!

Whitney said...

Dill pickle chips? Need these now!

I totes don't get your non-sweet tooth thing. I think you might not be human.

Meg O. said...

I am totes reading this at midnight and I totally want to EAT ALL THE CHIA CHIPS.

R's Rue said...

These look so good!

nightgale said...

I have been a LesserEvil Snacks fan for awhile now. EVERY of of their snacks are delicious! They have the Chia Crisps above but so many other kinds. Their Veggie Krinkle Sticks are my very favorite but the Chia Pop Popcorn is awesome too and both come in lots of flavors. Try them. You won't be sorry! Check out the LesserEvil Snacks page here on Facebook where you can score free snacks in their contests if you participate. :)

Unknown said...

We posted your awesome article on our FB page! Thank you for the love... it means so much to us!

Unknown said...

We posted this on our LesserEvil fb page... thanks guys for the love! Right back at you!