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Seasons of Life: The Fall Weekend

As long as I can remember the weekends in August through December has been my "busy" season. In High School, it was all about twirling practice, football games and competitions. College was all about football games and tailgating and more football games (and the occasional study session). The years since college have been either about driving to see Reese or driving with Reese somewhere. My relationship with fall weekends is actually pretty exhausting-- fun, but exhausting. This fall has been a new kind of busy--which is saying a lot because we are only a couple weekends into it. One that, if I am being honest, has not been my favorite type of busy. Tears have been shed, time has elapsed faster than in that stupid Justin Timberlake movie, friendships have been neglected and I am not proud of any of it. I mentioned to Reese that I think that God has purposely changed the make up of our Fall in preparation for a new season. I have no clue what that new season has in store, but if I have learned anything about life's changing seasons I know that it will be a season full of excitement and struggle. 

This weekend allowed me to sit back and look at life though a different lens-- some perspective if you will, and prepare for the enviable change in season. Each thing I did allowed me to remember a little something that is so vital in life. 

Make time for Friends: 

Sunday I got to meet up with these two beauties, Kaitlyn and Ashley, for a little bit of shopping. Honestly it made my heart so happy to having a little girl time (and finally meeting Ashley!). I remembered pretty quickly that these stolen afternoons of getting together with girl friends are pretty dang important. I am thankful that our weird outlet of spilling our guts on the internet has brought such fun, loving and pretty people into my life.  

Take a Break: 

Sunday morning it monsooned in Houston and Reese was again working his little tail off on a big work project, so I snuggled up with my pretend dog (Technically it is Reese's roommates dog, but she likes me the most) and a cup of coffee and took a break. I mentally decompressed and let it be "ok" I wasn't working on my 45968 item to-do list. 

Do Things for Others:

Saturday my two passions merged at my school's Homecoming dance where I was the Homecoming photographer. At first I wasn't thrilled at the idea of spending one of my aforementioned "busy" fall weekends at the dance, but it ended up being one of my favorite things I have done as a teacher. As I finished one group's picture a little girl made the comment "I can't believe I get to have a professional picture!". Oh how quickly we forget that what seems like no big deal to us can be a huge deal for someone else. 

Keep Loving:

With out getting into the gazillion little details there has been a lot going on with Reese--hence his absence on the blog and other social media outlets (he actually probably prefers that). This weekend was a nice little reminder that life and relationships are not always about date nights and cutesy stuff you see in movies, but about loving where ever they are.
(and yes we are fine-- no breaking up here, he knows too many of my passwords)

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Urban Decay Make Over Event

The other day when I buzzed into Ulta (ok, ok I didn't buzz... I lingered, hoping millions of magic make up dollars to magically appear in my wallet) I started a casual conversation with a guy working the Urban Decay section. Turns out he works for Urban Decay so while he was buttering me up (thanks for all the compliments buddy) he mentioned UD was having a free make over day and I should make an appointment. Considering he had me at "free" I made an appointment and then promptly forgot. While watching my Aggies play Alabama, I got a call reminding me of my appointment. When I thought about it I realized that there really isn't any better way to spend a Saturday in the South than college football and a free makeover at halftime ( I only missed 2 minutes of the 2nd quarter and 3 mins of the 3rd, timing ladies, timing). I loved the final look and can't wait to use some of the tips my sweet make up artist suggested! 

Hover over the image to see product placement

Tips from the Urban Decay Make Up Artist:

  • Stick concealer is best at under eye concealing, other wise use a concealer brush will keep concealer out of fine lines (which BTW you can see some of my fine lines in this picture and it is FREAKING ME OUT)
  • Use black shadow over eyeliner to create a softer line.
  • Contour with bronzer under cheek bone, the outline of the face and under the jaw line. 
  • Use a tissue to create a more even line with the darker outer colors.
  • Use black shadow to line the "little c" of the outer eye for a smoky effect (great for turning a "daytime" look into a "nighttime" look)

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Deep Breath, I'll Survive: Tips to Relieve Stress

I should have known when my devotional started "Trust me in the midst of a messy day... your peace in My presence-- need not be shaken by what is going on around you." (Jesus Calling--August 26) that the beginning of school was going to eat my lunch. Honestly, the last two weeks have been a blur and my stress level has been THROUGH THE ROOF. The start of this year has really tested my resolve, my dependence and my passion, but I think it is safe to say now that I have overcome the first wave of these battles. I made a promise to myself before school started during inservice week (which should have given me a clue) that "I REFUSE TO BE STRESSED" and like most over arching statements we make God sure does have a way of testing them. 

NOW Essential Oils, May Designs Planner, Jesus Calling Devotional 

1. Essential Oils: I am not a crazy naturalist nor am I claiming to be, but essential oils have really made a difference in my life. My three go-to oils right now are peppermint, eucalyptus, and lavender. I rub the peppermint on my temples and under my nose for help with my tension head aches (I have one bottle at home and one at school). The eucalyptus was a major factor in helping me fight off a sinus infection (Reese likes it too, he says is makes him feel like a Kola bear, he's the cutest) and the lavender oil has been a life saver when it comes being able to fall asleep. 

2. An Organized Work Space: The last two years I have been teaching, I will admit, have not been a model of organization. This year I have made a commitment to myself to take the time to be more organized. I have promised myself to leave each day with a clear/clean desk. This simple promise has made such a different in managing my classroom and my to-do list. 

3. May Design Planner/ Sharpie Pen: EVERY time I open my email I have another meeting or another set of paper work due (that may be a little dramatic, not every time, possibly every other time). I have LOVED being able to have everything in one cute little monogramed place written with the best pen known to man. Also if you tell me that sharpie pens and monogrammed planers don't relieve stress... you are wrong.  

4. Jesus Calling Devotional: Hands down this is the most encouraging, convicting, uplifting devotional I have ever read. Basically each day that I read the more I glean and the more I depend on MY GOD to take my worries, strife and stress and turn it into his will! I keep it on my desk at school and read every morning as my coffee is brewing and my dinosaur computer is booting up! 

5.  Workout: I have a confession. I "accidentally" took a two month break from working out. Luckily I had some major accountability in Reese and my workout partner, so I am back at the gym. Despite the fact that I have not been able to move the last three weeks I have been reminded what a stress reliever working out is. 

6. Making my Bed: I have never been a bed maker. I really didn't ever see the point-- you're just going to get back into it at the end of the day, right? I have made every effort, no matter how late I am running, to make my bed every morning. I LOVE the feeling of coming home to a bed that is made. If I would have known what a difference it would make to my stress level I would have started doing it a LONG time ago.  

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