8 Friends We Needs in our (Late) 20's

With everyone jumping on the "giving advice to people in their 20's" train I thought I would throw my 2 cents in... in GIFs, obviously. Before we start "Late" 20's is 25+ or when you start yawning at the bar... which ever comes first. 

1. The High School Friend
This friend writes on your facebook wall, tweets you AND sends you a text on your birthday. You may not talk everyday any more, but when you do see them it is like you never missed a day of each others lives. They really can't afford to not be friends with you... you have too much dirt on them, most likely in the form of intricately folded pieces of notebook paper. 
Bonus Points: They save you from any family gathering in your hometown because well you "have to go get drinks with them because you only get to see them once a year".

2. The Emergency Happy Hour Friend
This friend has the psychic power to tell when you need a good stiff drink after a long day or particularly hard event in life. You need them in your life to help justify a second glass of chardonnay on a Tuesday night. 
Bonus Points: These friends make the best "Saturday night in your late 20's" friends... usually those nights consist of throwing major shade on those in their early 20's. 

3. The Complainer Friend
They complain to you, you complain to them. There is nothing too big or too small they totally get it and if they don't they totally pretend like they do. It is truly the world's most perfect symbiotic relationship (well other than the one you learned in high school biology-- you know the one with the bird and the Buffalo).
Bonus Points: Neither one of you complain about the other one complaining about complaining.

4. The "Not Involved" Friend
This friend is not is not part of your inner circle, but is a friend who knows all the major players and can give advice that is oddly spot on. They are like your friendship cootie catcher. They are imperative for sanity.
Bonus Points: They're real fun to bring around said "inner" circle and watch them watch/interact.

5. The Competitive Friend
They push you harder than Salt 'N Pepa. They are the friend whom you might stalk on various forms of social media just to make sure they haven't won a nobel peace prize or something overnight. Their accomplishments push you and your accomplishments push them.
Bonus Points: The world is definitely a better place because you are trying to out do each other.

6. The Group Text Friend(s)
Find a great link you don't want to share on Linkbook (oh wait I mean facebook)? A GREAT GIF that has you rolling on the floor laughing (if I were in my early 20's I totally would have written that ROFL)? Think of a great come back to a co-worker that would for sure get you fired if you actually said it to the co-worker. That is what these friends are for. Super random, super hilarious, (can be) super sporadic group texts.
Bonus Points: Unlimited texting, remember the world without it? (oh sorry cute boy I can't text you i'm over my 100 text limit for the month)

7. The Drop Everything Friend
This friend, as the name would imply, would drop anything to come and help you. Vice versa you would likely return the favor. It's great to have these friends especially at 2 in the morning when you get a flat tire or all of a sudden you have to move.
Bonus Points: You get paid in alcohol and pizza (or a nice dinner if you are in your late, late 20's).
8. The Work Friend 
Where any of your other friends lack this friend makes up. You can talk about work, personal life, the life you wish were your personal life, etc.
Bonus Points: This friendship normally includes some sort or after work drinks or random Wednesday baked goods because the other person "was in the mood".

And in case anyone cares... this post got turned into a Buzz Feed Post!!!! Check it out HERE

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A Photo an Hour

A few days ago Meg from Meg O on the Go posted a really great series in which she takes takes a photo an hour every hour for a day and aptly named in "A Photo an Hour". I was going to steal the idea (and totally give her a shout out I promise), but she was one step ahead of me and turned it into a link up with the beautiful Steph from Southern Mess.

Wednesday was a very normal day in the life of Meg the 8th grade teacher. So with out further adú ...

ps. I stole Meg's style with the black and white, so here is my shout out to her for being cool and using b&w.

 Get up? No thanks... I'm good. It was so hard to get up after our surprise snow day Tuesday!

I hate blow drying my hair. 

What's up cafeteria duty. 

  1st period is my conference period and time to say "Hello" to my cup o' joe #2. Getting a coffee pot for my classroom was the best decision I have made this year. 

Finally getting to this teaching stuff! Today we were analyzing Steve Job's 2005 Stanford Commencement speech! 

Hey ya, snack time! My kids are consistently freaked out by the idea of hummus. I find freaking them out by eating it very entertaining.  

Yes a student took this. The conversation is as follows 
Me: Take my picture when the alarm goes off. 
Student 1: Ok! 
Student 2: Why are you not asking why? 
Student 1: It's for her blog... duh. 

Lunch and the Today Show! Finally.

 1:22 pm
Taking a few minutes to make a little dent in my mountain of paperwork!

2:22 pm
Fighting again with this stupid dinky pencil sharpener. I need to just bite the bullet and buy a good one. 

 3:22? Whatever I forgot... sue me.

4:22 pm
After school blog talk with my work BFF Megan about her new blog check her out HERE

I planned on going to work out straight from work (Hi, I'm Meg and I have motivation issues), but forgot my tennis shoes and went home and wasted an hour. 

 6:22 pm
The gym. DEATH. Also why are the doors open!! ITS COLD PEOPLE. 

7:22 pm
Waiting for my cute work out partner to finish working out! He also fussed at me for being on my phone at the gym :) 

I would really liked to have shown you one of my fancy home made meals, but some days a girl has just gotta eat Chinese take out with a spoon.  

 9:22 pm
Snuggling down at 9pm (cause I am a grandma) and getting a little blogging done! 

