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Two Valentines Date Looks with Carrie Ann Boutique

Valentines day dates—you fall into one of two camps either the “Stay at Home Date” and the “Dress Up Date” .

Both are great, for the past 3 Valentines Day, subsequently the only 3 valentines days I have ever had a boyfriend, I have done both. There are upsides and downsides to both. This valentines day I (and 6 other super fabulous bloggers) teamed up with CarrieAnn, an upscale boutique in Houston, to bring you two outfits from her new spring collection that highlight the upsides of style for both types of valentines dates.
Karli @ Fashion Billie, Miranda @ Shop & Twirl, Val & Nikki @ Style to Envy
The Stay at Home Date:
Reese and I love to cook, so one of our options is to stay in with a great bottle of wine and dry aged steaks. Because we stay home and cook often it is easy to just to throw on a pair of jeans, but if Valentines day isn’t an excuse to class up your typical stay at home night then I don’t know what it. For this date option I decided on comfy glam. I paired these textured tights with a Twinkle by Wenlan top and booties (because wearing shoes in the house always makes you feel more put together right?). I love the cut and surprise design of this top; it can add just the right amount of spice to a night in with your man!
Top: Twinkle by Wenlan c/o Carrie Ann
Leggings: Textured Tuxedo c/o Carrie Ann
Booties: Langford Market 

Dress up Date:

With Valentines Day being on a Friday this year the incentive for a dress up date are high (as well is the incentive to have a second glass of wine at dinner). For me a dress up date means a dress, heels and something sparkly, plain and simple. I love this Alice& Trixie dress’s classic shape and fun take on pattern! It meets all my requirements for the perfect dress up date option!

Dress: Alice & Trixie c/o Carrie Ann
Earrings: Kendra Scott 
Heels: Steve Madden 

Go take a look around CarrieAnn’s Boutique! What would you love to wear to celebrate the day of love with your love! The best part is that on Februaury 13th & 14th EVERYTHING in the store and online is 20% off. Hop to! 
Karli @ Fashion Billie, Miranda @ Shop & Twirl, Val & Nikki @ Style to Envy
Happy Valentines Day... Love your favorite bloggers and Carrie Ann

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Becky M said...

Such cute clothes! I love these little boutiques!

Ashley Robyn said...

Well you are just too cute my dear. I vote for the stay at home date one but that's because I'm boring. Hope you have a great week!

Aspen Kelty Marie said...

Haha how fun! It looks like you ladies had a blast :)

Makeover With Aspen

Amy Powell said...

super cute!! love how this turned out.

Whitney H said...

Both of these outfits are so cute! And your legs? Daaaaamn girl.

Elle Sees said...

so cute! love those options.

Darby Hawley said...

Look at you Miss Model!!!!!! Eeeeeek I'm squealing I'm just so excited for this opportunity you had :-)
And of course both options are adorbs!

Anonymous said...

Your pictures came out so great! You go girl!