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5 Bucket List Items I didn't Know I Had

Am I breaking all the rules by adding things to my bucket list after I have done them? Can I claim some sub conscience bucket list rule or are Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman going to pop out from behind the bushes and punch me? Well while whether I can do that or not is still up in the air and there are no signs of Jack (he's probably at a Lakers game) or Morgan (he's probably off using that sexy voice to make people obey his every command) let's look at my list. I present to you the "Things that Weren't on my Bucket List Until After I did Them" list.

1. See a Musical on Broadway 
I was totally content with off Broadway for many years. I mean how different could it be? Answer, A LOT. In 2010 my mom and I took a mother/daughter trip to New York and through a family friend we got to see Mary Poppins the Musical and get some major special treatment (ie why I am holding THE Mary Poppins bag!). It was truly magical and I will now be asking the Broadway to forgive my year of egregious "it's all the same" attitude I held for years.

2. Riding in the Back of a Cop Car
(I hate to break it to you but it's not what you think)
I was rear ended last March in the direct middle of one of the busiest highways in Houston... at rush hour. Yes, I was THAT girl. Anyway LONG LONG story short my car was about 300 yards away from the accident site, so instead of walking back to my car the nice Police Officer offered to give me a lift back to my car. When he opened the front passenger door (what a gentleman) I sheepishly asked if I could ride in the back, when in Rome, right?  

This little accidental bucket list item does not have a picture accompanying it because, although I did try to take a selfie in the middle of the ordeal, sometimes you've got to give up the social media moment for not looking like a complete idiot. 

3. See the President Speak
(I would have added the picture of me at this event, but I look atrocious and was in need of fashion advice in the worse way)
A few years ago I got the opportunity though a leadership organization (and the website to hear President Obama speak at Texas A&M. Politics aside, I didn't realize what a great honor it was to actually SEE with my two eyes a sitting president speak. The event was in every was a candidate for a late addition to the Bucket List.   

4. Get Published on the BuzzFeed Home Page 

I saw on Helene's blog and heard from Kaitlyn awhile back about how people not blessed enough to work among the grumpy cats and clever GIFs could submit articles to BuzzFeed. I decided that my post from last Friday might be a good candidate for a BuzzFeed post. I posted it not expecting for anything to happen. Wellll then it was chosen to be placed on the community page, then it had 1k views, then 10k, then 50k, then it was all of a sudden chosen to be on the BuzzFeed home page. So now 203k views and being named a top 20 contributor I am retroactively adding "Have a BuzzFeed Article go semi Viral" to my Bucket List. 

Wanna read it? Go HERE
(ps you don't have to)

5. Learn to Snowboarding
I am on the far left. 
Athletically inclined I am not. Naturally, there is nothing sports related on any Bucket list that begins with Meg and ends with -olz'. I unintentionally learned how to snowboard (aka I was too poor to afford the trip AND the snowboard lessons) in college and found out I actually really enjoy it and am not half bad at it. So i'm jumping in my time machine and adding "Learn to Snowboard" and then subsequently adding "Learn to Ski" on my "real" Bucket List. 

There ya have it 5 late additions to the ever growing Bucket List!

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Aspen Kelty Marie said...

How fun! These are all perfect additions to a bucket list :) I think you can totally add things to your bucket list!

Makeover With Aspen

Anonymous said...

I think you can add them. :) Seeing a sitting US President speak. I'd say that's pretty amazing!

Unknown said...

these are ALL awesome!!

Anonymous said...

Mary Poppins has to be one of my top 5 Broadway shows. But you are right, there is nothing like seeing a show in NYC and being immersed in the magic and majesty of the city itself.

erynbethpowell said...

HOLY COW I read that buzzfeed article before I knew you wrote it. So crazy!! Congrats!!

Michelle Irons said...

Awesome list :)

Ari said...

How very cool! Now you're making me want to see a Broadway musical... I dunno about snowboarding. Or getting on Buzzfeed. Or... ;)

his little lady said...

Love this! How awesome! And seeing the President speak would be such an experience!!
xo TJ

katelinlagreca said...

I'm guilty of adding to my list as well. And your items are definitely list worthy ;) I loved Mary Poppins and am very jealous you got to hold the infamous bag and umbrella!

Whitney H said...

I'm jealous of every single one of these! And I actually dreamt last night that I went snowboarding, so let's say I was there, k?

Lindsay @ Trial By Sapphire said...

All of these, YES!

Also, I'm so glad I was never in the room when you said that Off-Broadway was the same as Broadway, because as you now know, Wise One, those words were FALSE. :)

Greetings from Texas! said...

Why are you so cool? I'm most impressed with the Obama speech and the cop ride. And buzzfeed. Really of all its impressive. Well done you!

Jessica K said...

It's more fun to add "done" items to any list. Now you should be motivated to do the others! I still think you should re-do the cop car one. Selfie should prove it happened!!

Unknown said...

I love this! Now I want to do a retroactive bucket list of my own!

Not going to lie, I was all "I know her!!" When I read your buzzfeed article (which was great, BTWs) and by know her I mean, blog know her! ;)


Jenna Griffin | Gold & Bloom said...

Yay for Buzzfeed! Not as cool as yours, but I had a photo from my wedding appear in a post on Buzzfeed. I felt a little bit famous. ;)
I'm off to check out your post!

Kristin said...

I loved reading your Buzz Feed article!! It was totally true. :)