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The Red Pants

I was thinking about an outfit I wore in middle school the other day. A blue and red striped tee with a pedal sleeve with a pirate style lace up front and a pair of red capris with a similar lace up front (regrettably I paired this outfit with Doc Martens, oh 2002!). Sadly, I have no pictures of it. Can we have a collective "HELL YA!" for social media not existing when we were in our formative years? There was no other outfit in my 14 year old closet that made me feel more powerful, more fierce, more on top of my game than that pair of red pants. I haven't owned a pair of red pants since-- I forgot how they feel. I forgot what power they hold. I picked up these Joe Fresh Slim Cropped Pants from JC Penny (yall, have you checked JCP out lately? Because you should). They reminded me what a good pair of red pants can do for a girl. So if you need me I will be kicking ass and taking names in my red pants today.

See I told you they have major butt kicking powers.

Blazer/ Forever 21
Lace Top/ SheInside
Loafers/ Nine West via Marshalls 
Necklace/ Bauble Bar

Also, anytime I get to spend any time with THIS GIRL (taking pictures or not) is very welcome.


Project Pinterest Board

In 2009 I watched the movie Julie and Julia and became slightly obsessed with the idea of cooking through a cook book. I have looked for years for the perfect cook book, but really never found one. Finally it came to me, Pinterest is essentially our own personalized cook book. So, I am cooking though my Pinterest "To Eat His Own" board. 

I'm just gonna put it out here... Recipe posts can get kindaaaaa boring. To combat the just reposting someone else's recipe thing I, as well as the other people who consume the dish are going to be rating the recipe and giving their honest opinion. So to kick off this little project I picked Bake or Break's Salted Nut Squares.

Salted Nut Squares

  • 3 cups salted peanuts (no skins), divided
  • 2 & 1/2 tablespoons butter
  • 2 cups peanut butter chips
  • 14 ounces sweetened condensed milk
  • 2 cups miniature marshmallows
  • kosher salt or sea salt, optional
Place 1 & 1/2 cups peanuts in the bottom of an ungreased 11″x 7″ pan.
Melt butter and peanut butter chips in a large saucepan over low heat. Stir until smooth.
Remove from heat. Stir in condensed milk and marshmallows. Continue stirring until smooth and well-blended.
Pour peanut butter mixture over peanuts in pan. Sprinkle remaining 1 & 1/2 cups peanuts over top of peanut butter mixture. If saltier bars are desired, sprinkle lightly with salt.
Cover and refrigerate until chilled. Then, cut into bars. Bars can be served chilled or at room temperature.
These can be made in a 9″x 13″ pan. Use another cup of peanuts, divided between the bottom of the pan and the top of the bars. The same amount of filling will work and give you slightly thinner bars.

Taste Testers
Reese: Meg's Boyfriend 
Beau: Reese's roommate
Amber: Blogger @ Halbrook Hub
Andrew: Amber's husband and Reese's Fraternity Brother 

Ratings (1-5)
Reese: 3.76
Reese said "they could have been saltier".
Beau: 5 on taste 4 on ease of eating 
Beau liked the taste but the "could be easier to eat".
Amber: 3.5 
Amber felt like the bar "needed another element".
Andrew: 3.5
Andrew agreed with Amber and then Amber accused Andrew of "stealing her comment", ah marriage.  

My Take 
Rating: 4.5 
There was roughly 24 hours between Reese and Beau trying the squares and Amber and Andrew. That 24 hours made a HUGE difference in the texture of the bars. The recipe calls for the bars to "refrigerate until chilled", but I would recommend the bars be refrigerated overnight for optimal texture. Semi-Sweet Chocolate chips or butterscotch chips would be a welcome addition to the peanut topping if you are looking to bump up the sweetness! 

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Lessons in Being a Model

 I alluded to my stint as a model a few posts ago, but felt that I needed to share some behind the scenes pictures of the photo shoot for one of Houston's best boutiques Carrie Ann. There will be more on the outfits and such in an upcoming post, but I thought I would let you in on what I learned (ya know cause I'm now an expert after 2 hours on a shoot).

First, you need a tan (or someone willing to photoshop one in). Please accept my mistake as a cautionary tale, as you can tell my legs are blending in quite nicely with the white backdrop. Thankfully the glare didn't break the camera. Secondly, channeling your inner historical/not so historical figures is key. I chose Elvis and Austin Powers... What can I say? My interests vary. Last but certainly most important, having a shoot location next to Crave cupcakes is necessary, having an awesome friend like Megan from Greetings from Texas to go have said cupcakes with is also imperative. It also doesn't hurt to have a very trusting photog that lets you play with very expensive equipment (and keeps insisting "its ok its insured"). I loved playing model for the day, but I don't think I will be giving up my shot BEHIND the camera anytime soon.
Karli @ Fashion Billie, Miranda @ Shop & Twirl, Val & Nikki @ Style to Envy

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Langford Market City Guide: The Woodlands

Today you can check me out on the Langford Market Blog taking you on a little tour of my little burrow of Houston!  Go check out all my favorite places to shop, eat and spend here in The Woodlands!

Dress: Langford Market 
Booties: Target 
Earrings: Bullet and Bead Hoops Noonday Collection

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Weekend Bullets

Today you are getting bullets because
1. My life is a hot mess.
2. I'm getting my oil changed, and I am just counting down till the "here are the other 6 things wrong with your car" part.

This weekend I... 
- got to hug Alexa
- got to celebrate Kaitlyn's birthday. (Today is her actual birthday BTW)
- got refreshed by Ashley's crazy-wonderful-positive energy.
- got lost and gave Alexa, Glenn, Ashley and Reese a nice little Tour o' Houston... including sketchy back alleys. Glenn broke the ice by belting the Fresh Prince of Bel Air. He's legit. 
- eavesdropped on a first date at Starbucks. 
- got to be a model with Megan and Miranda. Stay tuned for more on that later. 
- ate Cupcakes with Megan
- celebrate my man's 26th birthday. 



Andddddd the guy just called me for my car... only $50 in "other stuff we recommend" repairs. Sprinkles on top of an already perfect weekend!

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