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Seasons of Life: The Fall Weekend

As long as I can remember the weekends in August through December has been my "busy" season. In High School, it was all about twirling practice, football games and competitions. College was all about football games and tailgating and more football games (and the occasional study session). The years since college have been either about driving to see Reese or driving with Reese somewhere. My relationship with fall weekends is actually pretty exhausting-- fun, but exhausting. This fall has been a new kind of busy--which is saying a lot because we are only a couple weekends into it. One that, if I am being honest, has not been my favorite type of busy. Tears have been shed, time has elapsed faster than in that stupid Justin Timberlake movie, friendships have been neglected and I am not proud of any of it. I mentioned to Reese that I think that God has purposely changed the make up of our Fall in preparation for a new season. I have no clue what that new season has in store, but if I have learned anything about life's changing seasons I know that it will be a season full of excitement and struggle. 

This weekend allowed me to sit back and look at life though a different lens-- some perspective if you will, and prepare for the enviable change in season. Each thing I did allowed me to remember a little something that is so vital in life. 

Make time for Friends: 

Sunday I got to meet up with these two beauties, Kaitlyn and Ashley, for a little bit of shopping. Honestly it made my heart so happy to having a little girl time (and finally meeting Ashley!). I remembered pretty quickly that these stolen afternoons of getting together with girl friends are pretty dang important. I am thankful that our weird outlet of spilling our guts on the internet has brought such fun, loving and pretty people into my life.  

Take a Break: 

Sunday morning it monsooned in Houston and Reese was again working his little tail off on a big work project, so I snuggled up with my pretend dog (Technically it is Reese's roommates dog, but she likes me the most) and a cup of coffee and took a break. I mentally decompressed and let it be "ok" I wasn't working on my 45968 item to-do list. 

Do Things for Others:

Saturday my two passions merged at my school's Homecoming dance where I was the Homecoming photographer. At first I wasn't thrilled at the idea of spending one of my aforementioned "busy" fall weekends at the dance, but it ended up being one of my favorite things I have done as a teacher. As I finished one group's picture a little girl made the comment "I can't believe I get to have a professional picture!". Oh how quickly we forget that what seems like no big deal to us can be a huge deal for someone else. 

Keep Loving:

With out getting into the gazillion little details there has been a lot going on with Reese--hence his absence on the blog and other social media outlets (he actually probably prefers that). This weekend was a nice little reminder that life and relationships are not always about date nights and cutesy stuff you see in movies, but about loving where ever they are.
(and yes we are fine-- no breaking up here, he knows too many of my passwords)

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Unknown said...

These sounds like some perfect goals - and how fun to photograph the dance! It's such a quirky time in life, high school. So you must have had a bunch of laughs ;)

Brittany said...

Oh friend. Thanks for sharing your heart and being real with us. These reminders are so important, and easy to forget and neglect when life gets so busy it brings you to tears.

Darby Hawley said...

I just love this!!!! Making time for what matters most during the busiest of times :-)
You're such a great example :-)
Love you!

Lauren said...

"He knows too many of my passwords" is awesome and hilarious. My husband and I have been together seven years and he can't even unlock my phone. Maybe I should share one with him so I am more tempted to keep him around :)

put a bow on it [kaitlyn] said...

HA - he knows too many of my passwords. So true!

I am so glad we got to slow down a bit on Sunday and spend some time just being friends.

Bree said...

Glad you had such a good weekend!! :)

Ashley said...

Looks like a perfect weekend-- love your photos! Also love the line about "knowing too many passwords." Isn't that the truth! Ha! :)

Amber said...

Good for you for taking the time to do what's important. It's so good for the soul to stop and BREATHE every now and then :)

Whitney said...

I'm so happy that you had a good weekend! I know how crazy things have been for you. When things slow down, we absolutely must get together. I miss your face!!

Ashley Robyn said...

I am just so stinkin' glad that I got to see your sweet face in person and just laugh a ridiculous amount in your presence. Sunday was so good for my little soul...happy happy hearts all around. I love this post though. Girl time is just medicinal....Much needed more often please and thank you.

Michelle said...

Love you, Meg :)