Skeptical Girls Guide to Lipstick

My mom is a lipstick lady. When I think of lipstick I think of my mom. However I hated the stuff growing up. It was not unusual for my mom to utter the phrase "you just need some color!" before big life events. I would often opt for a gloss or a color almost identical to my skin tone to appease. WHAT WAS I THINKING!! 25 years later I am ready to admit that mama was right (Yes, I have admitted this to her. Yes, it was difficult).

One of the reasons I hated lipstick so much was because when I smile majority of my upper lip disappears. Confession--I am super self conscious about it. It took a good quarter of a century but I have finally embraced my amazing disappearing lip and won't it it stop me from "just needing a some color".

You may find this a little shocking but lipstick doesn't fall into the make up category in my mind. I consider it an accessory. Make up is something that is neutral and doesn't change too much with what I am wearing (again this is just me). However, my lipstick choice is 100% driven by my outfit choice for the day making it fall into the accessory category in my mind much like a necklace or a pair of earrings. Below are my 5 favorite shades and my 5 tips for stepping up your lipstick game.
All shades are from Maybelline 

1. Know your undertones
Undertones fall into one of two categories--warm tones or cool tones. Knowing your tone is extremely important in all aspects of fashion but especially in lipstick wearing. The wrong undertone can come off a little Bozo instead of Bombshell.
Here are some helpful articles about finding your undertone: Style Caster, Beauty Department,

2. Exfoliate
There is nothing worse than peely lips and lipstick. It flakes, it is messy, its not cute. I love love love using the e.l.f lip exfoliator (a là Target) to slough off any dead skin before I apply my lips for the day.

3. Don't Re-Apply
If I notice that my lips are fading and I need to look a little fresher (which for the record I normally don't because I'm busy telling teenagers that "No, I do not have a pencil they can use" and they "should be more prepared for class") I completely take off the first layer and start with a clean slate. I think about it like painting over paint. The more paint you apply the more likely the paint will start to peel and look janky.

4. High Pigmentation
Pick a color that has a high pigmentation. Colors look different on everyone but the higher the pigmentation the closer you will get to the "true" color on the outside of the tube. I highly recommend the Maybelline Color Sensational Vivid  collection (all but the "Are you Red-dy" and "Born with It" above are part of that collection) because of the high pigmentation and it is cheep.

5. Have fun with it
Because I categorize lipstick as a accessory I tend to get a little crazier with my lip color. Have fun, try something new, get a little crazy! Might I suggest the ombre lip trend I head Kristen Cavaillari talking about on E!'s new show Fabulist (also I can't decide how I feel about this show.. thoughts?)
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BTW Maybelline has no idea who I am I just like their lip color and it works for me. It is inexpensive and comes in a trajillion different colors and can be picked up with I am picking up milk and eggs! 


Stock the Bar Printables

 This weekend I got help celebrate my beautiful roommate and her fiancé with a "Stock the Bar" party. I was put in charge of decorations (or put myself in charge? possibly?) and per usual couldn't find exactly what I was looking for for signage so I decided to make my own (a là my classroom)! If you don't volunteer yourself for the decorating parties as enthusiastically as I do these would also so work in a bar area! If I had any room on my bar cart (it might be a little full right now... ha!) I would add one! I gave each hostess got to take one home to add to their bar areas as well! In the spirit of sharing you can download the printables down below!

Click image name to download jpeg from Google Docs

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Coffee Date

So many things going on and still at the same time nothing to write about-- my life.
So it is time for a coffee date!
BUT FIRST THE COFFEE, this is "The Lab" and this is the best coffee I have ever had ever ever ever. Amen.

  • There are so many good shows on in the middle of the day-- Boy Meets World, Saved by the Bell, Gilmore Girls! Can Spring Break last forever? Or better yet can I work from home? When are those robot teacher things I keep seeing in movies gonna happen?
  • Speaking of Gilmore Girls I am 1000% convinced my affinity for coffee comes from wanting nothing more in life than to be like Lorelei/ Rory Gilmore.
  • I did my first Barre class Monday. My roommate thought I was talking about a bar, as in cocktails, when I first mentioned it to her. I think that might have been more fun than what I did today. I think i'll hate myself when I wake up tomorrow.
  • Everyone in Reese's new city has a accent. I am so intrigued by this...I wonder if I sound like I have an accent to them? Accents are weird
  • This coffee shop has Girl Scout ice cream. GET IN MY BELLY.
  • I went to Target today and managed to hit it just right and got lots (read 3 cause I am cheap) of amazing spring essentials that I am sure I will start seeing on the interwebz and this time I wont be running around attempting to find them in my size!
  • I think Jimmy Fallon is killing it on the Late Show.
  • If one more person asks me what my plans for next school year are I will scream and run away to the beach and never come back.

Happy Tuesday!
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