There is No Place Like Home: A Kansas Wedding

Alyssa and Travis my Kansas sister and brother! 

Friends since Kindergarten!
A Base Guitarist, a Teacher, A businessman, A financial dude and an inspector (no not like gadget, I asked)
My two Mama's!

Dress// TxSC Swap
Boots// Justin
Clutch// Hobo (Lauren) 

Just as wild and crazy as I remember them... catch is they didn't recognize me.... that might have something to do with an unfortunate bowl cut in the third grade... PRAISE THE LORD for highlights and layers! 

 A few weeks ago my mom and I headed back to our old neighborhood in Kansas for a wedding of a wonderful family friend. It was easily one of the most memorable weddings I have ever been to. There were incredible personal details-- her dress was redesigned from her mom's dress, a killer dance party, perfect country chic decor, people I hadn't seen in years and two people,one of which I have looked up to since I was four, madly in love. It was truly a night to remember.
As I was standing with a group of boys that at one point in life I thought either had cooties or was the cutest boy on the planet (possibly in the same day, we are talking elementary school here people). I was stuck by the fact that it was incredibly easy to pick up (almost) where we left off... except this time we were holding iPhone's instead of Tamigachi's. I realized that despite living in Texas for well over 10 years that Kansas is my home. I say "yall", call every type of "Soda" a coke, will gladly put my Texas Caviar recipe against any one else's and will ALWAYS be a Fighting Texas Aggie my roots are in the Sunflower state. It feels nice to have a home... especially one that is so famous for there being no place like it!

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Striped Dress Styling Collaboration

When I "met" Stephanie, from White Coat Wardrobe I was instantly drawn in by her color combos, classic pieces and insanely awesome styling. I was in love... then I realized why I was in love, our closets are soul mates. One key piece bonded both the closets' and the closest fillers-- the j. crew factory wide stripe knit dress- swoon. When Steph suggested a styling collaboration I just couldn't resist! Also, raise your hand if you are obsessed with the layering effect that Steph used to style her dress with... yeah, cause I totally am. 

(side bar: This was my first venture into outfit posts with a tri-pod and a remote... I am fairly certain an elderly gentleman going to check his mail thought I was going to blow something up with my small remote due the EMENSE amount of shade he was throwing my way)
dress/ j. crew factory (similar)

purse/kate spade (similar)//watch:fossil//stack:threads,tiffany,somewhere I though was cool in middle school

 boots: steve madden
necklace: stella&dot: on the mark// earrings: stella&dot: sernity stone drops

I have spoken the wonders of this dress for summer here, but now it is fall's turn to take a crack at it. 

I whole heartily believe that comfy is a state of mind. Anything can be comfy. I also whole heartily believe that the first few days of fall are when the world is at its comfiest-- the nip in the air,  new sweaters and boots (even if they are only really necessary for the walk to the car) the first sips of pumpkin beverages and baked goods. The fact that Texas weather has worse mood swings than a 14 year old girl (and trust me I would know) requires some Houdini-esque moves to adapt to the ever changing temperatures this time of year. To me that means comfy and there is nothing comfier than a medium weight-short-sleeve-shift dress. I "fall-ed" it up with a legging, camel boot, a bright pop of an emerald earring and a coral lip.

Now go check out Stephanie and how she styled her striped dress (and all of her other wonderful white coat wardrobe outfits!!) 

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Flambèd Weekend Shenanigans

Weekends can be funny things, sometimes they seem to drag on and sometimes they are over in the blink of an eye, but sometimes there is the rare weekend that is just the right length. This weekend, for me, was just the right length. Ya know Goldilocks and the Three Bears style! 

Reese and I spent Saturday morning volunteering at the Houston food bank. It was an eye opening and humbling experience. As hard as the subject of hunger can be the HFB is full of light and hope and opportunity. We spent the morning loading and sorting donated food. Ultimately I left inspired and grateful that there are agencies fighting hunger everyday.

I then headed over to meet one of my old neighbors to watch her son in a marching band competition. I was in color guard in high school (yeah don't hate-- we won nationals) so it was so fun to watch my alma matter compete... I even dug out my Class of 2007 shirt for the event (Um that was SIX years ago... K I'm gonna go cry and feel old now)

Sunday was the perfect day of friends, food and shopping! My sweet roommate just got engaged , so in celebration I got us press passes (hair flip. hair flip) to the I Do Bridal Soirée at the most fabulous hotel in Houston! We headed down to the new Kate Spade Saturday (which is just fabulous in case you were wondering!) and did some damage. I came home sunday to Reese flambéing steaks in celebration of our feature on the Viking Life website! Basically it was the "just right" weekend!

(If you are wondering what I am talking about with Viking Life check it out HERE)

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