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There is No Place Like Home: A Kansas Wedding

Alyssa and Travis my Kansas sister and brother! 

Friends since Kindergarten!
A Base Guitarist, a Teacher, A businessman, A financial dude and an inspector (no not like gadget, I asked)
My two Mama's!

Dress// TxSC Swap
Boots// Justin
Clutch// Hobo (Lauren) 

Just as wild and crazy as I remember them... catch is they didn't recognize me.... that might have something to do with an unfortunate bowl cut in the third grade... PRAISE THE LORD for highlights and layers! 

 A few weeks ago my mom and I headed back to our old neighborhood in Kansas for a wedding of a wonderful family friend. It was easily one of the most memorable weddings I have ever been to. There were incredible personal details-- her dress was redesigned from her mom's dress, a killer dance party, perfect country chic decor, people I hadn't seen in years and two people,one of which I have looked up to since I was four, madly in love. It was truly a night to remember.
As I was standing with a group of boys that at one point in life I thought either had cooties or was the cutest boy on the planet (possibly in the same day, we are talking elementary school here people). I was stuck by the fact that it was incredibly easy to pick up (almost) where we left off... except this time we were holding iPhone's instead of Tamigachi's. I realized that despite living in Texas for well over 10 years that Kansas is my home. I say "yall", call every type of "Soda" a coke, will gladly put my Texas Caviar recipe against any one else's and will ALWAYS be a Fighting Texas Aggie my roots are in the Sunflower state. It feels nice to have a home... especially one that is so famous for there being no place like it!

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Becky M said...

These photos are so gorgeous! It looks like it was a beautiful wedding. And your teal dress is really cute too :)

Alexa said...

1) The wedding looks gorgeous!
2) YOU look gorgeous-er!!! Because that's totally a word. And I couldn't agree more - there really is nothing like going back to your real home roots. :)

Vett Vandiver said...

what a beautiful wedding and you look perfect!!

Meg O. said...

LOVE these photos! You also look amazing... I'm pretty sure I have the same dress in gray!

Unknown said...

this is so beautiful!!!

Darby Hawley said...

Per the usual, these are some fabulous pictures and you are super gorg!!!!! How has your semester been going? I feel like I haven't heard from you much. Praying for you girl.

abby said...

Those photos are fabulous. When I first clicked through I was all -- I KNOW THAT DRESS! Lol. It still looks great on you.
xx Abby a geek tragedy

Anonymous said...

Oooh Ooh! I love your dress! So cute!

Victoria said...

Love this! Glad you got to go back and enjoy such a beautiful day! :)

Michelle said...


That is all.

Laura Darling said...

This looks like a storybook wedding! And I love your dress!

Pamela said...

LOVE your dress!!

his little lady said...

How fun! This wedding looks like the best time, and you are gorgeous girl! Love your dress :)
xo TJ