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Coffee Date

So many things going on and still at the same time nothing to write about-- my life.
So it is time for a coffee date!
BUT FIRST THE COFFEE, this is "The Lab" and this is the best coffee I have ever had ever ever ever. Amen.

  • There are so many good shows on in the middle of the day-- Boy Meets World, Saved by the Bell, Gilmore Girls! Can Spring Break last forever? Or better yet can I work from home? When are those robot teacher things I keep seeing in movies gonna happen?
  • Speaking of Gilmore Girls I am 1000% convinced my affinity for coffee comes from wanting nothing more in life than to be like Lorelei/ Rory Gilmore.
  • I did my first Barre class Monday. My roommate thought I was talking about a bar, as in cocktails, when I first mentioned it to her. I think that might have been more fun than what I did today. I think i'll hate myself when I wake up tomorrow.
  • Everyone in Reese's new city has a accent. I am so intrigued by this...I wonder if I sound like I have an accent to them? Accents are weird
  • This coffee shop has Girl Scout ice cream. GET IN MY BELLY.
  • I went to Target today and managed to hit it just right and got lots (read 3 cause I am cheap) of amazing spring essentials that I am sure I will start seeing on the interwebz and this time I wont be running around attempting to find them in my size!
  • I think Jimmy Fallon is killing it on the Late Show.
  • If one more person asks me what my plans for next school year are I will scream and run away to the beach and never come back.

Happy Tuesday!
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Unknown said...
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Anna Broussard said...

There are so many different accents!!! I hope you're enjoying your stay!

Unknown said...

You know now that you mention it... my coffee addiction started right around the time of Rory and her addiction. Genius!

Emily Svendson said...

I always thought I spoke normally. Guess you learn something new everyday! See you this afternoon!! :)))))

Darby Hawley said...

Okay, I promise I wont ask you about what you're doing next year for school IF you promise me that we can go on a coffee date......yes?

Anonymous said...

1) I've never seen an episode of Gilmore Girls.
2) Target is dangerous & perfect.
3) Jimmy Fallon= <3
4) So...what ARE you doing next school year? J/k ;)

Katie said...

i LOVE gilmore girls! i wish it was still on! i want to live in their town!

Unknown said...

You can run to the beaches in FLORIDA.
Just saying.


Elle Sees said...

loving coffee-drinking some right now. 2 hours of sleep, holla!
loving jimmy fallon--so glad for him!