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Snack Obsession: Lesser Evil Super 4

Remember when I went on a fangirl style rant about how much I LOVED Lesser Evil Chia Crisps? My obsession got me on Lesser Evil's Nice list this Holiday season. The kind people at Lesser Evil sent me their newest snack to try-- Super 4! Super 4 as in four ingredients that are SUPER good for you and taste even better-- white beans, quinoa, lentil and chia.

Here are the PRO's of this tasty little snack:
- SUPER crunchy
- SUPER great flavors (cheese, roasted red pepper--my fav, kale and roasted garlic)
- SUPER healthy (All Natural,Gluten Free,Low Glycemic,Kosher ,Cholesterol Free,Good Source of Fiber,No MSG,Socially Responsible,Not Genetically Modified ,Empty Calorie Free ,No artificial preservatives,No Milk Hormones) 
- SUPER popular - I barely got the box open before Reese was all "OPEN THE BAG!"
- SUPER great package design -- What can I say? I am a sucker for a well designed package
- SUPER flavor on fingers to snack ratio-- a la Doritos (come on you know the best part about a snack like this is licking your fingers afterwards!)

-gone SUPER fast
( I realize that I should probably have more con's for this to be a "fair and balanced" review, but they're just not any more)

As you are making your snack runs for your family Holiday gatherings this week I would SERIOUSLY consider grabbing a few (or 20) bags of these delectables! They are the perfect guilty free snack to munch on while you are practicing family togetherness (or hiding from your family binge watching Netflix)

Find the whole line of Lesser Evil products at a store near you with their handy dandy location finder HERE.
You can also shop directly from Lesser Evil HERE or stalk the grocery manager at your local grocery store and ask him 4 billion times to please keep Lesser evil products on the shelves like I will be doing.

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Anonymous said...

These look great and super yummy. For me, crunch in vital in terms of snack selections. These seem like a definite win-win.

ari @ whatarisaid said...

They sound really good, I'm going to need to find those now!

Amber said...

Oh those actually look really good! Gonna hunt some down now.

Unknown said...

Hmm I might just have to try those out! Just like everyone else trying to be healthier this year! You are a doll! Keep in touch:)

Anonymous said...

Just tried the cheesy! Delicious!