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24 Hours

skirt//philosophy via marshalls top//target necklace//noonday sandals//target (similar

In the last 24 hours I have

  • Eaten an entire box of skittles. BLAST YOU EASTER CANDY! 
  • Completed 10 minutes of wall sits while administering our state test. 
  • Had an entire conversation in emoji (although to be fair this is something that happens on the daily) 
  • Paused an argument Marshall and Lilly style
  • Bought, wore and fell in love the above pictures maxi dress a là Marshalls. 
  • Signed up for Jasmine Star's photography work shop. 
  • Had a panic attack that I am no where near experienced enough to attend said workshop
  • Paid a stupid red light camera ticket. 
  • Remembered I had this kick butt noon day necklace 
  • Realized I forgot my wallet at the grocery store AFTER all my groceries were rung up. 
  • Completed an interview with Blogspotter
  • Wondered why in the heck blogspotter even thinks I'm cool enough to be on their site. 
  • Ate lunch with 8th graders. 
  • Both simultaneously loved/hated eating lunch with today's youth. 
  • Realized there are twenty three school days till summer.  

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Unknown said...

I LOVE this outfit! I am on the hunt for a maxi skirt.

ALSO I die that you are going to JStars workshop. DIE. I expect a full recap, OBVI!


Musings of Mollie said...

I could wear that outfit all day every day. My students think I only own maxi skirts... teachers for the win! :)

nicole s. said...

that skirt fits you like a dream. i think i need to make a marshall's trip! i love how comfy + eclectic this look is!

xo nicole

Megan at Megan Can said...

That necklace is the! I would live in my maxi dress/skirts if I could.

Unknown said...

Reaaaaaally loving that outfit. So pretty! Also, getting to the register and realizing I forgot my debit is one of my biggest fears. Bless your heart. (And in a non-secretly rude Southern way.)

Jennifer said...

Love that maxiskirt! And only 23 days until summer?! Sigh, we have 8 more weeks left. Visiting via the Three-fer Thursdays linkup :)

Jen @ Librarian for Life & Style

Bre said...

I want to do a photography workshop but I'm afraid of all the money it will cost me in equipment lol. Have fun!!!

Ashleigh Jean said...

Cute post! Sounds like a crazy busy day, totally understand those! I love your outfit, though. That skirt is amazing!

xx, Ashleigh
Fashion in Flight

Bri said...

LOVE a good maxi...I think one every color is needed for this time of year ;)