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Oh hey Merry Mommas!!!

These are the Merry Mommas, Katy and Cindy. These two ladies are quite fabulous and they have come up with equally fabulous idea. Katy was my activity adviser
 in college and subsequent roll model. For the last 6 years I have always admired the way she has raised and photographed her family. I follow her blog The Queen of the Kings and then blog stalk her bestie Cindy who blogs over at Hot Mess Munsons and always ooh and aw over the creative memories they creates for gtheir  kiddos! The ultimate culmination of creative juice and pictures is the Christmas card. Katy and Cindy went in search of a place to find and share their creative ideas for their families Christmas cards (because lets be honest Christmas cards are the adult version of show and tell and no one wants to show up empty handed). They couldn't find one, so these industrious mommas created one their self.

Your Merry Mailbox

Your Merry Mailbox is a place that will "bring you inspiration, ideas, charming examples, and lots more that will make your mailbox merry all year long."-- um hey good idea!

Read about Katy's Christmas Card HERE

Read about Cindy's Card HERE

Aren't these the most creative mommas out there!!! And look at those PRECIOUS kiddos!
These precious momma's are offering one of my EM readers a GREAT opportunity to have a Card (not just Christmas) consultation and all you have to do is leave a comment on one of the Your Merry Mailboxes posts letting them know you came over from Everyday Meg! 

And trust me after watching these families grow and take the most fabulous pictures ever I would trust no one else with the fate of my adult show and tell ;)

Here is a picture of Katy and I from my Junior year in college (please ignore the short hair--shudder and frosted lip gloss- double shudder)... she's pretty great 

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The Queen said...

Thanks, Meg!! You are so sweet to share the merry!! Have fun this weekend!
ps. Emmy was in my stomach in that pic! :)