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Jeans and Genes

I pulled an article for my class to read the other day on the history/ culture of jeans--denim, not
genes as in why I dye my hair or have green eyes. Anyway, in the article there was a part that spoke about how out jeans tell the unique story of who we are almost as much (and possibly even more) as genes. I started thinking about the jeans I own. One specific pair jumped out, a pair of American Eagle circa 2005 jeans that I have had since high school.  I realized, as I read more an more of the article, that the jeans were more than just a pair of jeans I have had for 8 years (YIKES!). They were the jeans that cheered on a winning football team. They the jeans that were with me though break ups, and going to college, and that sat patiently in my closet during my unfortunate freshman 15 (uh more like 40 actually). They were (and still are) the jeans that were paired with  spirit shirts on Friday during my first year of teaching, and here they are the jeans that make light layers feel so cozy! These jeans are part of me. They have my story woven in between the fibers, they are both my jean and part of my genes.

Also, I would like to take a moment to discuss my favorite necklace on the planet. It is from Langford Market and I think it is the best necklace EVER. They don't have it online but Moorea Seal has one similar-ish. I feel like it should be law that everyone should have a stag necklace.

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Becky M said...

Love the jeans :)

Jess said...

Can we talk about how blog-esque you look right now?!
You are rocking this outfit.

And little secret...3/4 of my jeans are from American Eagle...high school status.


Niki {Glossy Blonde} said...

That is really interesting! I have a pair like that too! My 74AM jeans from 2005 (same year!) that I wore though some hugely significant times - breaking up with a long time boyfriend, moving home to MA from FL, my first date with my now husband, saying goodbye to my soulmate dog, and of course the 2007 Red Sox World Series, 2008 Patriots undefeated season (then devastating Superbowl loss) and so on and so forth!

And PS you look great! I love the plaid under the sweater!

Amy Powell said...

and you're just once again proving yourself as adorable. that necklace is insane. love it.

Courtney B said...

You are gorg!! Love this outfit.
And how interesting! I still have jeans from high school that I can't seem to get rid of. I never realized that they really have kind of become a part of me because of everything I experienced while wearing them!

Ashley Robyn said...

Don't judge but I have Hollister jeans that I am obsessed with. I barely fit in the them any more but they were THE best jeans. I just can't get rid of them. Surely I'll be the size I once was in highschool right?!?! Please just say yes friend.

Bethany said...

So adorable! I love the subtle print mixing! Thanks for sharing with Three-fer Thursday!
xo Bethany

Unknown said...

I love the layers! I found you through the Three-fer linkup!
xx. Maggie

Because Shanna Said So said...

How fun is this??? I never really thought about all the history a pair of jeans can, if mine could talk...they would have some stories to tell!! LOL! You look adorable!!!!!

his little lady said...

Absolutely loving this layered look! You are rocking it girl! Too cute :)
xo TJ

Carol Schmelz said...

Love following your blog! And I have never seen you look more like your mom (major compliment, btw!!) than in these shots! and...oh yea...HAPPY BIRTHDAY! XOXO