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8 Friends We Needs in our (Late) 20's

With everyone jumping on the "giving advice to people in their 20's" train I thought I would throw my 2 cents in... in GIFs, obviously. Before we start "Late" 20's is 25+ or when you start yawning at the bar... which ever comes first. 

1. The High School Friend
This friend writes on your facebook wall, tweets you AND sends you a text on your birthday. You may not talk everyday any more, but when you do see them it is like you never missed a day of each others lives. They really can't afford to not be friends with you... you have too much dirt on them, most likely in the form of intricately folded pieces of notebook paper. 
Bonus Points: They save you from any family gathering in your hometown because well you "have to go get drinks with them because you only get to see them once a year".

2. The Emergency Happy Hour Friend
This friend has the psychic power to tell when you need a good stiff drink after a long day or particularly hard event in life. You need them in your life to help justify a second glass of chardonnay on a Tuesday night. 
Bonus Points: These friends make the best "Saturday night in your late 20's" friends... usually those nights consist of throwing major shade on those in their early 20's. 

3. The Complainer Friend
They complain to you, you complain to them. There is nothing too big or too small they totally get it and if they don't they totally pretend like they do. It is truly the world's most perfect symbiotic relationship (well other than the one you learned in high school biology-- you know the one with the bird and the Buffalo).
Bonus Points: Neither one of you complain about the other one complaining about complaining.

4. The "Not Involved" Friend
This friend is not is not part of your inner circle, but is a friend who knows all the major players and can give advice that is oddly spot on. They are like your friendship cootie catcher. They are imperative for sanity.
Bonus Points: They're real fun to bring around said "inner" circle and watch them watch/interact.

5. The Competitive Friend
They push you harder than Salt 'N Pepa. They are the friend whom you might stalk on various forms of social media just to make sure they haven't won a nobel peace prize or something overnight. Their accomplishments push you and your accomplishments push them.
Bonus Points: The world is definitely a better place because you are trying to out do each other.

6. The Group Text Friend(s)
Find a great link you don't want to share on Linkbook (oh wait I mean facebook)? A GREAT GIF that has you rolling on the floor laughing (if I were in my early 20's I totally would have written that ROFL)? Think of a great come back to a co-worker that would for sure get you fired if you actually said it to the co-worker. That is what these friends are for. Super random, super hilarious, (can be) super sporadic group texts.
Bonus Points: Unlimited texting, remember the world without it? (oh sorry cute boy I can't text you i'm over my 100 text limit for the month)

7. The Drop Everything Friend
This friend, as the name would imply, would drop anything to come and help you. Vice versa you would likely return the favor. It's great to have these friends especially at 2 in the morning when you get a flat tire or all of a sudden you have to move.
Bonus Points: You get paid in alcohol and pizza (or a nice dinner if you are in your late, late 20's).
8. The Work Friend 
Where any of your other friends lack this friend makes up. You can talk about work, personal life, the life you wish were your personal life, etc.
Bonus Points: This friendship normally includes some sort or after work drinks or random Wednesday baked goods because the other person "was in the mood".

And in case anyone cares... this post got turned into a Buzz Feed Post!!!! Check it out HERE

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MeganEli said...

By far one of my favorite posts to date! <3

the girl in the red shoes said...

Totally laughed out loud at this's so true!

Anonymous said...

Love this! Have a great Friday :)

Ray of Shawn Shine said...

Meg! This is classic. I can totally put names to each category. Hilarious!!!!

Lmonet511 said...

Meg! I can put a name to every category... It is the absolute truth. Plus, I loved the New Girl "help a brotha out" part. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Haha, I loved this post Meg! Great job girlfran! I love gifs, they just never get old, ya know?

IamSuperMelski said...

lol! hahahahaha. literally laughed out loud at all these gifs.

Meghan at Champagne & Suburbs said...

Girl you are SO spot on! Love love love this post!

Kristin said...

Absolutely love this!!! It is so true!!!

Darby Hawley said...

hahaha wow totally loved this and it's completely spot on!