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A Photo an Hour

A few days ago Meg from Meg O on the Go posted a really great series in which she takes takes a photo an hour every hour for a day and aptly named in "A Photo an Hour". I was going to steal the idea (and totally give her a shout out I promise), but she was one step ahead of me and turned it into a link up with the beautiful Steph from Southern Mess.

Wednesday was a very normal day in the life of Meg the 8th grade teacher. So with out further adú ...

ps. I stole Meg's style with the black and white, so here is my shout out to her for being cool and using b&w.

 Get up? No thanks... I'm good. It was so hard to get up after our surprise snow day Tuesday!

I hate blow drying my hair. 

What's up cafeteria duty. 

  1st period is my conference period and time to say "Hello" to my cup o' joe #2. Getting a coffee pot for my classroom was the best decision I have made this year. 

Finally getting to this teaching stuff! Today we were analyzing Steve Job's 2005 Stanford Commencement speech! 

Hey ya, snack time! My kids are consistently freaked out by the idea of hummus. I find freaking them out by eating it very entertaining.  

Yes a student took this. The conversation is as follows 
Me: Take my picture when the alarm goes off. 
Student 1: Ok! 
Student 2: Why are you not asking why? 
Student 1: It's for her blog... duh. 

Lunch and the Today Show! Finally.

 1:22 pm
Taking a few minutes to make a little dent in my mountain of paperwork!

2:22 pm
Fighting again with this stupid dinky pencil sharpener. I need to just bite the bullet and buy a good one. 

 3:22? Whatever I forgot... sue me.

4:22 pm
After school blog talk with my work BFF Megan about her new blog check her out HERE

I planned on going to work out straight from work (Hi, I'm Meg and I have motivation issues), but forgot my tennis shoes and went home and wasted an hour. 

 6:22 pm
The gym. DEATH. Also why are the doors open!! ITS COLD PEOPLE. 

7:22 pm
Waiting for my cute work out partner to finish working out! He also fussed at me for being on my phone at the gym :) 

I would really liked to have shown you one of my fancy home made meals, but some days a girl has just gotta eat Chinese take out with a spoon.  

 9:22 pm
Snuggling down at 9pm (cause I am a grandma) and getting a little blogging done! 

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Lauren said...

I went the black and white route, too!

I think it's cute that your students know about your blog. Do you think they check it out?

Michelle Irons said...

Just came across your blog, love it!! I'm a teacher too! I teach 5th grade in Norris, Tennessee. Looking forward to following your blog :)

Meg O. said...

HAHAHAHA omg I love you actually asked your student to take a picture. That's hilarious! And that they know about your blog!! SO funny. I really enjoyed your post, Meg! And funny enough, I didn't do b&w photos today. Ya know, just mixing it up. Thanks for linking up with us, love!

Chaos and Coffee said...

LOVE the blow drying picture. And now I want chinese take out! This post makes me miss your face!

Darby Hawley said...

I literally L-O-Led when I saw that blow drying picture! You crack me up girl! So this is your busy life as a're constantly on the go! I love how your students not only took your picture, but knew exactly what it was for lol

MeganEli said...

A. HUGE thanks for taking my morning duty.
B. Another thanks for linking my blog on your post.
C. I cracked up when I read you were a grandma for going to bed at 9p.m. When I see 9p.m. during the week I feel like a party girl! HA!

Whitney H said...

I think we are hair-dryer twins! I love your photos! They put mine to shame though. I'm still contemplating whether I want to put mine up or not!

Brittany Fry @ The 26th of August said...

I should have totally done mine in black and white, I like this much better!! I also love that your students know that you blog (:

Stephanie said...

LOVED THIS!!! I've always secretly thought a day in the life of a teacher would be so much fun and you just provided that for me! I also love the fact that your students know you have a blog lol. Thanks for joining us pretty girl!! And thanks for the sweet shoutout!


Amber said...

Mmmm, chinese takeout sounds delish! I LOVe that you asked your student to take your pic, so hilarious!

Jenna Griffin | Gold & Bloom said...

Awe, I love finding other teacher's blogs. I love yours! I actually found the BEST pencil sharpener ever and a classroom parent purchased it for me after I put it on my beginning-of-the-year wishlist. Let me know if you're interested on where to buy it and I'll look it up!

Ashley Robyn said...

I love it!!! If I were to do this, I have to do the black and white specifically for my morning pictures. It is not cute. I blame you that this is now my post for next week. Come take my pictures all day tomorrow please.

Michelle said...

I LOVE THIS. Can I steal your idea?!? Also, is that the TJ snack pack with hummus and pita chips? I live for those.

Meghan at Champagne & Suburbs said...

Love this! Definitely laugh out loud at your posts about teaching! I'm going to do this sometime this week. Or next. Hi, I'm Meghan and I consistently overextend myself.

Greetings from Texas! said...

oh my god - I love this! I want to do it!

Marianna Dunn said...

I love that you set an alarm for your kids to take a picture. I totally had to do the same thing just for me to remember to take a picture haha