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High Five For Friday No. 43

So i'm not gonna lie this week i've been a little blog drunk from all the awesomeness of the Texas Style Council weekend (oh wait, you didn't know I went?... you must be new or blind, cause i'm making myself sick hearing about it). Today I have to go to a training on data and statistics-- um, did anyone look at my high school math scores, how did I get volunteered for this? If they ask me to add i'm walking out... I TEACH ENGLISH people. Anyway while I am intently listening to the presenter (aka pinning crap on to my "classroom" Pinterest board--I mean it's kinda like professional development, right?) you all can read about my fabulous week a la Lauren from Lauren Elizabeth! 

1. Brother-- On my way up to Austin I got to see my little brother (and stop at the outlet mall in the town where he goes to school). We talked, hung out and didn't fight so over all i'm gonna call it a win. Go Family! 
** Apparently I've inspired him to start a blog... it's about skateboarding stuff but hey, he can't say I never did anything for him. 

2. PROM-- The second chance prom at TxSC was one of my favorite parts of the entire conference. I didn't go to my senior prom from a myriad of reasons, but I would say that this prom was way better... cause I got free stuff. I mean who else gets free stuff at their real prom? (now after prom that is a different story) 

3. Holden Boy-- I got to see my cute nephew. Basically he learns all his posing skills from me. 
(Katiebeth, I plan on collecting royalties if he ever breaks into the baby modeling world and steals my pose again. K? Cool) 

4. The Aforementioned FREE STUFF-- I came home from TxSC with 4 new pieces for my wardrobe! Don't worry they will all be coming to a fashion post near you... as in right here on my blog... assuming I can figure out how to work my new camera remote or con Reese into taking pictures (ice cream normally does the trick... for Reese that is ... not the remote, I haven't figured out the remotes guilty pleasure yet-- i'll keep ya posted) 

5. 99 Problems but a Baby a'int One: I went to Megan from Greetings from Texas' book signing with Kaitlyn and I have a few things to thank her for 
A. Making me laugh-cry so hard (where you are laughing so hard you cry) my roommate now thinks I am mental. 
B. Not helping me convince the 8th graders that I teach that "a'int" is not a real world. 
C. Having champs and cupcakes at the signing. 
D. Basically being kick ass. 
If you don't go purchase this book now I'm going to kick you in the shins, it's that good... not the kicking you in the shins part... the book part. Ugh. my threats are lame. Anyway you get the point, go buy the book you'll thank me later... or one page in, either or. 

and with that if you need me I will be reading your blogs instead of listing to people talk about numbers. Peace. 

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Niki {Glossy Blonde} said...

You got fashion swag?! That's awesome! I can't wait to see!

Katie Ann said...

New follower from the Link Up. Professional development was made for pinning. What do they expect with bring your own technology?

Lindsay @ Trial By Sapphire said...

Yay! To all of that! Love you!

Greetings from Texas! said...

Thanks for threatening everyone on my behalf. That's real friendship right there and I appreciate it.

Unknown said...

Yay! I'm so glad you enjoyed TxSC so much! I was there too. :) Already ready for the next one!

thenerdykatie said...

I looooovvvveeeee the name Holden, if I didn't follow family tradition with P I would have really pressed for Holden.

Allison said...

Pinning things for your classroom on Pinterest is definitely Professional Development! Haha. I've done that many a time myself. :)